Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday


♥  Benefits of Bentonite Clay –  I love this stuff!  Lisa has a fantastic article here with some great ways to use it.  I have been making my own toothpaste using bentonite clay and love it.  I didn’t know about using with animals.  Guess what my dogs are going to be getting in their food periodically for some extra cleansing of boogies?  😉


♥  Feng Shui Basics: How Your Space Can Affect Your Mood  –   I love implementing feng shui in my house and LIFE.  This article has gotten me to thinking about some changes again in the house.   If something doesn’t bring you pleasure or joy in the house, it’s time to let it go (I do this with our local thrift store all the time).  Decluttering is something I enjoy doing – it is opening and creating new energy in one’s life for better to come in its place.


♥  5 principles that vegans and paleo foodies can agree on  –   This is interesting.   I agree that LIFE is too short!  Enjoy what you eat, and respect others choices.  We are ALL different and what works for you doesn’t work for someone else (vice-versa).  The goal is to be healthy, happy and what works for YOU!


♥  Why Vitamin D is Good For You!  –  This is a FABULOUS read!  I just had my Vitamin D levels checked and it was 60.  Yay!  My supplementation is working.  If you are interested in what D3 supplement I recommend – go here.   Found out several months ago that I wasn’t taking enough and  I am currently taking 5 drops (10,000 I.U.) and I feel so much better taking this dose.  So, if you can’t get your Vitamin D ON with sunshine, opt for this supplement.  I have proof it works.


  Avoiding Dry Winter Skin with Maharishi Ayurveda –  This is a good article!


♥  Blueberry Boost Smoothie –   Check out this amazing smoothie from Linda Wagner to help out with weight loss and to add to your healthy eating arsenal to combat the flu and cold season.  The color is just STUNNING!  I am so there!!!

♥  The Perfect Poop  –  We ALL do it!  You can learn a lot about the health of your body by taking a quick peek at your poop before you flush.  Your eliminations can tell you A LOT of what is going on inside to help make changes with your diet and lifestyle choices.

 ♥  Why are Epsom Salts so Great? –  Thank you, Jackie at Pure Vibrant Living for sharing this out!  I adore epsom salt baths and take them several times a week.  They are great after exerting yourself in exercise – especially after a long yoga class.   I like to add lavender and geranium oil to mine and SOAK in PURE BLISS!  Before getting out, I will rub organic sesame oil all over, blot dry (want to keep most of that amazing oil on) and slip into jammies. I am set for a great nights rest.  Give it a try – you’ll see what I mean.



Lastly for today – ALWAYS remember this!  



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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. I love your Thoughtful Thursdays! They are always full of such feel-good stuff! That 50 Ways to Take a Break picture is just wonderful, and I think I’ll make sure to bookmark it for the future.

    And that last quote about being okay with where you are? Yeah, I needed that right now. Thank you!

    • AAWWW! Thanks! I post things that resonate with me and think you all would like/benefit from too. That picture is great! That last quote resonated with me too and need to look at it several times a week. 😉 Have a great weekend!

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