Kale Lovers! – Brad’s RAW chips Review – OMG!!

Kale Lovers! – Brad’s RAW chips Review – OMG!!

Attention KALE Lovers!  This post is for you!!!

If there is one food that I love as much as avocados, it’s KALE!  It’s a SUPER, DUPER NUTRITIONAL POWER HOUSE!!

I mean, look at these stats! :

Kale is a nutritional standout in three basic areas: (1) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, (2) much-needed micro nutrients (in which the average U.S. adult is currently deficient), and (3) cancer-preventive nutrients called glucosinolates.

Kale and its Cancer-Preventing Phytonutrients

Kale’s special mix of cancer-preventing glucosinolates has been the hottest area of research on this cruciferous vegetable. Kale is an especially rich source of glucosinolates, and once kale is eaten and digested, these glucosinolates can be converted by the body into cancer preventive compounds. Some of this conversion process can also take place in the food itself, prior to consumption.

Also worth noting in kale’s nutritional profile is its vitamin K content. Kale contains nearly twice the amount of vitamin K as most of its fellow cruciferous vegetables.

In addition to the above-cited nutrients, according to our Food Rating System, kale is an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. It is a very good source of copper, tryptophan, calcium, vitamin B6, and potassium; and a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B1, folate, phosphorous, and vitamin B3. (source)   The benefits go on and on and It tastes wonderful too!

I love kale in my smoothies, juices, massaged kale salad, in raw breads/crackers, SOUPS (oh, yeah!) and my FAVORITE way to indulge in this gorgeous leafy green is KALE CHIPS!  Just set me up with a bowl of kale chips and don’t try to reach over and have one – MINE! 🙂  I do have to say that I make a mean, scrumptious, Out-of-this-world kale chip in my dehydrator that Scott and I (even the dogs LOVE them) are cuckoo for!

However, there’s a product out on the market that is pretty darn close, if not spot on with what I make.  Let me introduce to you (If you haven’t already tried them and are addicted to their yumminess) – BRAD’S RAW LEAFY KALE AND RAW CHIPS.  These products are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and DELICIOUS!  If you can’t make your own and want some quality leafy kale chips – this is the one to buy!  No doubt!

I’ve tried several other kale chips on the market and they were OK, but nothing that I would ever purchase again.  The other day I was at Harry’s Whole Food Market in Marietta, GA and Brad’s Raw Chips had a kiosk set up handing out samples.  I met the lovely and friendly, Lauren Daitch, from Brad’s Raw Chips and she was gracious enough to provide me with some samples to try out.


Of course, first and foremost, I read the ingredient label to see what was in them and if they met my standards – and boy, howdy, did they!! They were in close conjunction to my own ingredients!   I have seen these chips over the years and NEVER tried them.  When I opened the packages, the smell was stimulating and had me salivating immediately (ALL OF THEM!)  Fresh, crispy and PERFECT!  Made with whole foods!

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale starts out with the most nutritionally dense leafy vegetable available--kale! Brad's Raw Chips are made entirely from sprouted flax seeds, groats and a variety of vegetables and spices!


Here’s what I tried:


  • Raw Leafy Kale (Vampire Killer) – made with Kale, Red Bell Pepper, Cashews, Sunflower seeds, lemon juice, scallions, nutritional yeast, garlic, himalayan sea salt.   (These were AMAZING!)
  • Raw Leafy Kale (Naked) – made with Kale, Red Bell Pepper, Cashews, Sunflower seeds, lemon juice, garlic, himalayan sea salt.   (I don’t know, these might be MY favorites!)
  • Raw Leafy Kale (Nasty Hot!)  – That’s what it’s called!:) – made with Kale, Red Bell Pepper, Cashews, Sunflower seeds, lemon juice, jalapeno, nutritional yeast, himalayan sea salt and cayenne pepper. (SHAZAAAM!  These were awesome too!)

Leafy kale – fresh, crisp and nutritionally delicious!!

Next I tried the chips:  (Not fried, not baked, gluten-free, vegan, high in fiber)

  • Hot Red Bell Pepper – made with carrots, red bell peppers, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, jalapeno peppers, scallions, paprika, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.
  • Red Bell Pepper – made with carrots, red bell peppers, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, scallions, paprika, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.
  • Cheddar – made with carrots, red bell peppers, nutritional yeast, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, scallions, cayenne pepper, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.
  • Kale – made with carrots, kale, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, scallions, orange juice, Bragg Apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.
  • Beet – made with carrots, beets, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats,  scallions, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.
  • Sun dried Tomato – made with carrots, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, tomatoes, scallions, sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and himalayan sea salt.

Verdict: EVERY SINGLE ONE FABULOUS!  Loved the complexity of flavor, great sturdiness of chip while dipping into zucchini hummus, guacamole, and salsa yet light and thin.  Very filling and nutritionally dense.  A 3 oz. bag went a lot further than I thought.  I could only eat a handful and felt satisfied. 


These chips are a “Meal in a Bag”.  Loaded with omega-3’s, live enzymes (dehydrated below 115 degrees), lean protein, comlplex carbs, vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients & fiber.  The bag consists of a complex, nutritionally dense food group!  I’m all on board!  

The man behind the chips

Brad Gruno, that is.  Typical American guy – overweight, high cholesterol, low energy, didn’t sleep well.  Sound familiar?  Then something remarkable happened.  After moving back to Bucks County, PA, he decided to go on a predominantly raw food diet.  He lost 40 pounds, dropped his cholesterol to a healthy level, and recovered his lost energy.  He learned a lot about the benefits of raw foods and wanted something, as Brad says, “to put some crunch” into his diet.  With creative experimentation and encouragement from friends and family, a remarkable snack food was born – Brad’s Raw Chips.

Brad’s raw chips are dehydrated below 115 degrees, not baked or fried, and retain healthy, active enzymes and nutrients which aid digestion.  Only locally grown vegetables, herbs and seeds are used.  The raw chips are gluten-free and contain NO preservatives, binders, or chemicals.   Now, that’s my kind of ingredients and quality in a product!!

I have to be honest and say that I will probably still make my own leafy kale chips.   However, if I am ever out and about and want some kale chips – BRAD”S RAW Leafy Kale and RAW Chips will be the ONLY ones that I will buy, knowing how FABULOUS they are in taste and quality of ingredients.  Congratulations Brad!  You’ve got a new convert!  

(*I was under NO obligation to give a positive review, just an honest one.*) – That’s what I did!

**Have you ever had these chips before?  What are your thoughts about them?**

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May the GREENS be with You!

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  1. Beautiful review Kibby. I spent the whole post WISHING I could have these in Australia. There is only one company that makes kale chips here (yes we are behind I know!) and they are good but I just want some variety. These look so amazing! Drooling xx

  2. I just tried these for the first time tonight (Vampire Killer and Nacho Cheese), and they are freakin’ DELICIOUS! I’m VERY pleased with how good they taste and the light, airy crunch they deliver is JUST what I’ve been looking for to replace unhealthy “salty & crunchy” snacks. They are a bit pricey, but I’m thinking of that as my “heart attack tax.”

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