Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello, Lovelies! 

We are back to regular programming with Thoughtful Thursdays!  I hope you find something to inspire and motivate you for the day or from here on out (apply in every moment of your life). 

Do You Want to Thrive or Survive?

Hey, Tired Girl/ Guy… Here’s How To Get The Happiest, Dreamiest Sleep Ever! – I employ some of these tips (especially the white noise) and they REALLY help.  Check this out!

Coffee! The Good, the Bad, and the Ayurvedic Perspective. 

Milk:  America’s Health Problem There are better alternatives such as almond, hemp, walnut, sunflower, etc. milk.  Easy to make and more nutritious!

A Journey Through Your IntestinesA fabulous article!  To keep your digestive system as healthy as possible it might help to get an understanding of the journey the food you consume undergoes from your mouth, all the way through your body. Find out how you can get optimal health by maintaining a healthy digestive tract.



Lastly, watch this video from Dara Dubinet.  She eloquently shares all the things that I feel and say to people too.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel.  It is amazing and inspiring with lots of great raw food recipes!

*** I have a fabulous recipe for the Weekend Treats post tomorrow!  Keep an eye out for it.  You’ll want this one!  
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