How To Make Coconut Butter – Nectar of the Gods!!

How To Make Coconut Butter – Nectar of the Gods!!

DIY Coconut Butter + Video


I ADORE coconuts!  I am a fiend when it comes to the sweet water upon cracking a fresh young thai coconut open.  The meat is creamy and perfect for smoothies, puddings, and ice creams.   Then the dried coconut flakes are fantastic sprinkled on top of green smoothies, in a warm oatmeal, mixed in superfood protein bars, raw granola, and more!  I went for YEARS without trying the much talked about “coconut butter” or AKA “coconut manna”.  I didn’t think I was missing out on much.  It’s a pricey item in the stores so I just glossed over it.  Then, recently in a store, I came across a jar that was discounted and I thought I would give it a try. 

Upon opening the jar, I was lured by the sweet, creamy smell (yes, I smell in textures and such).   I immersed the spoon into this thick luscious cream and put it into my mouth.  I melted!  “Where have you been all my life.”  OMG!  NOW I knew what people were raving about when they spoke of coconut butter.  It was all I could do to NOT eat the entire small jar.  It’s a sure–fire way to get the maximum concentration of rich, velvety coconut flavor and texture in each bite.

Coconut butter is not like coconut oil.   Coconut oil is made from the extracted fat of the coconut meat, whereas this butter includes the fibrous shreds of the coconut meat, just in dried form.  Coconut butter solidifies around 70 degrees, and it is best used as a topping on anything from savory to sweet dishes. It can also go from melted to solid and back again without adverse effects — and you don’t even need to store it in the fridge!

 Coconut butter can be made in a food processor but will take approximately 10 minutes.  That is where a high speed blender helps out (time and efficiency).  Make it however you can, but MAKE IT!

 Coconut Butter

* makes one small jar *

What You Need:


3 cups organic, dried, shredded, unsweetened coconut flakes (Bob’s Red Mill Coconut flakes and see source link below)


Vitamix blender or a food processor


1. Process the Coconut – Put the dried coconut in the blender. Mix on high speed, scraping down the sides with the tamper for approximately 1 minute (give or take) until a thick paste is formed.  OR Put the dried coconut in a large food processor, then turn on and process until it’s buttery smooth, about 10 minutes.That’s it.  Scrape this lovely cream into your mouth a small glass jar and use as needed. 

* Tip:  Always use unsweetened shredded coconut — never the sweetened, sulphured or low fat kind. So read your labels carefully.  Make sure your coconut is fresh by starting with an unopened bag.

Coconut flakes


Getting creamy in the Vitamix in no time!


Ready to go into a jar – YUM!


Click on picture and go directly to to order NOW. I made it easy for you!

Coconut butter is great spread on top of bread and muffins,  added to soups, in desserts, in smoothies, as a nut milk substitute, as any nut butter substitute, in tonics, raw puddings, raw cheesecakes and by the spoonful. Have fun with it in your own kitchen.  It is fantastic stuffed into a medjool date with raw cacao nibs – I KNOW!! 

Now, WATCH the video and see how easy it is to make your own.

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Hi Kibby…. Can I use the meat from the young drinking coconuts to make the coconut butter, or the brown haired older coconuts where the meat is very hard, instead of the flaked coconut in the bag? I do have a vitamix.

    • Hi Emily! I actually had the opportunity this weekend to work with the brown haired older coconuts and that meat DID make a nice coconut butter cream consistency – yet it was a lot of work (mostly time) getting the meat out. Then blending in the Vitamix. The young thai coconuts wouldn’t be the best choice because of the thinner and smoother meat – it would just make a pudding or mousse with the blending. So, the purchasing of dried coconut flakes is a bit easier and time efficient. I would still give it a go with older coconuts just to experience it and see what you like the best. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking and keep in touch. 🙂

  2. hi.i want to make coconut butter but here we dont have flakes and the only shredded coconut i found didnt turn so great in i am thinking of buying coconuts,the usual dark brown ones not the young green ones,and dehydrate the meat after i shredd it and make coconut butter with it.will it work?i have dehydrator so i am thinking if it will work to do it like that.i dont want to pay alot of money on flakes and shredded coconut online…what do you think?will it work?thanks

    • Hi Demi,
      This is one that I don’t have an answer to. I would suggest “googling” the subject – how to make coconut butter with coconut meat. See how that goes. I’ve never done it that way, but if it works, let me know. Thanks for connecting. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question.

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