Gluten-free Vegan Coconut Cream Scone Recipe

Gluten-free Vegan Coconut Cream Scone Recipe

Coconut Cream Scone Recipe

 photo coconutscones6_zpse9dddda7.jpgI have some exciting news to share with you before I jump into the recipe.  I’m going to California this week!  My first time!  I’m leaving Thursday a.m. from Atlanta, GA and going to California (Northern part) to visit a dear friend, Liz for 6 days, meet up with some friends that I have met thru the blog (first time meeting in person – coming your way Christine and Clare!), touring, visiting the Redwoods (can’t wait), and just enjoying whatever comes my way.  Thank you, Liz for such a generous offer to stay with you (she says my room is ready and waiting) and to share your beautiful state with me.  I am beyond grateful.  Scott is staying home watching the dogs. 🙁  Next time, babe!   This is just the first trip.  I feel like I will be visiting California more often in the future.  I feel it already.  Be open to possibilities and opportunities and see what the Universe provides.  I’m setting the seeds already.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!  You hear me Universe.  Make it so #1.  Thanks!

NOW, onto the that AMAZING recipe I have been promising.

After posting my Pumpkin Gingerbread Scones recipe last week, I have been inspired to play around with different variations that I used to make in my “baking days of old – not healthy though” and came up with a fantastic version of a cream scone using coconut milk in place of the heavy cream and using solid coconut oil in place of the butter.  I’m sure ghee would work great – might have to try that version next time. 

 photo coconutscones1_zps321b7bf1.jpg

Dough pressed into circle and wedges cut into shape.


 photo coconutscones2_zps4b308d1a.jpg

Ready to go into oven. My parchment paper is well used as you can see. I re-use till it crumbles – which I think is the last time for this one. :)


 photo coconutscones3_zpsc2e37d34.jpg

Fresh out of the oven and cooling on the rack.

These scones are a bit delicate and crumbly, but I like that.  They are reminiscent in taste of a sugar cookie. 

 photo coconutscones4_zps3615ee87.jpg

 photo coconutscones7_zpse9f6ad63.jpg

Covered in my favorite coconut butter from Dastony. Great pairing!

Slather what you want to on these scones. I chose to use Dastony’s Coconut Butter.  Their other varieties would be great too.  My Raw Cacao Hemp seed Nutella is pretty damn good too!

 photo coconutscones5_zps616286c7.jpg 

Gluten-free Vegan Coconut Cream Scones
A delicious and healthy version of the traditional cream scone. Digests easily and leaves you feeling light.
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  1. 1 cup Buckwheat flour (Bob's Red Mill or make your own using raw buckwheat groats and grind them in blender to a flour-like texture).
  2. 2 1/2 cups sorghum flour (Bob's Red Mill)
  3. 1 TB. Baking powder (aluminum free)
  4. 1/2 tsp. Baking soda
  5. 1/2 tsp. pink Himalayan salt
  6. 6 TB. organic coconut oil (cold, solid)
  7. 2 cups full fat organic coconut milk (shake can well beforehand or stir well)
  8. 3 TB. coconut sugar
  9. 1/2 tsp. vanilla bean powder OR 1 TB. vanilla extract
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Farenheit/ 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Mix together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl
  3. Add the coconut oil (in chunks throughout the dry ingredients) - using your hands/fingertips - quickly cut in the coconut oil solids until the mixture resembles coarse meal with a few slightly larger coconut oil solid lumps
  4. Add the coconut milk and stir together until the batter is sticky and dough-like - knead with your hands - it works best this way
  5. Flatten the batter into a large round circle on a cutting board about 1.5 to 2 inches thick
  6. Cut into 12 pizza slice shapes - lift off and transfer slices onto a parchment lined cookie sheet
  7. Bake in oven until the scone tops are light brown, 20 - 25 minutes (be sure to watch these according to YOUR oven temperature - they vary). I always start at the low end of time and check periodically.
  8. Cool on a wire rack - resist the urge to eat the scones hot out of the oven. Letting them cool for at least 10 minutes firms them up,improves their texture and sets the flavors.
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Enjoy these scones and let me know what you think.  I will be posting the Thoughtful Thursday this week, but I will be leaving my laptop at home while I am in California. I want to be able to totally immerse myself in the experience and friendships and enjoy the time without any distractions.  I will have much to share when I get back. 

See you in a few days!  Much love!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. So wonderful that you are going to be here in Northern Ca in a few days! I am assuming that you will be over on the coast….coming to the most beautiful part of our state on your first visit is the right idea….wish I could meet you on your travels too! I unfortunately live in the valley and too far from where you will be. I will be thinking of you and hope that you find a welcoming and loving experience here!

    • Hi Cheri! Yes, it would be lovely to meet up. I will be in Los Gatos. Don’t know the location as to where you are at. Thank you for the warm invitation. I’m sure I will LOVE it! xoxo

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