Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥ NUGGETS OF WISDOM FOR THOSE IN TRANSITION – What perfect timing for this amazing post by the beautiful, Connie Chapman.  I know several of you could use this information and insight right now (along with me).  Please soak it up, forgive and open to possibilities.  XO

♥ NEW MOON Solar ECLIPSE in Taurus May 9th – 10th 2013~ Amazing insight and advice!

♥ Trying and Troubleshooting the Oil Cleansing Method: Tips For Flawless, Oil-Cleansed Skin – FANTASTIC article on the oil cleansing method!  I have been implementing the OCM for about 8 months now with great results.  Recently, I have noticed some changes in my skin and will tweak my proportions to see how this works.  My skin has never looked and felt better since using the simple, natural, inexpensive, effective method.

♥ The Ingredients in Sunscreen Destroying Your Health – Great article on sunscreens!  What to look out for and what to choose that is best for your skin and health.

via Truth Beckons

♥ Solar Eclipse in Taurus – May 2013 – Signs of Life – Beautiful clarity and insight from the lovely Leah Whitehorse. 

10 Reasons You Should Use Dandelion Greens In Your Green Smoothie – I LOVE Organic dandelion greens in my smoothies!  They are so nutritious and a great overall cleanser (especially the liver).  I go out in my yard and pick them.  Be sure that if you collect them in the wild (yards and parks) that the area has NOT been treated or sprayed with pesticides and chemicals.  Or just go purchase them at your local health food/ whole foods store.  Check out why they are great to incorporate periodically into your smoothie rotation of greens.

♥ 5 Tips To Manifest Miracles – Great tips for manifesting better.  May is the month for MANIFESTING.  So learn to do it properly for best results.

♥ The 6 Steps To Becoming A Modern Mystic – Love this!

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 ♥ NEW MOON Solar ECLIPSE in Taurus May 9th – 10th 2013! – Read this last and bring it into your awareness for the day/ evening and REALLY focus on what you desire to manifest and create in your life NOW!  Wow!  It mentions the aspect of “A Taurus solar eclipse brings up issues of self-worth and values, it is a time to examine old value systems that no longer serve our lives”. it sure has for me.  Lots of self-growth, clearing out old thoughts/beliefs/patterns and decluttering (mostly emotional) but DAMN GOOD!  This frees up space for the amazing things in life that we are manifesting to come right in and take home with ease and grace.  This is a POWERFUL article that I see many of you in – I encourage YOU to see YOUR worthiness, value, divinity, femininity, strength, and MORE!  Let the light of your inner Being shine into the world – You are beautiful and wonderful to me – I see and feel it – see if for yourself

Have a fantastic weekend and focus on yourself and your AMAZINGNESS! 

 I love you all!  

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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