Jing Herbs Products Review

Jing Herbs Products Review

Jing Herbs Review

When I test and review products, I put it to thorough and extensive testing.  I may take a few months to incorporate it into my diet and REALLY see how it works over the long run.  I was contacted by Josh Williams at Jing Herbs back at the beginning of October asking if I would like to test and review some of their tonic herb prodcuts.  Would I!!??  Heck YES!   Tonic herb girl here – just saying!   I received 5 different lovely products to try.   That’s why I am just now posting my results – I wanted to be sure I give you accurate and informed information from my consistent usage.  Also, remember – If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.  So be consistent in taking these for results.

I received:

  1. Goddess Pack
  2. Pearl Powder
  3. Three Sisters
  4. Organic Cordyceps Powder
  5. STR-12 – “Support the Righteous”

Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit

 1.  Goddess Pack – Goddess Pack is a transformative blend of three formulas that together conform to the ancient Oriental wisdom of “cultivating the interior so that the exterior may radiate.” 

The first formula in this product, Timeless Beauty, is composed of legendary tonic herbs known to enhance beauty from within.  Beautiful skin requires healthy blood and this formula features herbs that nourish, cleanse, and vitalize the blood.

The second formula in this product, Beautiful Hair, is famous for promoting vibrant and healthy hair, skin, and nails by nourishing Essence, Blood, and circulation. It features the supertonic herb He shou wu which is prized as not only a beauty herb, but a longevity and anti-aging tonic as well.

The third formula contains Maca root and Pearl powder for harmonizing hormonal cycles, replenishing energy, and nourishing and grounding the Spirit.

I love how the three formulas are packaged into ONE individual packet that you take once or twice a day.  Each packet contains the following: two each of Formula 1, two each of Formula 2, and one each of Formula 3.  This makes life easy breezy while you’re getting your herbs on.  A great quality kit in my opinion!

I liked the results.  I experienced my nails growing faster and thicker, my skin seemed to glow a bit more, increased energy, a calming effect overall just to name a few.

2. Pearl Powder – Pearl powder is known to support eyesight, to support muscle, to support and nourish the skin, and to promote blood circulation.  It can help promote a peaceful spirit and a quiet mind.  Nice to incorporate into a night time tonic.   I like this tonic herb in my repertoire of supplements.  It really works.  Great quality.  I will also break open several of the capsules into a warm tonic at night.  It would work well in my Happy Hormone Tonic.

3. Three Sisters –  Three Sisters is a heavenly trinity of tonic herbs for cultivating beauty, health, and longevity. This is the ultimate Yin, Blood, and Essence tonic.  It includes Schizandra (renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin. It is a powerful brain and memory tonic and THE BEST liver cleanser by far – in my opinion), Lycium fruit, also known as Goji berry (brightens and strengthens the eyes, supports immune function, builds sexual fluids, creates cheerfulness, supports the legs, and enhances sexual function) and Longan fruit (Long term consumption is said to sharpen the intelligence, lighten the body, prevent aging, and facilitate enlightenment of the spirit).

This is one of my favorite products out of the five that I tested.  I use one to two droppers under my tongue, drink some water, slosh it around in my mouth and swallow.  Again, easy to take and is great to toss in a purse, back pack, carry-all for convenient usage.

 photo jingherbs1_zps1b0e981b.jpg

4. Cordyceps powder – Cordyceps is one of the great herbs of Chinese herbalism. It is a balanced tonic herb that strengthens the Kidneys, tonifies Yang, nourishes Lung Yin, and strengthens Lung capacity. It also promotes healthy immune function, is considered a longevity tonic, and has an adaptogenic effect on the body.   I am sure this a quality product, but I personally didn’t get much from it.  It might work beautifully with someone else though.  Just being honest.  I used it in a tonic or smoothie.

5. STR-12 powder – STR-12 is a potent health and immune supporting and modulating formula crafted from twelve organic mushroom mycelium.  This formula contains all the most effective immune mushrooms in a bio-available powder that is easily taken as a tea or in smoothies.  I really liked this formula and noticed enhanced results with it.  I used it in a tonic or smoothie.  I liked it in my Pumpkin Spice Coffee alternative tonic.

So there you go.  My honest, time-tested review with Jing Herbs products.   Thank you again, Josh for this opportunity to experience and share my results.  Jing Herbs is a quality company from my experience and other reviews I have read about them.  They have a fantastic resource site.  I will be purchasing some of these products again in the future.   As with anything, what might work for me, might not work for you (and vice versa). They are so worth incorporating into your lifestyle though!  Tonic herbs have really made a difference in my overall health and well-being.   Give it a try and see how you feel.

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  1. I am looking particularly for a laxative appropriate for a four-year old. My daughter doesn’t seem to have a mental blockage over potty time, but since she was a toddler she has been irregular and doing it only every other day. And at critical times going four or five days. We have taken her doctors, but no prescription has sufficed. To make matters worse, she is a typical four-year old who resists medication. I showed aloe vera leaf to her and she looked the other way. She has eaten flax seed though. Her diet is very rich in fibers. So I guess I need to discover something powerful to loosen up her intestines, yet with an appealing flavor.

    • Hi, I wanted to reply to John Santos. I also had that problem as a child. It was terrible and later in life it can lead to things like hemorrhoids. I would recommend taking her to a good Naturopath. Their specialty is the digestive system. I would bet she has an issue with her gut flora. Perhaps has taken antibiotics, or has some food sensitivities. From my and my husband’s experience – getting the gut health right is the solution to a lot of health problems. Good luck with helping resolve this for your daughter..

      Evelyn Fassett

    • My herbalist recommended jujube berries. I eat jujube berries or simmer them into tea. They help resolve digestion issues. Their natural sweetness is tasty to me. You can buy an inexpensive packet of the berries at a Chinese grocery store.

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