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  1. Are you familiar with Mila? A whole raw food that has the MOST potent strain blend of chia seeds on the market and has helped me immensely with balancing my hormones after 2 weeks of eating Mila daily! One scoop is all you need! Becuase of the high level of Omega 3’s it reduces inflammation in the body which is the number cause for disease. Mila aids in metabolic health and balance. I will he happy to introduce Mila to you!

    • Hi Lisa! No, I am not familiar with Mila. I will research the product. Thanks for the information and so glad that it has helped you with your hormone balancing. I will definitely look into it. 🙂

  2. Hi Kibby!
    Thank you for all the helpful info on this page! I appreciate you sharing the specific websites and items that you purchase and like!
    I was wondering if you had any recommendations on Ho Shou Wu? What do you think about these types of products:



    And does Ho Shou Wu and Maca have similar benefits and effects? From what I’ve read/researched so far, they both sound very similar…

    And what would be good product or maybe even a tonic that’ll help with tiredness and low energy? During the time of the month, there are some days where I’m extremely tired and drained no matter what I eat, do or take.

    Thank you so much for your help and words of wisdom! I appreciate all your efforts and work!

    • Hi S! I have tried He Shou Wu in capsule form but didn’t see any real distinct results personally. You might! Herb Pharm is a good company. I don’t have any experience with the chaga product you linked personally – but the company is also another good one. I don’t have any personal experience with is He Shou Wu similar or different than maca. I like Maca for it helps with adapting the body to stress, energy levels and balances hormones – which in turn helps with energy levels. Another one I REALLY like is Ashwaganda. I’ve talked about it several times on some of the tonics posts. I take it daily along with Maca. I am currently trying out a product that I am having great results with : I used to sell this company’s products in my herb shop MANY years ago and I started using them again and LOVE. The ADAPT 232 has Schisandra, Ginseng and another adaptogenic herb – great synergistic blend. It helps mentally and physically. I will probably post about it soon. I would personally buy it over the He Shou Wu or chaga right now if I were trying to decide. Again, our bodies are different and what works for me, may not for you. You would just need to try it yourself and see how you feel and the results YOU receive. Hope this helps and let me know if you need more clarification. XO

  3. Hi Kibby, hope all is well with you! I wanted to ask which astragalus you use? Sorry if you’ve already provided that info before on your blog. I tried searching, but wasn’t able to find the info. Do/have you combined both astragalus and ashwagandha in your tonics before? Thank you!

    • Hi! I don’t think I have mentioned one in particular – so you are right. When making tonics, I like to use the loose powder but if you are interested in taking a tablet: I have combined the two together before with good results. I mix my tonics up all the time so that my body is getting what it needs at any given time. I hope this helps. Thanks! Keep in touch!

      • Thanks for the product info Kibby! Do you know if there’s a significant difference with the loose powders vs the capsules? For the loose powders, how do you gauge how much to use and how much you’re taking? Does the packaging provide how much a teaspoon or tablespoon would equate to? The packaging on the capsules note how the measurements for each capsule, so it does give a sense of milligrams and the daily recommended dosage.
        Thank you for all your help and helpful info!!

        • Hi Dear! You are welcome! I personally don’t know the difference (some people like capsules/tablets vs. using powder). I personally like to use the powder and utilize its healing/energizing qualities in tonic drinks and smoothies with other ingredients that accentuates its properties and vice versa to make a drink/tonic/smoothie in a way that is medicinal, healing and easily assimilated in the body. That is my preference b/n the two. Everyone is different and has different lifestyles. Yesterday, I made an amazing tonic that included ashwaganda and astragalus among other herbs/superfoods in a base of chaga tea with some other goodies and WOW! it was amazing. Do you want to see a video on the tonic I made? When purchasing powder in bulk, there aren’t normally instructions on how much to take. I usually use 1/2 – 1 tsp. of the ashwaganda and astragalus (separate or together) in a 2 cup tonic blend. Some days it’s less. I go by how I am feeling. I don’t use these every day though. I hope this answered your question somewhat. 🙂

          • Thank you Kibby! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

            I may end up trying both versions–the capsules and loose powders if there’s the option to, to see if I can notice a difference between the two. And I would like to see the tonic video esp if it’s new! I think I’ve watched all the tonic videos from your website.

            But I recently tried maca in the capsule form since the capsule form seemed better…but I can’t tell if I noticed a difference or not while using it. I used it on and off, but couldn’t tell if it had any affect. I only took it for about a month if not less.

            But I may try the loose powder for maca to see if maca does anything for me. And I may try the loose powders also for ashwaganda and astragalus or maybe try the ones you’re using? We’ll see.

            Again, thank you so much for everything! I appreciate your quick responses and your willingness to share!

          • Hi again! I definitely recommend using Maca in powder form (gelatinized form is BEST – it digests easier than the raw form which can cause stomach upset in some – it did me). Also, consistently using it daily or every other day is how it works best and you can see/feel/tell the difference that way. I have a product link for Maca on my PRODUCTS page – best price with Yep, the tonic is brand newbie and wonderful! I’ll work it up real soon for you. Thanks again for the birthday and Anniv. wishes! XO

  4. Hey kibby!! I love this website. I am totally new on making a life style change!!! I absolutely love the warrior blend protein. I am 24, and looking to build muscle and live a healthy life style, what would you recommend me taking? Do I take the hawaiaan spirulina everyday? Should I take an additional vitamin d support? I already take longevity tea everyday. I was thinking about buying everything you recommend tho. What’s your best. Advice on how to take it and do you recommend taking any other herbs from dragon herbs or health force nutritionals? I see you use navita brand slot for your choices, why is that? Is all this stuff allergen free and beneficial to consume on a duly base rather than supplements you buy at gnc etc

    • Hi Joshua! Glad to have you here and so glad you love the site. Would you mind sending me your phone # so we can discuss this more in depth so that I can ask you some questions – it would be easier this way OR we could SKYPE. Which ever! There are just A LOT of questions to address without knowing some of your background right at the moment. I would be more than happy to address all of these and more. DON’T buy stuff at GNC – NOT good quality! You would be wasting your money and putting crap into your body – which is something we want to avoid. Let me know your thoughts – email me directly at so your info. will be private and when a good time to reach you would be best. Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    • Hi! I know – it’s the shizzle, right?! I am drinking a tonic right now with it, cinnamon and stevia – YUM. I checked out your Moon Organics page and WOW! I would love to try your product line. I’ll look into it soon. I could do some product reviews and share here on the blog – if you are interested. Thanks for connecting dear. Keep in touch. ~Kibby

      • Kibby, a mutual friend, Cindy, suggested I contact you about participating in a wellness event I am organizing in Atlanta. I sent a contact message via your contact page. If you want to know more, please e-mail me sisterearth (at)


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