Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥ Ditching The Diet Dogma – I TOTALLY agree with Jess’s article.  I used to be strict on myself with my diet and how I HAD to do it.  Ha! Glad those days are over.  Now, I eat according to what my body wants – it’s HIGH plant-based with some organic eggs, goat cheese, bee pollen, raw honey and colostrum.  I also make sure that the ingredients are pure, organic and top quality.  By listening to my body’s intuition – I have never felt better.

♥  How To Get Clean Protein, 4 Quick/Easy Smoothie Recipes & 3 UGLY TRUTHS ABOUT MOST PROTEIN POWDERS! –   This is GREAT information about using QUALITY plant-based protein powder in your diet and why NOT to use most protein powders on the market (especially whey – so processed and toxic for the body).  The ingredient profile should be simple, pure whole foods to my preference.  Always read your labels!  My favorite protein powder of choice is SunWarrior Blend Protein Powder.  I have all the ingredients for the Food Matters Protein Powder, so I will be mixing up my own and trying out.  DIY girl here!

♥ Sacred Bathing – I take “special baths” often, but I love the name here.  Because it is SACRED BATHING.  It is time out for ME, honoring my body, my mind and my spirit.  It is sort of a meditation of sorts and it extremely healing on many levels.  Give it a try and make it your own.

♥ Balanced Travel – Great Ayurveda travel tips from Monica B.  With the cooler season upon us (Vata season) I will be doing more of these when traveling.

♥ The Gypset Guide to Understanding Your Chakras – Vienda Maria shares a nice Understanding of your 7 main chakras.  Enjoy!

♥ Sacred Science Movie – Check out this free movie online called Sacred Science.  It shows us how ancient wisdom and methods can help us to heal.  Eight people with eight different illnesses were brought deep into the Amazon Rainforest to work with indigenous healers for 30 days.  See what happens!

♥ My personal anti-anxiety survival kit – Great article from Cora Geroux!  I use these tools in my anxiety tool box.

Wednesday Wisdom: Meet Shonagh Home – Loved this!  I hope you find some gems like I did.

♥ Interview with Pam Grout: Hay House & New York Times Bestselling Author of E-Squared – I am currently reading this book (E-squared) – Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa! 😉 and I LOVE it!  It really works!  I am a huge believer of manifestation in our lives.  The Kindle version is only $2.99!  

♥ Tired and Sluggish? Find Out Why –  Imperative information for those who might have a sluggish thyroid.  Don’t always rely on blood tests – go deeper.

♥ Paleo Pumpkin “Cornbread”. (Gluten/Grain/Corn/Dairy Free) – I thought this would be fun to try and WOW! I was surprised at how easy and delicious it was.  I paired it with some roasted root veggies (onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, beets and orange slices) – Heavenly duo!  Perfect for a FALL evening in North Georgia mountains.



Have a wonderful weekend!   

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Hi Kibby,
    Those fudge cookies above look fabulous. Thank you so much for the wonderful links. I especially loved Cora’s site. I’ve have had a link to the Sacred Science trailer in my inbox for a few days now and just haven’t had time to watch but I will. Sacred bathing put me in the mood for a special bath but I just showered, haha. Maybe tomorrow. I am so grateful for all you do for your readers. Hugs.

    • Oh, so good to hear from you, lovely Victoria! Yes, the cookies are awesome and the Sacred Science movie is great!! I think I need a sacred bath tonight – just in from out of town. 🙂 Thank you for YOU and your connecting with me with your input – means so much to me. xo

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