Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Benefits of Breathing: The Scientific Benefits of Breathing INFOGRAPHIC – A great reminder WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT to bring this simple healing tool into your daily life.  It’s so easy, free, can be done anywhere and always at your disposal (while driving, washing dishes, standing in line at store, walking, out in nature, with loved ones (or not so loved), etc.  Focus on your breath.

♥ Blissful Nari Smoothie – Ayurveda and Hormones – A wonderful smoothie that makes life easier for us ladies ( and guys)  that time of the month.  You can substitute Schizandra powder for the Amalaki.  I agree with Jeeva in that she also likes to add herbs to her meals – smoothies, tonics, soups, hot teas for easier assimilation and it’s more fun and tasty than popping capsules. 

♥ How Stress Can Dissolve Your Bones…Plus 3 Steps to Fix It Fast – Yet another aspect stress does to our bodies that no one wants. 

♥ What Causes 90% of All Disease? – Monica Bloom does it again!  I totally agree with this and teach this concept in my classes and just with talking to people.  Your emotions and stress affect EVERYTHING. 

♥ Ayurvedic beauty tips for great skin – GREAT information and tips here!

♥ Vaginal Steams: Forgotten Ancient Wisdom for Women’s Healing – My friend, Vienda shared this post on her FB page.  It is amazing!  I have many of the fresh herbs around our property and will be doing this come next cycle.  Whether you have issues or not, it is a smart thing to do to cleanse the uterus of build up.  Thanks, Vienda!

♥ Green tea weight loss secrets proven by science – It really does work.  My favorite green tea of choice = adaptogen tonic  Gynostemma green tea.   I slowly sip on a small hot cup of Schizandra tea with my lunch and dinner meal.  It stimulates digestion (without dampening the agni (digestive fire)), stimulates lymphatics and I’m getting lots of nutrients and tonic Chi at the same time.  Bingo!

♥ Nine Ways to Be Like a Shaman at Work – I loved this! So inspiring.  Attitude has a lot to do with it.

E-Motion FREE Preview – – AMAZING!  Can’t wait to see this.  A topic that is near and dear to my heart. 

♥ A Strong Hold: Muscle Testing 101 with A Kinesiology Pro – Fantastic article!  I truly believe in muscle testing and it has been a wonderful healing and diagnostic tool along my journey.

♥ Top 5 sources of plant protein – My go-to sources also.  Great list!

♥ My UPDATED “Recommended Products/ Resources” Page – Find out what kitchen equipment, cooking ingredients (tonic herbs, superfoods, gluten-free items, nuts, etc.) and beauty/skincare I use. 

♥ NEW MOON in Gemini May 28th 2014 – Great insight.   I’ve been feeling the shifts.  Have you?



Let us all inspire one another!


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  1. Hello Kibby, what a wonderful set of links I especially enjoyed the trailer for E-Motion. When the budget allows I will definitely order the dvd. The breathing infographic was great and I was surprised and informed on how stress effects bone loss. Always a great list of important information, thank you.

    • Thank you Victoria! I always love hearing from you. so glad you enjoyed the links – I do too. Stress is a nasty little bugger! We all need less of it or at least know how to manage and NOT let pull on us in detrimental ways. Working on another fun “TT” for next week. Have a great weekend! xo

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