Friday Friend – Ayurvedic Teaologist, Fehreen Ali

Friday Friend – Ayurvedic Teaologist, Fehreen Ali

Friday Friend – Fehreen Ali


Fehreen Ali via Tea

I had the privilege and honor of meeting Fehreen Ali through Connie Chapman’s –  The 90 Day Transformation Project in the Fall of 2012.  This project was offered to many others who were ready and committed to making massive change and creating powerful, life-changing results.   And BOY did it.  I have changed so much and grown so much since then.  The connections that were created in the forum, the support that was shared and the powerful words that were exchanged were absolutely beautiful.  And one of those beautiful souls was Fehreen.  She touched me with her genuine, honest, loving, supportive words.  She is such an open, friendly and amazing woman.  We bonded and created a sweet friendship.

Later on, I found out that Fehreen is an Ayurvedic Teaologist and a qualified Clinical Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner who has been blessed by the knowledge of her 92 year old grandma who is a spice blender (hence her own love affair with spices and herbs) and her mother who taught her from a very young age about health and well-being.  Fehreen specializes in organic, hand-blended Ayurvedic inspired teas and tisanes thru her business TEA COUP based in Brisbane, Australia.  HOW COOL IS THAT!!  She has been an inspiration and offered much guidance to me with my Ayurvedic research, study and application of the lifestyle in my own LIFE.  

I was so blessed and excited when I received a package from her recently with her lovely 6 signature blend teas shipped to my house (happy clapping and squealing did happen).  🙂  

I have tried each and every one of these teas and there is nothing like them on the market.  Their freshness, quality and taste are unsurpassed.  Some blends are uplifting and some are soothing and perfect before bedtime.  They are hand blended during the full moon from a woman who is LOVE and emits LOVE in whatever she does, says and practices. 

 photo teacoup1_zps32a8db56.jpg

 This is what Fehreen has to say about her passion/ work:

“As a student of India’s ancient healing philosophy Ayurveda, I wanted to offer my clients Ayurvedic teas as a solution for various ailments and for general well-being. I noticed that there was a gap in the market here in Australia, thus I began my tea blending journey. I did a lot of research and based on my Ayurvedic knowledge I would come up with different blends – each with its unique taste and designed for a different purpose. After years of experimenting, I am proud to have finalized my first 6 signature blends, which I want to share with you all!

I aspire to educate people and raise awareness of the benefits and healing properties of all the ingredients I use. I long to see the day when more people embrace a holistic approach to health rather then automatically reaching for medications so easily prescribed by Western medicine.
The cycles of the moon play a crucial part in my tea blending rituals. I formulate new blends on a new moon and do the majority of my blending on a full moon. There is a high feminine Shakti energy during full moon, it’s a time to celebrate, nurture and beautify yourself. For me it’s a magical time – when I have the warmth of Mother Earth (teas /herb) in my hands guided by the coolness of the universal light moon shining upon me!”


Isn’t she just wonderful.  A woman after my own heart. Thank you, Fehreen, for coming into my life when you did.  You are a special friend and gifted woman to share out your talents and gifts with others.  Get to know her if you can.

Contact Fehreen if you are interested in purchasing some of her amazing teas (and I highly recommend you do.)  Check out all the lovely tea blends she has available at Tea

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Yet another lovely article. Fehreen is such a talented young lady. I enjoyed reading her words. Congratulations on recieving the tea blends, they look yummy!

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