Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ The Bharani Effect – Check out my beautiful friend, Fehreen Ali – Tea Coup Tea’s, and find out more about this amazing woman and her holistic lifestyle.  Love you, Fehreen!!

♥ Why Everyone Should Give The Intuitarian Diet A Try – I’ve tried MANY diets out over my lifetime.  I now follow and listen to what my body needs and craves during the seasons.  Be it high raw food during the warmer months, more cooked, grounding meals during the colder months, organic eggs, bitter greens during the Spring, etc.  Listen to YOUR body, not so much your mind or what others are doing.  Each person’s body and chemical composition is different.  Your stress level, exercise regimen, work load will vary day to day, week to week and month to month.  Go with the flow.  It’s a great way to live all around.

♥ How To Love & Accept Your Body Unconditionally – If you have issues with your body – you’ll enjoy this read.  I sure did! 

♥ 4 major screw ups with your sun exposure and how to correct them – Amen!  The sun is not evil like we were lead to believe for so many years – of course, moderation, people! 

♥ Vegan protein powders with low heavy metals: Health Ranger reveals the cleanest products tested so –  Rice protein has been on the fire line recently with testing levels HIGH in contaminants. Great review of vegan protein powders to check out that are safe and clean.  I use Sunwarriors Blend Protein powder, but will be looking into several of these other options to play around with. 

♥ How Gratitude Can Calm Your Nerves and Make You More Effective – Gratitude is healing in so many ways.  Tap into it daily and watch the changes unfold within you.

♥ The Earth Beneath Your Feet (Part 2, The Science): Why Going Barefoot May Boost Your Health and Beauty – Fascinating. I try to get outside every day and walk around bare foot in the grass – whether it be playing with the dogs, walking around the property admiring the flowers, drinking my morning smoothie while sliding feet through the grass.  Just get outside and take in the natural electrical energy.  It is grounding and healing. 

♥ Glee Over Ghee – This is one of the reasons I love ghee!

♥ 10 Hidden Benefits Of Having Food Sensitivities –  Yep!  I feel the same way.  It is a blessing. 

♥ Triphala, Honey, and Castor Oil for Healthy Eyes – I’m going to try this.

♥ Get Grounded and Go Barefoot –  Ok, so another grounding link.  Maybe this is speaking to you.  This is an important part of my day!

Get Grounded And Go Barefoot!
Get Grounded And Go Barefoot!

♥ Clear or Partly Cloudy? – Another great article from the fabulous Monica Bloom!  Right on!

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  1. Thank you again for hooking us up with such informative links. I always enjoy your thoughtful Thursday post and am grateful you take the time to do this for all of us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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