Come Have a Stroll With Me in My Yard – Spring 2013

Come Have a Stroll With Me in My Yard – Spring 2013


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As you are reading this and enjoying a stroll with me through my yard, I am driving to Charleston, SC.   Saturday, May 4th, I am doing a healthy cooking class for my friend, Sara Campbell, at her house for her friends and family.  I am so excited to finally meet this beautiful woman whom I have become friends with thru my blog.  

May is a time of MANIFESTING.  I am here right now stating my desires to manifest in my life the opportunity to travel to people’s homes, do retreats, or they can come here to my house and teach/share with them all that I know and have learned thru my transformation of health/wellness.  It is my passion and mission to show others that living and eating healthy can be easier than they thought, make plant based meals that are healthy and taste freaking AMAZING, organize and declutter their kitchens for a balanced flow of energy, green living tips, organic gardening and much more in person.  What do you choose to manifest in your life?  Manifest every day this month and be diligent about it.  Desire more love, joy, peace, abundance, finances, traveling, whatever?  Visualize it and create it.  You CAN DO IT!

Oh, BTW, Scott and I planted and landscaped EVERYTHING you see here from the time we built the house and moved in 2004.  See what manifesting, diligence, hard work and LOVE create.  Beauty in our lives.

Have fun in the yard, stop and smell the flowers (they smell AMAZING!)  and hope to see you sometime soon.  You never know! 😉

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Looking off to side of yard from front porch.

 photo spring20131_zps1081149a.jpg

Looking off to side/back yard from front porch.

 photo spring2013-2_zps2491c73c.jpg

View from front porch going out towards parking area.

 photo spring2013-4_zpseb67254a.jpg

Hidey spot for sitting, meditating, enjoying company amongst hostas and ivy.

 photo spring2013-5_zps7522ce27.jpg

Side yard next to creek. Yellow flowers are flame azaleas that smell stunning – like honeysuckle yumminess!

 photo spring2013-6_zpsaf6afcf1.jpg

Swing that Scott built out of scrap material for $20 over looking our creek. So peaceful and relaxing.

 photo spring2013-7_zps6254d87f.jpg

Irises that smell like grape candy. Our front field.

 photo spring2013-8_zps16916f1d.jpg

Walk path around other side of house.

 photo spring2013-9_zps3941c847.jpg

Continuing around side of house to see more flame azaleas, red japanese maple tree and other plants to bloom later in season.

 photo spring2013-10_zps6614764d.jpg

Walk path veers off towards Scott’s workshop (man cave) lined with flame azalea and KnockOut rose.

 photo spring2013-11_zpsd4384ae8.jpg

Walk path continues to side of house/back yard where dogs hang out and play.

 photo spring2013-12_zpsae2ca640.jpg

Walk path ends to a swing set amongst more pretty plants (yet to bloom) in the back yard.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I love our yard.  The hard work paid off.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next week with more information and recipes.  XO

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Your yard is gorgeous! And how special that it is a product of the love,time, and energy you and Scott put into it!

    Love the manifesting energy you’re putting out there!

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