Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Why Exercise and Burning Calories Won’t Help You Lose Weight – Great article!  Have fun and enjoy your activity.  Don’t stress, push it or strain – that will cause weight gain.

♥ Sneezy, Drippy? Don’t Be Dopey! – By following seasonal eating (Spring right now), you can eliminate a lot of seasonal allergies.  Learn more.

♥ Burn it Off: The Ayurvedic Spring Detox – This is what my cleanse last month was all about.  Fantastic information here.  Enjoy!

♥ Renewable Energy –  This informative post covers most of what I experienced in the Colorado Cleanse last month.  The daily yoga practice and poses were an intrical and important part of the cleanse.  I felt and saw huge results and shifts in my body and mind.  I continue the daily practice because I love it so much for what it does for me.  The poses here are some that I practice daily.

♥ 30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself. – Print this out as a reminder.  Read it once a week and see where you need it most.

I am thankful for YOU!!

♥ Why Fat Is Awesome – I totally agree!   Fat is our friend, not our foe.  Healthy fats are required and needed by the body in so many ways.  Once I started increasing healthy fats in my diet (coconut oil, ghee, avocados, raw nuts/seeds) my hormones balanced out, my skin and hair became smoother and softer, my weight is stabilizing and more.  It is an important part of our chemistry.  Don’t shun it, invite it in. 

Yoga and the Art of Letting Go – By letting go of our beliefs, our expectations, our need to control the outcomes of life or other people, we find happiness. 

♥ May 2014 Monthly Forecast – The theme for May is INTEGRATION.  Integration helps you to accept and assimilate great change.  A great month ahead.  Go with the flow and allow it happen.

♥ Longevity Exercise: Less is More –  This breathing technique through the nose during exercise is a tool that can alter the body’s perception of an activity it normally perceives as stressful, to one of calm and repair.  I’ve been practicing this technique for several months now and it works wonders. 

♥ Happy Hormone Tonic Drink – I shared my Hormone Balancing tonic drink on Young and  Come get the recipe and learn about all the beneficial ingredients. 



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