DIY Homemade Almond Nut Butter

DIY Homemade Almond Nut Butter

Homemade Almond Nut Butter


I LOVE almond nut butter!  It is great to use in so many ways.  It is great spread on gluten-free bread, on bananas, ANYTHING chocolate, thickens up a tonic or smoothie, wonderful in oatmeal, makes a wonderful, quick and easy almond milk, and is scrumptious stuffed inside a date (see picture at bottom).  Oh, the ideas and various ways are endless.  Do you detect infatuation? Just a bit.  🙂

I’ve seen LOTS of recipes showing you how to make your own almond butter and even gave it a crack several times.  However, no matter how long I let the food processor run, I could never get the right consistency or that “when the magic happens” moment people talk about when making your own nut butter.   So, I gave up for a long time and just bought Trader Joe’s raw almond butter.  I noticed, not long ago, the consistency and flavor changed to “OKAY” but not great.  It was the best I could get for the price and made do with it.  I’ve been getting low on my last jar in the house and was wanting to give it “one more try” with making my own because I won’t be going to Trader Joe’s anytime soon and to save some money.

Back in the Fall last year, I was introduced to the Briden Wilsom Farms by my friend, Ginger. I looked into it and even called them and talked with the owner, Tom for 20 minutes asking him LOTS of questions.  Some of the information he told me about most “raw” almonds BLEW my mind and changed it from buying “raw” almonds from Costco, Sam’s, wholesale suppliers, and even in the bulk bin at local grocery store. If you are purchasing ORGANIC RAW almonds, you’re probably OK, but always check out your source and stay with quality, local farms.

Here’s what I found out:  Most bulk almonds are pasteurized with Propylene oxide. What the hell!!?  Propylene oxide is a highly toxic flammable chemical compound, once used as a racing fuel before it became prohibited for safety reasons. It is also used in thermobaric weapons. It is an epoxide, which is not GRAS (generally recognized as safe for human ingestion). Duh!!! (source)

So, upon talking with Tom, I was willing to give his almonds a try and MAN!  am I glad I did!  I have been using them to make homemade granola and homemade almond milk.  Almond milk never tasted better!  NOW I know why!  So, with my last 3 cups of these almonds, I decided to make almond nut butter.

Most recipes say that it will take 15 – 20 minutes in a food processor to whip into a creamy, gorgeous nut butter.  So, I tossed my almonds (NO SOAKING or ROASTING required with Briden Wilson Farms almonds) into the food processor, locked the lid  and hit the ON button and let it rip for several minutes.  I could tell the consistency was changing much faster than the other posts I had read.  Wow!  Could it REALLY be the quality of the nuts?  “Keep it going and we’ll see”, I said.   I’ve  never had such excitement watching nuts whirl around in a machine than those 8 minutes.  Food-geek, and PROUD of it!  🙂   Then, all of the sudden, “the magic happened” and I squealed in delight. 


The butter took on a different texture and became creamy, smooth and oily.  I was so excited!  Scott just laughed at me.  The dogs thought they were getting treats or something with my excited energy.  We ALL tested it and gave it a 2 thumbs up (the dogs just licked it up and wanted more – good sign!)


3 cups raw almonds ( I used these from Briden Wilson Farms)

That’s it!  No soaking, dehydrating, or roasting.  Just pure quality almonds!


  • Place the 3 cups of almonds in a food processor ( I use a KitchenAid 12 cupper), lock on lid and hit the “ON” button and let it whirl for several minutes
  • Stop the machine periodically scraping down the sides. No biggie. Do it and keep it moving…
  • After  8 -10 minutes if using a QUALITY almond or 15 minutes or so with other almonds, the “magic will happen” and it’ll turn into this smooth and creamy almond butter!!
  • That’s it!   Magical, right?!
  • You can add a touch of salt for flavor if you want or leave it plain (your choice!)
  • Various and sundry FUN options:  add raw cacao powder, honey, stevia, vanilla bean powder, touch of cayenne, etc. –  OOOHH!  the possibilities.
  • Keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator.



 After making this nut butter, I immediately went to the computer to Briden Wilson Farms site and ordered another 10 lbs. of these glorious almonds.  Almonds are shipped Priority Mail and shipping is included in the price – what a deal!!

Another favorite thing I like to do with my almond butter as a great snack or pre-workout treat (rebounding or yoga) are medjool dates split in half with almond butter and some chlorella tablets sprinkled on top.  These make outstanding dog treats too!  My dogs LOVE these.

Go give it a whirl yourself and have fun!


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to try it! I’m also going to follow the link to find some quality almonds to use. I have been using the Costco almonds and never could get a good texture or flavor so I’ve been purchasing my almond products from Whole Foods, which is tasty, but pricey! Thanks for another great post : )

    • Cool! I was using the Costco almonds for years b/c of the price and thought I had something good going until I found out how they are processed and pasteurized – OOOHHHH! I agree, the texture and flavor were just NOT right. Thanks for the comments and hope you received your package of tea. 🙂

  2. Wow Miss Kibby this is great information !! I make Almond milk every day, and buy almond butter because it was very time consuming trying to make it myself without burning the motor up in the process !! I think I will order from Briden Wilson farms next time, is shipping crazy though ? No matter, it’s worth it thanks to you letting us know this super information. Thank you dear !! Have a great day… you and and *ALL* you share. P.S. I can relate to Elation upon this discovery !!!!! (; (;

    • Hi Debbie! Oh goodie, so glad you liked it! The shipping is included in the price listed. #10 – free shipping via Priority Mail – Oh, yeah!! Love you too!

  3. Great post Kibby! I have tried to make almond butter with my Vitamix and it just doesn’t work – the motor is too powerful to leave on long enough I am guessing? It looks fantastic I am going to have to try again!

  4. I’ve been wanting to make almond butter for a while and when i saw you post I ordered the almonds from Briden Wilson. The almonds tasted so fresh, I also ordered the cinnamon ones for my husband, he loved them! So I made the almond butter and added a little vanilla and honey to it,
    the different stages the almonds goes through is pretty cool, I got to the Magic part and I think i may have over processed it after that, the processor starting getting to hot and the butter went from smooth to crumbly. I had to stop because I didn’t want to burn out the machine So lesson learned, stop when the magic! It still tastes fantastic and will not go to waste.

    • Joyce! So good to hear from you and your experience. I’ve done the same thing so don’t worry. We all live and learn. OOOHHH! The cinnamon almonds! Drooool! I bet those are amazing. I think I will get some of those too. I have been coveting those and upon your review, I’ll get some. Thanks! Yes, just use it for making almond milk, etc. XO

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  7. Hi Kibby… Long time… My work schedule has made my life crazy. I also have tried many times to get that perfect raw almond butter at home and failed. Thanks for the info on the almonds. I am going to order some asap!

    • Hey Patty! So good to hear from you. You’ll love those almonds and be able to create that great almond butter finally. Keep in touch and have a great weekend! XO

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    • Hi Roger,
      The nut butter is supposed to be thick. What type of almonds are you using? You might need to let the machine run longer – each machine is different and sometimes the nuts make a difference too.

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