Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience

Hola!  and Welcome back, my friends! 

 Thank you ALL for the support, well wishes and love you sent my way whilst on my journey.  And a journey and experience it was!  A GREAT one at that!  There were a few hiccups along the way – but everything worked itself out and was great. 

My flight to Rincon, Puerto Rico got in around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28th.  My fabulous taxi driver, Elier Lopez, was waiting for me in the airport and whisked me to the house where the retreat was being held – Casa Azul.

 photo casaazul1_zpseef791a2.jpg

It was 4 a.m. till we arrived and to our surprise, the electricity was OUT in the whole neighborhood.  WHAT!  Luckily, I had slipped a mini flash light into my suitcase and pulled it out to be able to see how to get into the house (I had a key) and maneuver with ease.  My flight was the first one IN that day, so I was by myself in the house till around 10 or so till the other leaders (Jackie, Fern and Willa) arrived.  Elier had talked to me in the car ride about how layed back, safe and friendly the people were.  So, being in a strange house, in a strange town, I really felt OK and at peace.  I chose a room and crashed for a few hours. Power came back on by early afternoon – so no worries.

Here are some of the views I took pictures of from the back porch of house – right off the kitchen. 

The weather was absolutely PERFECT the whole time!  Some afternoon showers – then cleared up and was lovely.  I could live here during the winter – nice and warm!

 photo view1_zps9b3b2be3.jpg

That is a hawk in the left hand corner that was flying around the porch and then flew off into the distance. A good sign for me!

 photo view2_zps59893846.jpg

 photo view3_zpsf6a73660.jpg

 photo view4_zps9004356e.jpg

 photo view7_zpsab287405.jpg

 photo view6_zps4e4ce503.jpg

Later that morning, I finally got to meet Jackie in person, after many months of phone calls, emails, messaging and such.  What a grand union!  I also met Fern and Willa. 

 photo leaders_zps4474fafe.jpg

Me, Jackie Knechtel, Willa Kammerer & Fern Langham

What LOVELY ladies! 

Our local friend and guide, Alberto, took us to the grocery store and a few road side markets to purchase LOTS of fresh produce and food for the next few days to feed everyone.  Alberto is such a sweet, gentle, fun, loving guy. I really liked him.  A GOOD man!! 

 photo alberto_zps23d12389.jpg

Me having fun at a local produce stand.

 photo watermelon_zpsbf2c77e0.jpg

Our kitchen before all the produce and superfoods got put out onto counter.

 photo kitchen_zps0404cdd1.jpg

 photo produce1_zpsa06fe197.jpg

 photo produce2_zpse9ea50dc.jpg

 photo produce4_zpsbca1ace9.jpg


 photo superfoodcounter_zpsf13b8d62.jpg

Our superfood stash! Thanks to Navitas Naturals, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, and Imperial Tonics for their contributions to the retreat. We ALL appreciated it!!

Later on, it was off to the beach – Sandy Beach – only a 15 minute walk away from the retreat house.  The water was warm and such a beautiful place!

 photo sandybeach4_zpscee1e7f2.jpg

 photo sandybeach5_zps79048bf8.jpg

 photo sandybeach6_zps93e38a90.jpg

Holding some fresh almonds picked from the tree I am standing under – yes, I like to forage.


 photo sandybeach3_zps32d8cf37.jpg

 photo sandybeach2_zpscbe9bb72.jpg

 photo sandybeach1_zps07be764c.jpg

 photo beachtime2_zps10410d39.jpg

 photo sunset_zps33d3f657.jpg

Sunset – Breath taking!

 photo Killa1_zps3489ca5f.jpg

Willa and I in the kitchen before guests arrived. Fresh juice and smoothies ready to serve.


 photo killa2_zpsde9a8444.jpg

Willa and I playing around in the kitchen. Willa is such a fantastic, amazing woman. So glad she was my partner in the kitchen.


 photo killa3_zpsa5c89685.jpg

Willa and I had such a flow and connection in the kitchen creating and playing. Such a lovely bond with this talented, beautiful, creative woman. I learned a lot from her. Couldn’t have done it without her. We were such a great team that everyone called it the “Killa Kitchen”. Kibby + Willa = Killa. And it was KILLA food – made with the best ingredients and infused with Love.

 photo thegroup2_zps959aff88.jpg

Day 1 – The whole LOVELY group is here – greeted with fresh juice and green smoothies, fresh flowers and aromatherapy chilled towels.

 photo thegroup_zps5e42ef18.jpg

The group playing at Sandy Beach. Many went paddle boarding. I faced a fear by getting in the ocean and swimming around a bit. It was fantastic.
Kibby, Carolina, Jackie, Willa, Adrianna, Elsie, Olivia and Fern


 photo tonic1_zpsec39e3f4.jpg

Tonics made fresh every morning for those who wanted it. OK, everybody did!! Tonics were a hit.


 photo beachtime1_zpsa9124de9.jpg

Beach time!

 photo feetinsand_zps98201316.jpg

Feet in the sand and warm water.

 photo chug_zpsb9a592cd.jpg

Came back to kitchen early to prepare Raw Chocolate Superfood smoothies for everyone after their paddle boarding and swimming time. I needed some extra too! chugging the leftover smoothie.

 photo yoga_zps8b29edba.jpg

Yoga every day.

 photo yoga2_zpsb328df0b.jpg

Second to last day, we went to a local waterfall that was breath taking.  Thank you, Rosa Loperena, for your kind guidance at taking us to this lovely waterfall and joining us for the day.  You are a bright light and lovely new friend.  Such a pleasure to meet you in person.

 photo waterfall3_zps6e8c636a.jpg

 photo waterfall4_zps88577340.jpg

 photo waterfall2_zps015ecdcb.jpg

 photo waterfall1_zpsc61c9f06.jpg

 photo waterfall5_zpsa4d776e0.jpg

 photo carolinakib2_zps237e63b6.jpg

Carolina and I. Such a special kindred spirit. Love this girl!!

There was SO MUCH gorgeous, wholesome healthy food prepared and eaten – I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures of it.  Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.  Plates were licked clean (yep, that was me one night) amongst many others.


 photo avocados_zpsec3cc84f.jpg

Avocados I foraged from tree next to house and brought home. Avocado trees are EVERYWHERE! I was in heaven!!

Embrace Retreats – Rincon, Puerto Rico – I will come back if you will have me!

Thank you Jackie Knechtel, Fern Langham and Willa Kammerer!

 photo cheers_zpsbe2f64ed.jpg


 photo conclusion_zpsceba9c4c.jpg

 I hope you enjoyed the tour.  β™₯

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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