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Come Have a Stroll With Me in My Yard – Spring 2013

Come Have a Stroll With Me in My Yard – Spring 2013


 photo rhodo_zpsd4b79a21.jpg
As you are reading this and enjoying a stroll with me through my yard, I am driving to Charleston, SC.   Saturday, May 4th, I am doing a healthy cooking class for my friend, Sara Campbell, at her house for her friends and family.  I am so excited to finally meet this beautiful woman whom I have become friends with thru my blog.  

May is a time of MANIFESTING.  I am here right now stating my desires to manifest in my life the opportunity to travel to people’s homes, do retreats, or they can come here to my house and teach/share with them all that I know and have learned thru my transformation of health/wellness.  It is my passion and mission to show others that living and eating healthy can be easier than they thought, make plant based meals that are healthy and taste freaking AMAZING, organize and declutter their kitchens for a balanced flow of energy, green living tips, organic gardening and much more in person.  What do you choose to manifest in your life?  Manifest every day this month and be diligent about it.  Desire more love, joy, peace, abundance, finances, traveling, whatever?  Visualize it and create it.  You CAN DO IT!

Oh, BTW, Scott and I planted and landscaped EVERYTHING you see here from the time we built the house and moved in 2004.  See what manifesting, diligence, hard work and LOVE create.  Beauty in our lives.

Have fun in the yard, stop and smell the flowers (they smell AMAZING!)  and hope to see you sometime soon.  You never know! 😉

 photo spring2013-3_zpsc742b168.jpg

Looking off to side of yard from front porch.

 photo spring20131_zps1081149a.jpg

Looking off to side/back yard from front porch.

 photo spring2013-2_zps2491c73c.jpg

View from front porch going out towards parking area.

 photo spring2013-4_zpseb67254a.jpg

Hidey spot for sitting, meditating, enjoying company amongst hostas and ivy.

 photo spring2013-5_zps7522ce27.jpg

Side yard next to creek. Yellow flowers are flame azaleas that smell stunning – like honeysuckle yumminess!

 photo spring2013-6_zpsaf6afcf1.jpg

Swing that Scott built out of scrap material for $20 over looking our creek. So peaceful and relaxing.

 photo spring2013-7_zps6254d87f.jpg

Irises that smell like grape candy. Our front field.

 photo spring2013-8_zps16916f1d.jpg

Walk path around other side of house.

 photo spring2013-9_zps3941c847.jpg

Continuing around side of house to see more flame azaleas, red japanese maple tree and other plants to bloom later in season.

 photo spring2013-10_zps6614764d.jpg

Walk path veers off towards Scott’s workshop (man cave) lined with flame azalea and KnockOut rose.

 photo spring2013-11_zpsd4384ae8.jpg

Walk path continues to side of house/back yard where dogs hang out and play.

 photo spring2013-12_zpsae2ca640.jpg

Walk path ends to a swing set amongst more pretty plants (yet to bloom) in the back yard.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I love our yard.  The hard work paid off.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next week with more information and recipes.  XO

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Exercise – What I am Doing Now – New Found Passion!

Exercise – What I am Doing Now – New Found Passion!

My New Found Exercise Passion – Who’d of Thought?!

Lately, I have been on a “down side” of exercising and moving my body.  I know I should – but haven’t felt like it.  I’ve heard and read that THAT is the BEST time to do it.  Well, screw them, I haven’t wanted to!    I’ll maybe once or twice a week do my PLANKS but not consistently.  Well, I just wasn’t FEELING it for Mr. Exercise.  So, I’ve been wondering, “What’s going on?”  I usually love to get out (or inside) and move my body somehow.  I feel that it is not healthy to do something because you feel like you HAVE to, someone told you to, out of obligation, etc.  I feel like when you do something, do it because YOU WANT to.  You feel excited to do it.  There’s a passion there.   It makes you feel good about yourself (physically, emotionally and spiritually).  Do it for you!

Tuesday, I went into town to run some errands, go by the library to pick up a book that I had on hold, and decided to stop by the local park (which is absolutely PHENOMENAL) and only 12 minutes from my house.   Gorgeously landscaped in the mountains with amazing trails (some paved, some tiny gravel and some mulched) – so you’re getting a nice variety of terrain to walk/run/jog on (which really works those muscles).  This isn’t an easy trail either.  Some steep slopes, level parts – a nice mix!  It’s very popular and I see a variety of people from young to old – getting out and moving their body and breathing fresh air.


There’s my little red car to the right hand side of parking lot.

I had a feeling to get outside, enjoy the day and some fresh air.  I haven’t been out to the park since Spring (got busy with landscaping work, and then it got HOT!)  The day was over cast with a high of 80 degrees and felt wonderful.   Had my green smoothie half an hour before venturing out to the park (tucked into my mini cooler) and was only intending to walk the 1.5 miles loop and go home.

Well,  half way in, I was feeling pretty good!  Had some jammin’ tunes playing.  Then out of the blue I felt the desire to jog (I rarely do this – it’s been maybe 3-4 years since I’ve done that – and it was short, tiny increments).   I went a decent ways and then had to walk again.  Man, I feel that heart rate a pumping – this feels REALLY good!  There’s a section that goes into the woods (mulched path) with some steep inclines amongst mountain laurels and rhododendron plants (can you say gorgeous!)  On one of the inclines – I heard in my head (no, I’m not crazy or schizo – I feel it’s my intuition)  “Run up it, Kibby!”  OK!  So, off I went.  Got to the top and said “Holy crap!  I did it!”   Walked some more, jogged some more – kept up this pattern for awhile till I got to the 1.5 mile mark.  Then I turned around and did that loop again and went into another area that was 2 miles long.  Wow!

There was a track team from a local high school out at the park practicing.  I got to one part where I was jogging and here comes the whole bunch of them towards me (about 30 of them).  Oh great! Well, I’m not going to stop or puss out in front of them, that’s for sure!  So I kept jogging and when they slew of them passed me, I found that I had kept going much longer than I would have thought otherwise.  “Yeah, me!!”  If I got tired, I would pick a land mark ahead and say “I’ll go to that spot and stop (walk).”  Sometimes, I did  – sometimes I kept going.  I ended up spending an hour at the park and went 5 miles (a good bit of it jogging).  I’ve NEVER done that before.  I was so proud of myself!  And to boot, I felt AMAZING and want to do it more.  Along the way, I kept telling myself “You can do this!  You are strong, You are healthy,  You have good stamina and endurance, etc.”   I basically inspired and motivated myself the whole way.  How cool is that!  I always admired people that say they go on runs or jog.  I felt that I never had the endurance or stamina to do so (and in the past I didn’t due to health and knee problem issues) so I just walked.  I always had a good, fast pace, but the jogging was invigorating to me.

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!  Open yourself to possibilities and re-write those things that you have told yourself from the past.  THEY ARE NOT TRUE!  You can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it.  Tell yourself when you feel like giving up and quitting – “I can do this”!  Say positive affirmations to assist yourself.   You have to find it within yourself and bring it front and center.  That’s what I did.  I had told myself one thing (go for a short while, I don’t jog, I don’t have the endurance or stamina), but then something within me knew that I could do better, be more and spark a new passion that I was totally unaware of and would not have sought out on my own.  Let your intuition guide you – just listen.  It talks to us all the time – just have to tune in and listen.

As I mentioned above, in the past I have had some knee problems.  I was walking thru the bedroom at night and tripped over one of the dogs laying in the floor and fell on both of my knees on the tile floor – OUCH!!  and they weren’t quite right for awhile.  By eating high raw, plant-based diet for 2.5 years, I feel they have healed immensely.  Doing what I did (the jogging), proved that to me.   

Also, by working on personal issues that are held in the body, that helps too.  According to Louise Hay – our mental thoughts/ old issues can be held or created in the body on a physical level.  For knees, the probable cause relates to stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend.  Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.  Yep!  Had that going on for some time.  I have worked on these issues and released them.  FORGIVENESS is key. I had some people in my life that I learned to forgive (myself included).  A new thought pattern would be:  I am flexible and flowing. I bend and flow with ease.  I understand.  I am compassionate. It goes deeper than this.  You really have to delve deep within yourself to change old patterns/ thoughts/ issues, etc. and see where they are playing out in your life and your body.  It’s a good reference guide to assist you in where to look and what to address. I highly recommend ALL her books.  Louise Hay – Heal Your Body A – Z.

So, I LIKE JOGGING!  Who’d of thought?  I sure didn’t!  I got a serious sweat on, heart rate a pumping and worked some serious muscles.  I don’t think I have any work scheduled for tomorrow, so I know where I’ll be going – to the park for some jogging and getting my sweat on!  I’ll play it by ear and see what I am inspired and inclined to do now with my exercising instead of limiting myself to one particular routine.  I ALWAYS like variety!!

*Walking/jogging tip:  Keep yourself straight and erect when walking (especially uphills).  You have a tendency to lean into a hill making it easier going up.  Imagine your upper body being pulled back and up – using your core more and it really works your tush and glutes.*


I LOVE my Vibram toe shoes – Komodo Sport. They are the most comfortable shoes. I’ve had them since last June and they are holding strong! I wear them in the kitchen when I am on my feet for hours – feet and legs NEVER hurt! They did GREAT during the jog/run session! The also work your feet muscles and calves! I call them my “monkey shoes” b/c they look like monkey feet. Who cares – My feet LOVE them!

So, the spark of moving my body/ exercise is BACK, baby!  I guess I needed a change of direction and scenery from the norm.  Inspiration comes to us in many different ways and forms.  Along the way of the jog, I had all kind of inspiring thoughts and ideas for blog posts and life in general.   Stepping outside of the box is sometimes scary, but when you do – look at all the amazing and beautiful things can be waiting for you.  Open yourself to new possibilities and adventures and see what happens or comes your way.  You just might be surprised.  I sure was!

Blend up a cup of green juice, a green smoothie or a hot herbal tea.   Pull up a seat and enjoy me on a walk thru nature and thru my eyes of what I see and experience on my walks!









Till next time! Hope you enjoyed it! XO


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!