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Dastony and RawMio Nut Butter Review/Video and Recipe tips

Dastony and RawMio Nut Butter Review/Video and Recipe tips

Dastony and RawMio Nut Butter Review

 photo dastony1_zpsdccb7455.jpgI don’t praise, sing or make a video about a product if it doesn’t ROCK MY WORLD.  I recently was approached by the lovely ANNA from Rawfoodrecipes.com site asking to feature me as one of their raw food chefs.  Wow! How humbling and gracious!  I accepted!  This site has a wonderful and vast array of raw food recipes and raw food chefs. Need new recipes or looking for “just that right” raw cashew cheese recipe?  I am sure you’ll find it there – several to choose from at that.

Anna also offered to send me some products to try.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review and was not paid for this review.  This is ME – sincerely, honestly – giving you my take on these products. I didn’t have to do a video, but I WANTED TO.  These babies need to be seen, heard about and given a go.  They ROCKED MY WORLD! And Scott’s too!

The items listed below can be purchased at RawGuru.com.

I introduce to you two LOVELY lines:

Dastony and Rawmio

 photo dastony2_zps0e308f4e.jpgDastony uses an ancient method known as stone-grinding in the production of its products.  This “old world” approach is revolutionary in terms of preserving nutrients and flavor. I highly commend them for this!!   This natural preservation is accomplished by maintaining a consistently low temperature throughout the entire process. Another unmatched result of stone-grinding is a silky smooth texture and mouth feel that is truly beyond words.  I love making my own nut butters and mine (or other brands) doesn’t EVEN compare to Dastony.

I tried the Stone Ground 100% Organic Raw Almond Butter, Cashew butter and Coconut butter.  From their website: “Only the finest selection of raw and organic ingredients are used in our Dastony Stone-Ground Nut and Seed Butters. Every batch is handcrafted and meticulously cared for during a process which takes 24-48 hours.”  That might seem like overkill and too involved – but I say NO!   Take as much time as possible – because the end result is incredible and worth it.  These butters maintain all of their nutritional integrity and THAT is something VERY IMPORTANT to me and I appreciate Dastony’s dedication, integrity and ideals.  

 Nut butters are GREAT for creating quick and easy milks, stuffing medjool dates with and topping with your favorite toppings (mine are coconut flakes, cacao nibs and chlorella tablets – not all at once – by why not, if you can fit it all on), spread on gluten-free breads, creating icings (cashew butter is great for this one), and so much more!

 photo dastony3_zpsee79f5c8.jpgRawmio Hazelnut Crunch is a blend of organic coconut flakes, fresh hazelnuts, coconut sugar, and cacao nibs, slowly stone-ground with a touch of real vanilla bean and Himalayan salt.  Crushed hazelnuts & more cacao nibs are folded in for a wickedly AWESOME delicious, crunchy milk chocolate spread I know you will devour.  Scott and I sure do!   When I first opened the jar, tasted it, I freaking MELTED!  It was a culinary orgasm.  I know that is too much information, but I challenge you to not feel the same when you taste this stuff.

I took a bite of this chocolate heaven and for a split second thought “Do I have to share this with Scott?”   Then, my heart took over and said “YES!”  I found Scott in the library room and said “I hope you know how much I LOVE you!” (with a smile) and put a spoonful of this hazelnut butter in his mouth.  His eyes popped and said “Holy S–t!  (I said the same thing!)   What is that!”  I tell you, it will invoke an explosion in your mouth and speak to the food Gods.  “Thank you!” 

We are enjoying this butter very sparingly because we don’t want it to end.  It will, of course, and I will purchase more.  THIS is something to treat ourselves with.  Some people go out to eat, purchase fancy items, etc., I put my special dollars into quality food – knowing that it will nourish and heal my body and taste amazing.  Simplicity baby!

 photo dastony4_zps3f0d1f1f.jpgI paired the Rawmio Hazelnut Crunch with this lovely Pumpkin chocolate bread – I added orange extract to the original recipe and WOW!  I always loved orange/pumpkin and chocolate together.  It was delicious.

*** RawGuru.com has several of these items ON NOW SALE RIGHT NOW for a few days only – so hop on over and get some goodies while supplies last.  I am!!!  ***

Watch my video review and see how good the Rawmio Hazelnut Crunch is at the end.  Enjoy!

 Have a great weekend! 

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!


How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Healthy Travels

Well, I am now back home and settled in for awhile from my travels to Orlando, FL last week and from Charleston, SC this past weekend.    While in SC, I stayed with my friend, Sara Campbell in her beautiful home and was blessed to use her kitchen and cook for us all.  I did bring some basics with me while on the road traveling to her home (6 hour drive) and while staying with her at her place for a few days.  While in FL, I was gone for 5 days away from my kitchen, but I took my healthy eating along with me on the road. 

Some people say, “You travel with all this stuff!”  My answer:  This is my lifestyle.  It is how I live, thrive and prosper in my mind and body.  I don’t put myself or my health and well-being on the back burner for a few days/ week and go for total convenience in the outside world.    I have to be careful eating out at most restaurants because of gluten and many unhealthy ingredients are hidden in food, so you HAVE TO ASK and look out for yourself.  Again, my health and well being come FIRST and FOREMOST to me.  I have wavered in the past of NOT planning and taking certain ingredients/supplements/meals with me while traveling and experienced/ learned many hard lessons.  I don’t compromise anymore!  I actually went out and bought an inexpensive ($10) single unit burner/warmer so that I could heat up my meals and tonics in a skillet and small pan in the hotel room. It was small, lightweight and barely took up any room.  PERFECT!

So, let me show you how eating a healthy, plant-based diet can easily and economically be done.  It took some pre-planning, but it was SO WORTH IT. There are several STAPLES that I NEVER COMPROMISE with in my daily regime – they are my foundation: 


Prior to my FL trip, I spent a day in the kitchen making meals and prepping.  I made a large batch of stir-fry veggie quinoa, roasted root veggies, made several smoothies, zucchini hummus, filled up several containers (4 gallons) of our fresh spring water (priceless!), filled baby jars with my tonic ingredients (so it’s easy – open jar, toss ingredients in Vitamix along with water – BLEND – warm in saucepan on electric burner and Voila!  Warm, healing tonic in several minutes), pre-cut cucumbers for dipping in hummus,  bags of misc. smoothie ingredients (apples,bananas,lemons,kale) with jars of chia seeds, Maca, cacao nibs, bee pollen and goji berries,  baked a dense seed/nut bread, pre-cut the loaf for ease and use, brought several avocados, my raw cacao superfood protein bars (a complete meal), miscellaneous teas, and supplements.  I brought a mini cutting board, knife and my travel cooler always has a small jar of himalayan salt, chipotle pepper and small utensils.  Of course, my VITAMIX went with me.  She always does!  🙂

So, my first day on the road, I had everything I needed.  My morning smoothie, snacks, afternoon smoothie and plenty of veggie options for lunch with LOTS of fresh water.  When I arrived at the hotel and checked in, I took everything to my room and got my “kitchenette” set up and filled the mini fridge.  For dinner that evening, I heated up some of the roasted veggies in my skillet on the warmer plate and made a small kale salad.  It was wonderful!  Eating clean and feeling great!  I actually felt great from the 10 hour travel. 

 photo tips2_zpsfe8a071d.jpg

 photo tips1_zps687c832c.jpg

I stayed at the Radisson Hotel in Orlando, FL and was highly impressed with its cleanliness, friendly/helpful staff, beautiful room, large bathroom, Sleep Number beds, down comforter and much more. I would stay with them again if I ever go back to the area.  Fantastic experience.  My seminar was located about a mile away at the Peabody Hotel – can I just say “WOW!” What a place.   I loved being able to walk around everywhere. Orlando was clean, friendly and safe!

 photo tips3_zpsf4c12acb.jpg

With each day attending the seminar that went from  8 a.m. to 9 p.m (with a few breaks in between along with lunch and dinner break), I took my tea canister with tea inside and filled up with hot water provided at seminar, morning smoothie (which I made fresh each morning), lunch (bread with avocado/salt/chipotle pepper – YUM!), protein bars, water, stevia for sweetening tea.  A few nights, I would walk back to room for dinner and then walk back to seminar.

 photo tips4_zpsc191286b.jpg

Found some pretty flowers outside the hotel (jasmine in the center) to enjoy and liven up the room.

 photo tips5_zps7269c6bd.jpg

Miscellaneous teas

 Leaving the room every morning at 8 a.m. with my 8 – 10 lb. briefcase (I got a good workout with the weight and walking), getting fresh air, stimulating exercise and greetings with friendly people passing by.  I didn’t mind carrying a brief case that weighed a bit – I had my goodies with me and I was prepared.  I felt good the entire time.   Several days in a row, when I was sitting outside enjoying the 85 degree, sunny weather during the breaks (it was COLD inside the rooms during the seminars) several women came up to me asking where I got the delicious looking food I was eating, avocados, and tea.  I told them I made it and brought with me.  They immediately said, “That’s brilliant!  I should have done that.  The food inside is not that good or healthy and costs WAY TOO MUCH.”  Yep!  There’s a reason I do what I do.  I offered some of my food to several people, who in turn took me up on my offer and I connected with some real nice people that way.  They left feeling inspired and motivated to plan ahead next time.  One lady, skipped one of the short seminars to go to a nearby Whole Foods to get a few basics to be prepared for the next few days.  Score!  I inspired someone new with just a 15 minute talk.  Made my day!!

 photo tips6_zps7d48b5a6.jpg

Tonic jars and supplements

 photo tips7_zpscf5a3113.jpg

Smoothie makings

I took a small glass jar with some Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap and a sponge for cleaning my dishes in the bathroom sink every evening when getting back from the seminar for the day.  Easy and practical. 

 photo tips8_zps04089cd0.jpg

Top shelf: blueberry chia pudding, aloe vera gel for smoothies
Middle shelf: hummus, bread, apples/lemons, stir-fry veggie quinoa, 1 avocado, kale
Bottom shelf:more avocados, chaga tea for tonic base,roasted veggies, cucumbers, protein bars

 photo tips9_zps79121160.jpg

LOTS of fresh water.

By traveling with your own food and preparing it while at the hotel room, you save tons of money and your body thanks you for feeding it healthy, wholesome foods.  I did eat out two nights:  Once by myself – I had a large grilled veggie platter that was divine with a small glass of wine – sitting outside and enjoying “people watching”.  The last night in FL,  I had dinner with a new friend I made at the seminar.   The head chef at the restaurant was more than accommodating to fix me a lovely meal that was gluten-free and vegan inspired.  Just ask and see if places can do a few things for you according to your special dietary needs.  Most places will, especially GOOD places.  I enjoyed the dining experience with good company and great food. 

I had plenty of food for the whole trip (even my drive back home).  I didn’t have to stop and make poor choices along the way because I wasn’t prepared.  Preparation is KEY.  Once you start incorporating it into your routine, it becomes second nature.   It CAN be done with some planning and fore thought.  I look forward to traveling more knowing that it is quite easy and practical.   I hope this inspired you!

Do you ever plan ahead while traveling to keep your diet and lifestyle in check?  What are YOUR basics and foundation staples?

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