Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

via Louise Hay/ Hay House

 ♥ Living and Leading with Authenticity – I loved this article and resonated with some of the beautiful concepts.  I hope you do too.

♥ The Story So Far: Your Life Is How You Interpret It –  How true this is.  I hear so many people telling me their stories and allowing it to define themselves.  It doesn’t have to.  You have a choice to change it and respond differently EVERY DAY.  It takes one step at a time, but it can be done.  When a situation arises that I could easily fall into old patterns/reactions/responses (and I do sometimes), I have the opportunity to stop and say “How do I choose this to go?  How do I choose to react/respond to this person or situation?  It invites you to be aware to live in the NOW. I choose to interpret my life as a journey, of lessons, of growth and strength.  How do you choose to live?  ♥

♥  5 Steps to Make Change Work for You

♥ The Art Of Surrender Is The Process Of Growth –  How beautiful and pertinent!

via Psychedelic Adventure

 ♥ Happy NEW MOON in Aries April 10th 2013 – I love my Mystic Mama time!  I hope you enjoy it too! 

♥ avocado banana chocolate milkshakes with vanilla bean coconut cream – Oh yeah, baby!  This sounds amazing.  I’ve made the whip cream like this before – so easy and tastes wonderful.  A real treat here without the guilt. 

♥ 5 Exotic Smoothie Recipes From Around The Globe – Another great article from the stunning Jackie Knechtel about smoothies.  Jackie is my smoothie soul sister.  Can’t wait to try some of these beauties out in the Vitamix this weekend. 

♥ 7 Steps (And Chakras) to Reconnect With You – I just really liked this!


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  1. Hey Kibby ~ thank you 1st of all… You hit the spot today! I have to share with you~ have you ever went to a painting/canvas type of class? Oh.. so fun ~so fun ! Everyone needs to get out and be an “artist” for a night…. yes you here all kind of responses from all kinds of people.. it is a life lesson in all… I had a blast~.. and damn … I didn’t know I could paint! It was so fun……….

    • Hi Becky! Wow! No, I’ve never been to a painting/canvas class before. I am SO GLAD you had fun and found a new passion it sounds like. Yay! Your experience sounds exciting and very inspiring! You go, girl! Look forward to hearing more about it and what you create. XO

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