Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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 ♥ Ayurvedic Fitness – I love John Douillard’s informative advice regarding holistic health through Ayurveda.  I love learning tips to enhance my body, performance and now exercise.  I am practicing nasal breathing ( I use it in yoga practice) currently with my walking/hiking regimen and it is going great.  Not getting as winded.  I am more focused, intune with my body/breathing/etc. Still getting a great cardio on the hills – have to stop once or twice (BIG hills) for a few seconds then I am back at it.  I’m enjoying the workouts more.  Totally fascinating.  Check out this post too:  Enjoy exercise every time.

♥ Suffering and Weight Loss – I can totally relate to Linda Wagner’s story here.  It is the reason I do what I do and the passion that is within me to share and help others also. Linda is an amazing coach and person.  Reach out to her for assistance and you will be guided beautifully.

♥ To thine own self be true – I love this excerpt from Carolyn Myss via Mystic Mamma.  So powerful and true! 

♥ Trifecta!  All Three Dosha Menus – I ADORE Monica Bloom from HeyMonicaB.  This woman has spunk, sass, creativity and at the same time is compassionate, caring, loving and friendly.  My kind of girl!  She is my “go-to” for anything Ayurveda.  She keeps it simple, easy to understand and allows you to research, study and learn without being overwhelmed with the strictness of it all.  Her approach is flexible but with great results.  Get to know her and sign up for her newsletter.  Have an Ayurveda question?  Drop her a line.  She’s awesome.  

♥ 4 money beliefs that limit your wealth — inside and out – Great Marie Forleo video featuring Kate Northrup!  I think we all have some type of misguided money beliefs that may be holding us back and this video and information can assist you in how to change them.

♥ Happy YEAR OF THE HORSE 2014: Astral Insights! –  Here’s to the Year of the Horse!  May you all run free and connect with your true selves. 


♥ IS IT TIME FOR AN INNER CLEAN UP? – Well said Connie Chapman!  I just got off the phone with a long distance friend having this very conversation with her.  It always starts WITHIN us.  Connie has created a free 3 part Inner Transformation Video Training Series to support you with some of the key foundations in creating inner shifts.  Sign up now.  

♥ How to Instantly Make Over $1,000 Gypset Style – Thank  you for sharing this wonderful insight Vienda Maria.  I’ve done this before and it really works.  I need to start doing it again. 

♥ Too Wiped Out to Work Out? – Another great article by Dr. John Douillard regarding working out.  I’ve been applying this simple 12 minute routine to my walks (throwing in some sprints or fast paced walking) and on my Urban Rebounder trampoline routine (check out the video).  I will also do this with planks, kettle bell snatches, dancing to some funky music.  Whatever is fun for you.  I’ll even run around the back yard with the dogs (oops, watch the poop!) 🙂  You get the jist.  Take 12 minutes of your day, go have fun and get into shape.  

♥ How to Combine Foods for Optimal Health – Great article by The Paleo Mama regarding food combining. I’ve practiced food combining for several years and it has made such a difference in my overall health, digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  It can be quite overwhelming with some of the information out there regarding it.  I just stick to the basics (outlined in article) and I do fine.  NO need for stress during our health journey. 

♥ Letting It Go – This post from In Spaces Between came into my radar at a perfect time. I think it will for all of you.  Thank you divine Rachel for sharing this information.  Spot on!!  Letting go is difficult at first, but once you do it and see/feel the results WITHIN – it’s magical.  Keep doing it!  It clears out the old garbage so that your light can shine brighter, Soul sing louder, peace step into your life and so much more.  It’s an ongoing process that is so rewarding and worth it. Let it go, baby! Let it go!

♥ NEW MOON in AQUARIUS SuperMoon January 30th 2014 – Great insight from Mystic Mamma! Are you ready to move forward? 

♥ 2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse –  Now I understand some of the things I was going through and experiencing in 2013.  Let’s ride that great horse!


 I’ll be back next week with an inspiring personal article and update on Tonic ebook. Till then my dears, have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Miss Kibby….I just wanted to say I love you and I can’t wait for next weeks article…..always does my heart good to read and take in all the beautiful things you share…. I appreciate you and all the time you’ve taken to help me through bumps in the road….you have a wonderful weekend friend…xoxo (:

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