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Anniversary PROTEIN BARS Giveaway Announcement

Anniversary PROTEIN BARS Giveaway Announcement


For my 1 year Anniverseary post – raw chocolate superfood protein bar – giveaway entries,  I asked for comments on what you thought of the blog, what drew you to it and anything else.  I no idea that of some of the heartfelt words would be so beautiful.  I had the sweetest and most loving comments from some of you that just moved me to tears and made my heart swell.


I love doing giveaways, but wish that everyone could win.  It’s tough picking only one name from the pot.  YOU are ALL winners in my eyes though. 

I am honored to announce the winner:


Congratulations!  I will be in touch with you shortly.

 photo proteinbarpink_zps6f34b945.jpg


Thank you so much, EVERYONE, for all your support and encouragement and I, in turn, will continue to provide YOU with fantastic, healthy, healing recipes along with fun, inspirational and educational posts. Feel free to be more open and communicative with me here.  

Anyone else who is interested in trying these wonderful superfood protein bars, feel free to check out the testimonials so far.    Let me know if you would like to purchase some of these little beauties by dropping me an email.  You will find more information and details on how to purchase here



So, CHEERS to YOU!  Here’s to many more years together!  


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!