Review of The Colorado Cleanse Detox

Review of The Colorado Cleanse Detox

The Colorado Cleanse Detox

Oh, how good it is to be back to the blog.  I have missed you!  I have to be honest with you all that I totally enjoyed my time away and indulged in some great time really LIVING.  I discovered how I was not Living in several areas of my life. I saw that I had a pattern of spending too much time online. A good bit of it was what I call “time wasters”.  I have scaled it down to spending no more than 15 minutes a day on Facebook, email, and probably once a week doing research I like to do.   I discovered the joy of simplicity, quiet, solitude and time with myself working on old mindsets, emotional issues, spending more time outside, away from technology, quality time with Scott and dogs, working on projects that I had put aside (procrastinated) for awhile, decluttering, organizing and so much more. It was fun, enlightening and freeing.

So, I guess you want to know how The Colorado Cleanse Detox went and my feedback on it.  It was AWESOME!  This was the best detox and cleanse experience that I have ever had. I re-programmed my mind and body about food and exercise and found FREEDOM and JOY.  The results were immediate – within a few days. I was ready to shed “the old” and “allow the new”. 

Several weeks ago, The Colorado Cleanse Detox kept showing up to me within a few days time and I knew it was a sign to look into.  I had been reading John Douillard’s The 3-Season Diet a few weeks prior and had started to implement some of the principles into my daily regimen.  I was digging it!  My body was digging it too!  So, it just felt natural to flow into his Detox/Cleanse program.

Why did I do this cleanse?  Well, for one I had put on some winter weight.  I had put on enough (5-8 lbs.) that I was down to one pair of jeans that fit and they were getting too tight.  It was either do something about the extra weight or purchase new clothes, which was not in the budget. I also felt tired and sluggish, felt “watery” –  when I poked my side, it sprung back like a water balloon (my whole body felt that way – not good!), gathering more cellulite on my thighs (uggh!), felt my eating regimen was not servicing me any longer, I needed a consistent exercise routine that I loved and enjoyed, and my digestion needed rebooting and rekindling – that (agni) fire was burning low.  I had excess mucus building up in my body. My colon was sluggish (you wanted to know!) My body was talking to me and I was ready to listen and nurture it. 

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body and mind.  The body naturally wants to cleanse and replenish season to season. The Colorado Cleanse is a 14 day Ayurvedic Detox and Digestive Rejuvenation program designed to reset your body’s ability to burn fat, stimulate the lymphatic system, cleanse the liver, stimulate bile and reboot the digestive system.  In Ayurveda, the first and most important aspect of detoxification is to evaluate the lymphatic system’s ability to rid your body of toxic waste (physical and emotional).  When your system is functioning properly, toxins are drained off your colon and processed through 500 lymph nodes.  They are then neutralized by white blood cells and eliminated.  If your lymphatic system is compromised by stress or poor digestion (mine was!), then your body is at risk from toxic exposure.  Some signs that you are in need of detoxification due to a sluggish lymphatic system are:

  • Itching, skin rashes or hives
  • Swelling of hands and feet
  • Breast tenderness or swelling during menstruation
  • Allergies
  • Achy feet in the morning
  • Headaches
  • Cellulite
  • Sore throats
  • Chronic cold
  • Constipation
  • Dry, thin and wrinkled skin
  • Tiredness
  • Bloating around the abdomen

The 3 phases of the Colorado Cleanse

(Excerpt taken from Colorado Cleanse ebook):

“The Colorado Cleanse is a unique detox and digestive reset program that operates in three phases.

Phase 1 is a 4-day Pre-Cleanse in which we will prime the digestive tract by scrubbing it out with supportive herbs and a high-fiber, low-fat diet. This will also thin the bile, which will help decongest the liver and pancreatic ducts, which become congested over time. We’ll also be opening up the detox channels and getting them cleared and ready to move toxins in Phase 2. Think of this phase as pushing back the curtains, opening the windows wide, and getting ready to do some deep cleaning.

Phase 2 is the Main Cleanse, which lasts 7 days. This is when we get into fat metabolism – the mechanism by which we will coax toxins out of the fat cells and into the colon for elimination.  During this phase, we again boost liver and gallbladder function and continue to reset all aspects of digestion and elimination. The main cleanse will support healthy lymphatic flow, balanced blood sugar and reset your ability to burn fat-soluble toxins long after the cleanse is over.

In Phase 3, once the digestive tract is cleaned out and reset, we’ll focus on stoking and resetting the digestive fire. This phase is also your antidote to the binge-after-fasting phenomenon. It’s so easy to come off a cleanse only to indulge in hard-to-digest toxic foods again, which can make you feel worse than when you started. Phase 3 is a Post-Cleanse designed to make sure that your re-entry into non-cleanse eating isn’t a shock to you or your digestion.”

In regards to food, I didn’t feel deprived at all, actually I felt so nourished.  My body, lymphatic system, digestion and organs were able to re-align, re-balance and re-boot.  They are functioning better than they have in a long time.  I am able to eat things that I hadn’t been able to for many years (example: beans).  Beans used to be my nemesis.  We didn’t co-exist very well with all the gas, bloating and burping. Not anymore!  We are buds now and I am loving the taste, texture and variety they offer in my diet now.  The recipes offered in this cleanse are simple but wonderful.  Utilizing whole foods!

I was also able to reprogram my mindset I had about food combining.  I noticed some of the recipes were offering different options than what I was used to and I reacted with “What! Can I do that?”  I was concerned that I would get bloated, gassy and constipated. So I had a conversation with myself before starting the cleanse that “I would put everything I had learned, applied and read in the past few years to the side and joyously delve into this cleanse with an open mind and heart.” Give it a try and see what happens.  I set the intention that my body would respond well to the food and it did.  No gas, bloating or indigestion.   I digested my food well and had good movements the next day in the bathroom.  I had been ready for a change and here it was. 

Another thing that I used to do was graze all day with eating.  Eating small meals and snacking on this and that every 2 to 3 hours.  Read more about The Dangers of Frequent Eating.  My body knew it wasn’t right for me, but my mind hadn’t gotten on board yet.  In the past, this regimen worked well for me when I was not well with low blood sugar and compromised gall bladder and liver issues.  Upon changing my diet and lifestyle over 3 1/2 years ago, my body has healed and changed in many ways.  Yet, I wasn’t feeling the same great way I used to when eating this way. I knew something needed to change but wasn’t sure what it was.  A change was definitely in store.  A change for the better. That change was in the form of eating 3 meals per day.


Kitchari – Healing Stew

The Colorado Cleanse emphasizes eating 3 meals a day – this is a basic Ayurvedic principle.  I read it and knew it, but hadn’t applied it personally on a daily protocol.  A few days into the cleanse and I knew it was the answer for me.  My body, mind and digestion were so happy and free.  I learned the value of eating meals, not snacks.  By eating 3 meals per day, it re-educates your body to burn fat.  My body learned to burn stored fat between meals and especially overnight where fat cells stop clinging for dear life to the nearest calorie.  I was able to stop the body and the brain’s belief that I have switched to a pattern of deprivation. Deprivation and diet restrictions create mega sized hunger pains. Yet hunger has no place in this plan.  Hunger is stressful.  This plan was nourishing, peaceful and balanced.  Eating three meals a day will quickly turn your body into a well-oiled fat-burning machine. 

These 3 meals are to be eaten sitting down, in a calm, relaxing environment, chewing food slowly and being present with the food – the smells, the texture, the taste and the allure of it. While eating, I did not allow myself reading, phone, computer, or distractions from my eating experience.  By removing distractions from the eating experience, it helps you slow down while eating, which results in achieving greater satisfaction from smaller quantities of food. 

Mindful eating is a proven tool against weight gain.  Also, when you’re scarfing down lunch and dinner quickly, it’s usually a way of swallowing a lot of stress.  If your meal is tasteless and lands in your stomach in three loads, the digestive system doesn’t stand a chance.

“Where the mind goes, the body follows – Be mindful in eating.”

 For those who think this silence sounds impossible, just listen to some soothing music.  I would listen to calming music or to the birds outside chirping and singing away as I ate.  The first day was a little weird doing this at the first two meals.  At dinner, it was natural to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It became a special ritual preparing the foods and looking forward to the time together. 

I took the same principle of this mindful,nurturing ritual with the exercise, self-care, meditation, deep breathing and emotional work that is suggested during the 14 days of the cleanse.  I’ve done it sporadically in the past, but doing it daily sets a pattern or habit.  It was like exercising a muscle that gets attention once in a while.  With daily use, it was strengthening, firming up and becoming a foundation in my day.  I now practice all of these activities each and every day.  I enjoy them so much and reap the benefits on a body, mind and spirit level that they have become as natural as brushing my teeth and getting dressed.  I allot the time for each one – 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there and I feel centered and grounded.

I now get up early every morning and spend 40 minutes doing a home yoga practice.  I LOVE it!  I was never one to exercise in the morning.  It was usually in the afternoon a few days a week.  I am hooked.  According to Ayurveda, from sunrise, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. is kapha time, a time for exercising and moving.  It is the best time to burn fat and boost metabolism.  That’s an incentive right there! My body started shaping up before my eyes the first week of doing yoga every morning.  I have more strength, better endurance, better stability with each and every day of practice.  It will just get better I’m sure. I like practicing alone right now because it has allowed me to get in touch and in tune with my body on a level that I had never allowed myself before.  I practice nasal breathing during yoga and my other exercise activities (walking, rebounding) and it has taken my lymphatic system, weight loss and oxygen intake to a whole new level.  I am experiencing improvement in mood, energy and sleep with this type of breathing.  I feel calmer, grounded and balanced.  

A few days into the cleanse, I think it was about the 5th day, I started to feel a bit tired and weak.  I was working outdoors more and needed to up my food intake.  I was also detoxing on a deeper level and needed a bit more rest while this was going on.  I supplied my body with extra food and nourishment while nurturing it with more hot epsom salt baths every night along with more rest and relaxation when needed.  My mind wanted me TO DO things, while my spirit said, “Relax and heal.”  I listened to that voice of reason.  Within a few days, my energy level was back up and I was feeling better than normal.  I’ve lost the extra weight with ease while eating amazing nutritious food. I now have more energy, a clearer mind, a clearer complexion (Wow! It’s nice), clearer eyes (that’s liver cleansing for you), sleep better, poop better, digest my food and emotions better and I am still seeing gradual results. My cellulite is gradually disappearing. Woo hoo!

John Douillard has a FREE ebook – Short Home Cleansethat you can easily download and do a short version of the 14 day protocol.  I highly recommend going for the 14 day one if you can.  It is much more in depth with all the great recipes and information.  Read more here: Spring Cleansing: A Requirement for Optimal Health.

My birthday is this Saturday, April 12th, and I will be turning 44 years old.  Having completed this cleanse, I feel like I am in my 30’s.  Rejuvenated, re-aligned, re-booted and back on track.  I always say, with this journey of growth on a mind, body, spirit level that I am getting younger every day.  Sometimes, we all need reminders, inspiration and guidance to get back on track or find a new way to thrive and find ourselves.  I feel blessed and grateful to have found this deeper understanding of Ayurveda in my life.

Overall, I am very pleased with The Colorado Cleanse and will be doing it again with each seasonal change.  It has instilled some wonderful practices in my daily life that bring me joy, peace and freedom. If you are interested in this cleanse and have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d be happy to assist.

I’ll be doing some more posts in the near future on some of the tips, recipes and practices I am applying everyday from this cleanse.  You’ll love it!

I am Glad to be back!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. What an amazing experience for you–very inspiring and motivating. 🙂 You definitely look 30–not 44! Beauty comes from the heart, and yours is certainly radiating in a big way. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

    • Hi Patricia,
      No I haven’t done it this year. I am following a different diet protocol for myself that is working much better. I would say that you could do it but you would need to be disciplined in slowing down and resting more during time when you get home. Make time during the day to take a 15 minute break just for you. Definitely plan ahead on food and food preparation. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That is part of what you are trying to get away from. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. i’m considering the cleanse (recommended from a health coach) thanks for the great reflection on your experiences. inspiring!

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