Healthy Cooking Class #1 Highlights

Healthy Cooking Class #1 Highlights

Cooking Class Highlights

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This was the first time that I had several ladies over to the house and in my kitchen showing them how to prepare and eat plant-based meals that are gluten-free and HEALTHY for you.  I had 6 women sign up and attend.  It was so much fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  This was a very interactive class with everyone asking lots of questions and making comments – I LOVED it!  They were so open and receptive to learning more.  The best kind.

Ann Barnes from Mum’s Original was super gracious to offer some of her products for the recipes and to also offer several products for giveaways during the class.  Thank you, beautiful ANN!  🙂  Much appreciate your generosity. 

I was busy with the food preparation and Scott was busy technical recording of the class.  One of the attendees, Darcey, is one of my beautiful friends who is very talented with photography.  She brought her quality camera and took pictures throughout the class and of course, the gorgeous food.  Thank you, Darcey!  You are a talented woman and the pictures were wonderful.  So, thanks to Darcey, I am able to share with you all parts of the class. I hope you enjoy!

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Scott and I before class.

 photo greensmoothie1_zps44dee641.jpg

This green smoothie consisted of water, banana, organic apple, goji berries, chia seeds, organic spinach and NuNaturals Vanilla stevia. Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Omega 3’s and super alkaline for the body. Gorgeous!!

 photo greensmoothie2_zps0b2bfaff.jpg

Ready to serve and drink! Everyone was OOHHING and AAAWWING over this smoothie. I wanted to start the class off with showing something healthy, simple and fast = green smoothie.

 photo kalesalad3_zps5cde45d2.jpg

Getting ready to make a kale salad for everyone and talking my LOVE for this leafy green to them. It’s a beautiful bouquet and you can eat it.

 photo kalesalad4_zpsb8859c0c.jpg

“Massaging” the kale into a soft, easily digestible salad and talking about the energy of your emotions when preparing food.

 photo kalesalad1_zps3ba9d835.jpg

The magic ingredient to the kale salad – chipotle pepper.

 photo kalesalad2_zpsd8174d01.jpg

Ready to eat. Everyone cleaned their bowls and loved it.


 photo scott_zpsba50f913.jpg

My handsome technical and sous-chef assistant. Scott with the video taping setup in the back of kitchen.

 photo peppers1_zps6e0291e3.jpg

Stuffed roasted peppers with veggies and quinoa topped with avocado chunks. This dish was a huge HIT and surprise to many. They couldn’t believe that there was no meat in it and it tasted fantastic and so filling. SCORE!!

 photo peppers2_zps59a983a7.jpg


 photo giveaway1_zpsd8e3de92.jpg

Linda won the Mum’s Original Organic Quinoa giveaway!

 photo makingicecream_zps54d49939.jpg

Making non-dairy, nut-free ice cream. YUM!

 photo icecream_zpsbb0ec4cb.jpg

Vanilla ice cream made with a few ingredients in just minutes in the Vitamix.

 photo giveaway2_zps30a8e8ec.jpg

My beautiful yoga classmate and friend, Sheena, won the Mum’s Original Cacao nibs.

 photo trufflemaking2_zpsa370934f.jpg

Raw cacao truffles in the works.

 photo trufflemaking_zps616c0c4d.jpg

Everyone put on gloves and got to roll their own truffles and dip into the different toppings: macaroon coconut flakes, chia seeds, cacao powder/cayenne mix. What wasn’t eaten, I split up and ladies got to take home.

 photo truffles_zpsd8c93ddd.jpg

Raw cacao truffles! Need I say more.

 photo giveaway3_zps179dee67.jpg

Sharon (on left – yoga classmate ) won the Mum’s Original Hemp Hearts. Lynn (yoga classmate and super fun friend – center) and my beautiful friend and yoga teacher, Heather on right.

 photo cookingclassfriends_zpsade6d789.jpg

Cooking class friends! Left to right: Linda, Sheena, Sharon, Lynn, Heather, Darcey and me. Darcey is the gorgeous woman who took all these pictures. Give her some shout outs of love. :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  The WHOLE class and time was a highlight to me.  I feel so grateful and blessed that there are people who want to learn more to improve their quality of life through diet and graced me with their time and presence to show them what I know, have learned and how Scott and I eat daily.  I plan on doing more of these classes – once a month or maybe more if the demand is there.  I have tons to teach and share.  I already have the next meal recipes planned out for the next class.  It is going to be amazing!   Let me know if you want to attend these classes and I will reserve you a seat in the kitchen.  🙂

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Wow that looks amazing – the people and the food – what fun! If you ever publish a recipe book I’d love to know these recipes look amazing!

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