Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Why Do I Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night? – Fascinating article.  Do you see a pattern for yourself?  Say the affirmations, work on the unresolved issues and get some good night ZZZZ’s.

♥ The Metrics of Your Soul’s Calls (How to Live on Purpose) – This an inspiring post from Vienda Maria.  Truly spoke to me. How about you?

The Metrics Of Your Soul’s Calls {How To Live On-Purpose}

– See more at:

♥ I Hate Exercise, but It Loves Me (Dr. Sara’s 5 Tips for Biohacking Exercise When You’d Rather Do Anything Else) – I feel this way sometimes.    A great reminder to reframe the thoughts about exercise and then away you go. 

♥  “Clean and Green” Colon Cleanser – What a simple juice from my friend, Tess Masters.  Plugged up?  Drink this concoction and be FREE.  Haha!  It really works.

♥ Be Courageous. Listen To Your Intuition.  Learn to Trust Yourself – Another fantastic one from Vienda Maria. 

Yoga For Your Butt and Thighs – What a great sequence for lower body strength with a focus on the butt and thighs.

Be Courageous. Listen To Your Intuition. Learn To Trust Yourself. – See more at:

♥ Chill For Summer –  Enjoy MonicaB’s CHILL summer playlist to keep your pitta minds at peace and remember to enjoy the simple things, even during the daily grind. It’s aaaaalll good.

♥ Why Slow Yoga? –  How interesting!  Maybe this is why I prefer Hatha  yoga – longer holds over the fast-paced flows.  When I started doing my at-home yoga regularly, I hold poses for as long as I feel them.  When I feel it is time to shift into the next one, I do so.  Utilizing this flow of relaxing into it has allowed me to get in touch with my body like never before.  I still enjoy a class out at a studio once and awhile,  but the ability to tune in to a deeper level has been wonderful, empowering, inspiring and fun.  There are some great videos on Youtube and is another great source for quality information and guidance. 

♥ Earthing: The Benefits of Connecting with Earth’s Energy – Nature never ceases to amaze  me with her simplicity of healing.  Walking barefoot in grass, on sand, any source of Earth does wonders for you on many levels.  It’s one of my healing protocols I utilize daily during the warmer months.  Give it a try if you haven’t already or get back to doing it again if you forgot about it.  Mother Nature is there waiting for you – go have fun with her.

♥ 10 Steps to Eat Better at Work – Being prepared is HUGE!   I do this a few times a week.  I plan a big prep/prepare day and have food for days ahead.  Also, when making dinner, I’ll make extra and have for leftovers throughout the week.  Be like the boyscout and always be prepared.  If you have to make other choices it’s OK.  Just make better choices most of the time and it’s no biggie when you can’t or don’t feel like it. No pressure.  Take the stress off yourself and do the best that you can.

♥ Homemade Flea Powder –  I use something very similar but thought this was a great recipe. I use wintergreen essential oil in my formula.  I have yarrow growing in the yard (I’ll harvest, dry and grind into powder) and use it in this recipe.  I use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on the dogs, in my smoothies sometime for internal parasites or candida flare ups for Scott and I, in the house for ants, spiders, etc. It is natural and effective.  Have to take care of our furry kids in the most natural way possible. 

♥ 10 Surprising Things That Benefit Our Brain That You Can Do Everyday – This is pretty cool!

♥ NEW MOON in Cancer June 27th 2014 – Beautiful!


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  1. Hi Miss Kibby,
    Cool “Chill for the Summer” signed up…love the music…also I was wondering, I have the Diatomaceous clay, but I also just ordered Dr Floras Parasite cleanse, do you suppose using the clay would be sufficient to do the job, or is it a good idea to do the full on cleanse ? Curious about your take on this lovely topic (: Just been working here, and messing around in the garden, enjoying the summer weather. What have you been up to ? Bet you have lots of outdoor jobs going on this time of year. Always enjoy being here at your wonderful page, so many good things to read and be inspired by….take care till next time friend xoxo

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