Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ The Crossroads of Should and Must – This is a long read, but so well worth it!

♥ 3 Yoga Poses for a Daily Detox –  These are great poses to do everyday – I do!

♥ Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia – Yikes!  This information applies for any “farm raised” fish.  Always read your information label. If it says “farm raised” put it down.  Look for wild caught.

♥ Do Not Top Off – Ayurvedic wit and wisdom from HeyMonicaB.  Love this woman!

♥ Grain Free Blender Brownies – These were amazing!  One of the best black bean brownies I’ve come across with the healthiest ingredients.  I used Grade B Maple Syrup in place of the raw honey.  Full of protein without any of the guilt.  We loved them!

♥  RECIPE: Maple Dandelion Chips – This is BRILLIANT!  I am going out in the yard, harvesting and making these little crunchies tonight.  Thanks Kate!

♥ Is Your Food Emotionally Charged? – Wonderful insight to the deeper side of how food, emotions and more effect us overall.  I always suggest in my cooking classes to be in this awareness of our emotions and feelings when preparing and cutting up food.  Our energy goes into it at this point in the beginning and can effect the finished product.  We are such complex and beautifully designed beings.

♥ Cutting cords of attachment from the people that hold you back – Well said, Clare!

♥ What is the Quintessential Herb for the Female Reproductive System? – This is a potent female herb that I use in some of my tonic blends.  I love it!

♥ Ayurveda – Cycles of Shedding –  Cultivating the energy of Spring cleaning allows us to let go and release in so many ways in our lives, relationships, emotions, thoughts and more.  Cleanse away, babes!

♥ Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Reset Your Fat Burners. These tips were the major factors and protocol in the Colorado Cleanse Detox that I did last month with great success.  #6 was new to me and I will give it a go at my lunch time meals from now on.  I love Dr. John Douillard!  I have been following his advice for quite some time now with pleasant results. I feel so much more grounded, balanced, and whole with incorporating Ayurveda and his practical/medical knowledge into my lifestyle.  Look into it if you haven’t already.  It just might change your life and health.

♥ Vedic Astrology April 2014 – Great insight!


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