Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Oil-Pulling, You Ask? – Love, Love, LOVE MonicaB and her straight forward, sassy, fun, knowledgeable approach.  She covers and explains oil-pulling and the basics that I haven’t seen before.  Love learning new things.  Ayurveda rocks!

♥ Spring Yoga Poses for Your Summer Bikini Body – Awesome poses for getting into shape utilizing strengthening yoga poses.  Give it a try.  I’ll be adding some of these poses to my daily yoga practice.

♥ What’s Missing in Your “Healthy” Diet? Part I – Awesome article from John Douillard!

♥ What’s Missing in Your “Healthy” Diet? Part II: Why More Fats – Continuation of part 1 from above.

♥ I Stopped Being Vegan & The World Kept Spinning – Yes, it’s OK.  I’ve been there. I’ve shifted my eating to include some organic eggs, organic chicken on occasion and ghee (along with plant-based wholefoods) in my diet and I am thriving .  I got caught up in my mind and didn’t listen to my body for awhile.  Listen to your body, your cravings – your body is talking to you.  You are still a wonderful, amazing person regardless of how and  what you eat. It is loving and nurturing yourself that is key.

♥ Ayurvedic Secrets for Daily Well-Being – More great information on oil pulling and some other practices utilizing sesame oil for over-all health and well-being Ayurveda style.

♥ Liberation Awaits – Wonderful astrological insight from Sarah Varcas.

♥ 10 Tips for Finding Balance in Your Yoga Practice – Love this!

♥ A Few Things You Don’t Want To Hear About Self-Help – Great insight about self-help books from Katie. 

♥ 5 Reasons This Quick Workout Will Get You In Better Shape Than Cardio – Less really is more.

♥ What Should I Eat? A Guide to Intuitive Eating – Great article!


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  1. Hi Kibby, thanks again for the wonderful links. I sure appreciate all the hours you put in to bring us the best info. Also want to wish you a very Happy Birthday just a tad early. Hope your day if filled with joy.

    • It makes my day hearing from you Victoria! Thank you for your support, inspiration and encouragement. You mean so much to me. A tad early is always nice. xo

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