Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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 ♥ BE YOUR OWN GURU – Great words of wisdom.  We all have one inside.  Let it out to shine.

 ♥ DIY Eco-Friendly Dryer Sheets – I love this!  I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to be able to make my own dryer sheets and then I came across this.  Bingo!  Thought y’all would enjoy it too.  I used some geranium and lavender essential oil in my blend.  Yummy!

 ♥ It’s More Than What We Eat: 12 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Eating –  Amen! I highly recommend these simple practices.

 ♥ chocolate ganache brownies – I’ve got another one of Gabby’s @ the veggie nook recipes to share this week.  It’s a winner! 

 ♥ Make Your Own Fabric Softener Crystals – Here’s another DIY solution for fabric softener.  Just like we love to add epsom salt and essential oils to our baths. 


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 ♥ Full Moon Update 1-15-14 –  Clean out the old and let the sunshine in!

 ♥ FULL MOON in Cancer January 15, 2014 – More juicy astrological insight from the lovely MysticMamma. 

 ♥ Rosemary Hot White Chocolate, Milkshake – Now THIS looks lovely.  I’m going to substitute gynostemma tea leaves (or tea bag) (aids in weight loss, adaptogenic, caffeine free) for the green tea leaves. 

 ♥ Diatomaceous Earth for your Family, Home, and Homestead – This is a fantastic article about Diatomaceous Earth.  I’ve been  using it in my home and garden for over 10 years.  I eat it (mixed in water or smoothies is easiest) and sprinkle on dogs food and on their fur (they look funny right afterwards).  Check out the many ways to use it and believe me – it is safe as long as you use FOOD GRADE.  I purchase mine at local co-op garden center.

 ♥ The Invisible Benefits of Grounding – I adore grounding. It’s actually very natural.  Many in society rarely touch the earth with their feet or go outside in nature.   The body is meant to connect with this energy and suffers when it is deprived.  Great read.

 ♥ How to Embrace Your True Beauty (Not the Media’s Ideal) – I LOVE THIS!   What if true beauty were defined by who we are rather than how we look?  This is a subject that I have actually been working on myself with.  Screw the media – I know what is important according to ME.  How do you feel?

 ♥ 3 Steps to Stop Judging and Being Hard on Yourself – OH, I can not agree on this one more!  I am sure you do too.  I have found that LOVING myself unconditionally and fully has been a blessing on putting the Judge in the corner.  If she pipes up, I’m aware and reverse the wording that is running through my head till the TRUTH comes back to center.  It’s OK.  Nothing to get upset over.  It’s part of our growth and journey. 


 The tonic ebook writing is going well.  I am putting more into it than I originally intended.  I think you all will be thrilled with it!  I am so far.  Enjoy the reads for the week and BE INSPIRED!  I’ll be in touch soon.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say “HI!”. 

  If you’re looking for more inspirational reading you can flip through all my Thoughtful Thursday articles here! Be Inspired!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. I just love your blog….whenever I happen on it…it is “Always” filled with the best wisdom, love, inspiration…..always seems to be something I’ve been pondering or wondering or wanting to know more about….and you always have it right here ready and waiting. All we have to do is look Kibby up !! So while I’m at it, have you any wisdom about shingles ?? Which I just learned I have ): Anyway I love ya Kibby, your loving blog always, always, cheers me up when I need it or just simply puts a smile on my face…..(:

  2. Once again great links Kibby. I so appreciate them. I have been reading about grounding but had not read that particular article. Now if the weather would warm up, I’m ready to kick off my shoes and give it a try.

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