Spring Cleanse Holiday

Spring Cleanse Holiday

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I made a decision last night to take a 2 week holiday from blogging and social media.  Why you ask?  I am 4 days in on a 2 week “Mind-Body cleanse” and feel a need to step away  from outside stimulation.  So I can go deeper. I am focusing on ME – the physical, emotional, mental.  I am LISTENING to my body what it needs, wants, and is willing to let go of.  I am having conversations with my ego to set some new boundaries, rules and limitations on what is no longer acceptable and what is going to be different.  I am integrating some new concepts, regimens and having fun with it all.  I am so excited and into this.  My body has been speaking to me for some time and I am listening and doing something about it. I have been experiencing some symptoms of lymphatic and liver congestion. It’s time to do something about it!

I am doing Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse (home version) if you are curious and interested.  This is a detox and digestion boot camp. This cleanse has the added benefit of detoxifying not only your fat cells but your liver and lymphatic system which is where the waste from the fat cells try to go when being detoxified. It is a deep cellular detox and boy am I ready for it.

I purchased the eBook on his website for $9.95.  The book alone is so worth it.  I already had the ghee, kitchari ingredients, sesame oil for body massaging and some of the herbs to be taken before and after every meal.  I did purchase some of the herbal products that I didn’t have.  I am doing this program full tilt to reap the best results.  You can read more about the details here .  

Like I said, I am 4 days in and am seeing and feeling great results already.  The food is AMAZING!  I made a conscious decision to forgo raw cacao, fruit smoothies, herbal tonics, stevia, etc. and do this cleanse according to Dr. John’s Ayurvedic protocol that he has had fantastic results personally and with his thousands of clients that have participated in this regimen. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t.  I made up my mind to do it and told it that it would be easy.  When I set my mind to something, it happens.  Yet, here I’m only 4 days in, we’ll see if that still holds true throughout.  I am keeping a daily journal to monitor my results, feelings, cravings (if any), energy level, exercise regimen, etc.

We just went into Kapha season (March – June) which is the PERFECT time to do a Spring cleanse for the body and mind.  During the winter (Vata season) we eat heavier foods to insulate and stay warm.  Sleep more.  You know, that hibernation thing.  Well, come Spring, it is time to change things up and start moving more, transitioning foods to the more seasonal fare available, rising earlier and more.  Learn more about Kapha season here

I am exercising in the morning (which I NEVER did!) before 10 a.m. and I love it. There is a great reason why to do so!

If you want to learn more about this concept of eating and living according to the seasons, check out Dr. John Douillard’s book The 3 Season Diet.  I got a copy through my local library.   I plan on purchasing my own copy when I find a good deal somewhere.  This seasonal approach makes so much sense to me and is exactly what I have been leaning towards intuitively.  Now, I have a better understanding and guidance to this.

So, if you want to contact me in any way, feel free to do so via email.  I will be checking that once daily but keeping everything else down to a bare minimum. I am always available to you if you need me. I will miss you but I will be back to report on how it all goes, results and feedback.

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Hi Miss Kibby this sounds really great…can’t wait to hear how it goes…I’m sure it will be a wonderful addition to all the many things you have already been doing for your mind body spirit thus far…I have been really amazed watching everything you talk about and are doing, working so well for you. You are very Inspiring to me…I truly need to start implementing what you are sharing. If anybody can do a 2 week full on cleanse…it’s you my friend….will be waiting patiently to hear your wonderful results. Love and Blessings for a beautiful successful healing cleanse…..<3

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