Tonic Ebook Update

Tonic Ebook Update

Tonic Ebook Update

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Hello!!!  It is so good to be back and connecting with you all again.  I had a nice month off from blogging but I’m ready to hop back up on that horse again.   As many of you know, I took the month of January off from blogging/ writing to focus on the Tonic ebook.  “Well, how’s it going?  How far along?  When is it going to be available?”  I can hear you already and I have a few answers.  The book is still progressing.  I will be honest with you, I didn’t focus on it everyday.  During January, while working on the book, I had plenty of time to focus on other areas in my life that were calling out to me also.  I had a lot of insight and awareness come about.  Like what?

I realized that by trying to force myself to write everyday was like a job and it took the passion and creative flow out of it for me.  So, I write and create recipes when the inspiration and creative bug tickle my fancy.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve got a lot of writing done.  However, “going with the creative flow” of it, I have expounded and gone further into areas in the book that I hadn’t intended originally but I think you will be joyously delighted with.  It encompasses a holistic approach – very much like what you get by reading everything here on this blog. A richer, deeper quality that runs all together.   I have discovered through this process that writing from my heart and going with the flow when it hits me is putting some fantastic content together for the book.  I will wake up with sentences, paragraphs, chapters, recipes, etc. flowing into my mind – I will immediately grab my pen and notebook and start putting it all down as it flows forth. 

During some of the research phase, I have discovered new insights into some herbs I currently use or new herbs yet to try.   I have been putting these into practice and application for myself before sharing in the book.  Some of this information has been eye opening and will be great for your understanding and application. 

I’ve been getting a very thorough and reputable list together of the resources I recommend for product brands and where to purchase the herbs I talk about and utilize in recipes.  When it comes to purchasing quality herbs, you want to deal with reputable, honest, quality people who share that same insight of what they sell and offer. They are not easily spotted and have to be sourced out.  I have some real winners and superstars to recommend for some of the BEST sources and quality products for making tonics.  Only the best for you my dears!  I don’t share or recommend anything that I don’t use myself (I have quality standards and investigate/research/contact before making an informed purchase).  If it meets my standards, produces positive results, reputable company, etc.  – then I share with YOU.  I am always open to finding new sources so if you have some, share with us all.

Scott is being my “go-to” guy for the sourcing of other avenues with the book that is not my specialty.  Technical things and the like.  He’s researching the best places for us to host the book, different formats that it will have to be in for the different platforms (Kindle, PDF, iBook, etc.).    Any input that you might have for us would be appreciated.  He’s assisting the editing part and recipe testing feedback.  So, there have been LOTS of tonics flowing in this household.  It’s true!  Daily consumption of these tonics makes a huge difference in the outcome of health results. 

There’s a lot to do and we want to do it right.  At least, for me, because I want to give the best of what I know and share it with you properly.   I don’t want to rush it and then say, OOPS!  I forgot to mention that part.  Or, that I wish I could have gone more into something but felt rushed.  You can’t rush a good thing.

So, with that all being said.  Yes, the book is coming along well and will be available soon.  I can’t give you a date.  I don’t know that and don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself and not be able to come through just in case something happens – like LIFE.   My life and family come first though.  Believe me, this book is a priority for me and for you.  I choose to give you quality over “hurried”.  Hope you all understand that.


So, don’t hold back. Send me any input, requests and lovely hello’s as you see fit.   I will do my best to reply to each one.  THANK YOU so much for your support and endearing love to inspire me to write this tonic book for you all.  Your friendship and connection mean so much to me.  Inspiring one another to be better, to grow and live from our hearts.

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  1. Hey there lady! I have missed you…I am so glad that this past month was fruitful for you….just keep going with what you are doing and I can’t wait to see the finished book…<3

    • Hi Miss Cheri! Thank you so much! I think of you often and you WILL BE exactly where you are supposed to REAL SOON. I know it! I send out positive thoughts of you getting the job for your highest good and for you to be that to others. The order is in. It’s just a matter of time till it’s ready to plop into your lap. Patience and faith. The Universe loves and supports you. I love ya too!

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