Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday


♥ Sera Beak “Soul Fire: Burn, Baby Burn” for Emerging Women Live 2013 – This was shared by Vienda Maria last week and came to me at the perfect time.  It is well worth the 32 minutes of watching.  Please don’t think that the time frame is too long – I thought that at first – but I heard in my head to WATCH THIS.  If it resonates with you, please watch.  It confirmed my deepest thoughts lately.  Enjoy!

♥ How to Prevent a Cold – Ayurveda approach to colds. 

♥ Fear and Weight Loss – Part 2 from Linda Wagner’s audio series.  Fantastic!  Take the time to listen and discover some new insight to as to why our bodies might be holding onto or putting on that extra weight.  

♥ Squat Revolution:  – I love this!  Learn more at  Once you start doing this (in whatever way feels most comfortable to you), your body responds in a deep sigh of relief and knowing.  It feels so good.  Give it a go for awhile and see how you feel more open and flexible.

♥ We All Need Alone Time: Do You Allow Yourself to Recharge? – I know I do!  I make it a priority for my health and well being.  Do you?

♥ How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress – This is great!

♥ FULL MOON in Gemini December 17, 2013 –  Inspiring astrological insight from Mystic Mamma. 

♥ 6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Warm This Winter –  Fantastic tips from the lovely Marlena Torres on staying warm and healthy during the cold months.  I implement these tips daily and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Hot blended soups are great to add here too.  Thanks Marlena!

♥ 88 ways to love yourself – There are so  many ways to love and nurture yourself.  Vienda Maria has some great suggestions that are truly worth doing.  Whatever makes YOUR heart and soul sing – do it!   Do it for YOU – not someone else.  Be true to yourself.

♥ How I lost 30 pounds through yoga & never saw them again, with embarrassing “before” picture. – I loved this honest article.  I’ve been there and can relate.  It goes so much deeper than just weight loss – it is honoring and nurturing your body and soul. 

♥ The Best Blogs of 2013 – The precious and amazing Katie from Conquering Fear Spiritually compiled an amazing list of The Best Blogs of 2013.  She really did some in depth work here!  Thanks for the shout out hon!  I have some new blogs to check out over the Holidays.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the links, Kibby. I really enjoyed Claudia Altucher’s article and look forward to checking out Katie’s best blog list. I so appreciate all you do and want to wish you Happy Holidays.

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