Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ 50 Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities –  These are GREAT!

♥ The Perfect Poop. –  I have no qualms talking about poop.  This is a fantastic article by which gives great insight about elimination with each dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).  Learn a lot and how to remedy some issues if you have them.  

♥ The ULTIMATE healthy body and weight loss component! – I think many of us can relate to this one – I know I do.  I am going to apply this aspect of  SELF-LOVE to myself and see how it goes.  Like Mastin says, I am excited to see what manifests.

♥ Health Benefits of Mangoes – Mangoes are one of my FAVORITE fruits and they are IN SEASON here.  The beautiful, Lisa from Healthy Body Now dishes out some great information about these sweet beauties.  Pop some in your shopping cart/ bag next time at the store. 

♥ The Dark Side of Whey Protein – Many people ask me my opinion on whey protein and this article sums it up BEST.  That is why I only use Sunwarrior™ Blend Protein Powder – it IS THE BEST out there and also why I only use it in my Raw Chocolate Superfood Protein Bars

PorcupineSpines  –  Come meet my nephew’s wife, Kim Dickinson at her Etsy store!  She is gorgeous, smart and one TALENTED chic!  She has a COOL flair for things nerdy and funky!  I love it!  She says that her main goal and inspiration in crafting and selling her products is to make other people happy. My kind of girl!  Share her link with anyone you know who would like her stuff.  

♥ 7 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know –  Yep!  The food industry wants you to go the shopping store in ignorance and trust every word they say.  Please don’t!  Read this article and get a bit more information and knowledge under your belt to know what to pick up and put in your cart and what to “PUT DOWN and walk away from”.

♥ We all do it, so why do we whisper about it? – Yay!  More turd talk!  Our poop is KEY to our health and wellness so it shouldn’t be kept in hiding or whispered about.  Our poop tells us A LOT what is going on inside of us so that we can make changes and address certain issues.  POOP on over and check it out – sorry, I just had to!  🙂

♥ Way Too Cool – Vata + Kapha Combo. –  Yay!  Love ayurveda information from MonicaB!  Here’s a great question from one of her readers and the answer is easy to understand and apply. 

♥ Hurry Up And Be Patient Already! –  Jess has another fantastic article that many of us can relate to.  Just remember “There is a reason for everything and the Universe has our back.” Surrender and Enjoy!

♥ The Law of Abundance – FREE ebook – From the Live Your Dreams folks is their Law of Abundance FREE ebook that shows you how to ALLOW ABUNDANCE into your life.  Release resistance, expand your consciousness and open to the abundance YOU deserve.

♥ Could Going Gluten Free Save Your Life – Wow!  Fantastic, in depth article regarding gluten free topic by the fabulous, Mark Hyman, MD.    I learned even more regarding this issue.  Hope you do too.



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  1. Hello Kibby, thanks once again for all the great links. I have so many tabs open it’s ridiculous but I’ll enjoy reading and gathering info as I sip a cup of tea. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Hi Victoria! So great to hear from you! HaHa! That IS a lot of tabs. So glad you are enjoying them and connecting with me to let me know so. I so appreciate it! I am doing great and hope you are too. Stay in touch, dear! XO

  3. Hey Kibby!

    Last night, I found your blog while doing a search for using almond milk in tonics. I have read through many of your blog posts and watched your videos. I’ve learned a great deal and really appreciate all the time you invest in sharing.

    I have a request/recommendation. Can you create a tonic recipe book?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t find many Web sites that offer a variety of tonic recipes. Being able to have a book devoted to tonic recipes would be so helpful and so welcomed. If you published it as an ebook or a Kindle book, either way, I would gladly purchase it.

    I hope you’ll consider it. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy!
      Welcome and I am so glad you have connected.

      I have actually been thinking in the back of my mind to do a tonic book but never had any requests specifically for one. I get a lot of people finding me due to tonic research and so I guess your request is the gem that I needed to follow thru with it. THANK YOU! I will work on it and let you know when it’s available. This is a whole new area to me, but we all have to step out of the box and learn something new to be of service to others.

      Keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions or if you have any special tonic recipe requests, I can make one especially for you with what you need might be.

      Have a great day and talk with you soon,

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