Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥ February Forecast 2014 – The Power Path astrological forecast for February is RELEASE with a sub-theme of PRIORITIES.  What a beautiful month ahead!   I’ve been working on some of these themes already.   What about you? 

♥ Aging –  What a lovely post by the lovely Cara of Maskcara.  I find beauty to be so much more also.  

♥ Pushing Vs. Allowing – A beautiful, heart felt post from the lovely Kimberley at Dream. Delight. Inspire.  I can totally relate to this post.  Can you?

♥ The Power of Kindness: Life-Changing Advice About Creating Happiness – I love this!  Kindness is such a simple act from the heart.  Sometimes it’s for us, sometimes it’s for others.  Sharing kindness can be life changing and by implementing it daily into your life and heart, see what beauty manifests in your life.  Mostly within you.  

♥ How to Not Suck at Life… 8 Mindset Patterns that Give you More Options in Life Every Day – Well said Hayley Carr!  I can relate to a lot of this.  Great advice and many of which I have been implementing for some time and continue to work with on a daily basis.   Thanks Hayley! 


♥ Garden of Life RAW Protein products found to contain heavy metals tungsten, lead and cadmiumI’ve had several people contact me when this article hit the news – “Yikes! I’ve been drinking this every morning/day and NOW what do I use to replace it!?”  I personally use Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder and love it.  They use a proprietary blend of Raw Organic Pea Protein, Raw Cranberry Protein, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Protein.  

♥ Mercury Retrograde February 2014 – No Half Measures – Great astrological insight from one of my favorite astrologers, Leah Whitehorse.  Don’t fear Mercury retrograde just be aware.

♥ Hold Your Horses – Mercury Stations Retrograde – More Mercury retrograde insight that is full of awareness and guidance from Emily Trinkaus at Virgo Magic.  Retrogrades hold much learning and growth if we allow it.  By slowing down and being more aware from our hearts, much can be glimpsed that we wouldn’t have seen before.  

♥ 7 Men’s Beauty Tips Guys Need to Know But Are Too Embarrassed to Ask For – Fantastic tips for those special men in our lives.  I like to “suggest” to Scott sometimes to let me rub coconut oil on his hands, feet, arms, etc. for a nice massage AND he’s getting some natural healing oils to heal his skin at the same time.  Also, TLC never hurts to heal too.  🙂  I love the shaving cream recipe and will be making it for Scott.  I make our own toothpaste and most everything else – even deodorant.  These tips show your man just how much you care. 

♥ Is Your Soul Trying To Guide You But You’re Just Not Listening? – What a fantastic article by Lissa Rankin!  I just wrote a post very similar that I will be sharing with you all next week.  This one is very dear to my heart. 

♥ 20 Ways Sitting In Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life – This is WONDERFUL!  I so enjoy silence.  It didn’t used to be this way.  Once I embraced, no turning back. It is soul healing and has helped me in so many ways. I’ve gotten to know myself and like HER.  It has made me aware of so many things that I didn’t like and had the opportunity to change them for the better.  Simplicity has been one of the great lessons.  I don’t owe anything to anyone except myself.  I am FREE to make my own choices for ME.

♥ Mercury goes Retrograde February 6th-28th – Sorry, couldn’t help it!  One more.  Each one has such great insight though.  Wonderful insight from Mystic Mamma.  With more understanding of Mercury retrogrades now, I embrace them and enjoy the turning within and slowing down aspects.   Just go with the flow. 


I’ll have my personal story regarding “Reclaiming My Power” for you all next week. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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