Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

via The Nourished Life

♥ An Ayurvedic Cleanse – HeyMonicaB breaks it all down for us in her easy-peasy style.  This really works!  It does for me.

♥ The most powerful way to protect your time . . . and your sanity. – Wow!  How poignant!

♥ Channelled message: You are the pattern breakers and also the pattern makers – This is so beautiful and inspiring to read.

♥ Grounding the Cardinal Cross – Love this!

♥ 5 Yoga Poses To Help You Live With Ease & Grace – They really can!

♥ Millet: A Forgotten Superfood – I LOVE millet!  It is similar to quinoa and is so easy to cook and digest.  It is one of the grains of choice for Spring according to Seasonal eating.  Here is one of my favorite recipes:  Lemon Asparagus Millet Risotto.  (It is also real good with peas instead of asparagus.)

♥ Rawkstar Chocolate Cashew Cookies – Fantastic raw chocolate cookies from my friend, Tess Masters.  You can cook on a low temperature in the oven if you don’t have a dehydrator.  Make them – you, your family and friends will think you are a Rawkstar!

♥ Stevia: Too Good to be True? – Nope!  It’s not TOO GOOD – it’s perfect.  This is the reason why I have been using stevia in my diet for several years.  I grow the plant in my garden and harvest from it. I also use NuNaturals and SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia in many of my dishes.  Ditch the processed sugar and incorporate this sweet little herb into your recipes – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Moderation, of course!

♥ The Truth About the 80-10-10 Diet – Great in depth article by Kimberly Snyder on the pros and cons of the 80-10-10 diet.  I have been the full spectrum of eating all raw to currently eating seasonally for my body type (raw and cooked alike- but mostly cooked now days) – I’m a Vata.  This is what works for me and I’m learning all the time. Listen to YOUR body and let it tell you what feels best.  Not what a book tells you or the popular trend.

♥ Fan Your Digestive Fire: Just Add Water – Brilliant!

♥ Vitamin D: How To Choose The Best One – Vitamin D deficiency is prominent in modern day society.  Get yours checked and use the right kind – D3.  I had my Vitamin D tested last week and mine was 65. Good!  Even though I work outside a lot, I still take mine daily just to be sure.  This is the kind I use: Premier Research Labs Liquid Vitamin D3.

♥ What story are you listening to? – My friend, Cynthia from Flourish Wellness shared this on her Facebook page yesterday.  Oh, how we all need awareness in this area.  It’s easy to get caught up in the mind chatter and forget where it is truly coming from. 


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  1. You hit this one out of the part again Kibby! I’ve been thinking a lot recently about a kitchari cleanse so thank you for that one! Also- protecting your time and sanity, your risotto, and the water links- AWESOME!

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