Cleansing Veggie Juice/ Juice Pulp Tip + VIDEO

Cleansing Veggie Juice/ Juice Pulp Tip + VIDEO

My Favorite Juice Blend & What to do with Pulp!

This is TRULY my favorite juice combination!  The elements necessary for rebuilding healthy cells and tissues are found in abundance in vegetables and fruits.  Raw juice will supply cells with the raw, LIVING materials.  Raw vegetable/fruit juice taken daily insures the body its daily quota of building material.  Most people drag themselves through life not supplying their body with enough fuel to keep it running easily.  If they wanted, they could enjoy MUCH MORE of the trip/ journey by drinking fresh juices and green smoothies to part of the overall equation.

Here’s what I used in cleansing veggie juice (all organic):

  • Apple:  Apples contain pectin, malic acid and tannic acid, which are wonderful aids in purifying the intestinal area.   The juice is a blood purifier, general tonic and is helpful to the skin.  It is good for flushing kidneys and controlling digestive upsets.


  • Burdock root : Burdock root is a versatile vegetable and one of the finest healing herbs known to cleanse the blood.  “It can usually be found in Asian groceries or health food stores. The wild or store-bought root can be eaten cooked or raw: added to soups or sauteed with carrots and sesame seeds, or grated in salads and coleslaw. Burdock can also be juiced for a delicious and refreshing healing beverage.” (source)   It supports the liver in cleansing the blood, and clears skin redness and blemishes.


  • Carrot:  Before I mention all the beneficial properties of the carrot, I want to put in a good word for the GREENS.  Carrot greens have a lot of phosphorus and are helpful for nerve energy.  Eat them raw – washed, of course – in salads or add them last to soup or JUICE!  Don’t throw them away!  OK, now on to the CARROT.  Carrot juice provides energy; is a good source of minerals; HIGH in beta-carotene that the body can convert to Vitamin A;  helps promote normal elimination;  helps to build healthy tissue and skin; stimulates appetite; helps build healthy teeth; helps prevent infections in the eyes and mucous membrane; contributes to the general health of the optic system;  helps in the treatment of ulcers; furnishes vital enzymes to all body tissue.   *Now, THAT is a powerhouse veggie!!!


  • Beet:  This beautiful root is good for the blood.  It contains iron in a natural form which makes it easier to assimilate.  Amino acids are present in good quantity, as well as the salts of phosphorous, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  An excellent toner and builder of the body.


  • Celery:  It is used as a diuretic and a laxative, to heal wounds, to soothe irritated nerves and to break up gallstones.


  • Lemon:  Regular consumption of lemon juice aids the bowels and helps them to eliminate waste more efficiently, curing bowel problems such as digestion and constipation.  Lemon is a diuretic, which means it’s good for people with urinary tract infections and high uric acid problems. Those with arthritis or rheumatism will also be happy, because it helps flush out all the toxins and bad bacteria.  Decreases phlegm produced by the body.   If you juice lemons daily, you should notice a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.


  • Ginger root:  Ginger gets your digestive system up and running and is known to contribute to awesome digestive health. It can help digest fatty foods and break down proteins. It also tends to reduce gas or burping as well as prevent afflictions like diarrhea.  One of the amazing benefits of ginger is its power to reduce inflammation. Because of this, ginger can be used to treat any disease caused by inflammations such as arthritis or ulcerative colitis.  Ginger promotes healthy sweating which is often instrumental during the cold or flu.


  • Kale:  Juicing kale is one of the smartest decisions you could make on the path of recovering your health with the whole food plant-based diet.  Of all green leafy vegetables, kale is the most nutritionally dense.  Besides strong anti-inflammatory effects that help your joints, kale juice strengthens your nails and bones.  Helps to detox your body and boost your immune system.  Aids in cancer protection. (source)

 Watch the video and see what I did with the juice pulp!  🙂


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Looks delicious, but why wouldn’t you just put it all in your Vitamix and get the benefit of the pulp? Is there a nutritional benefit to drinking only the juice? Great blog and thank you!

    • Hi Em! Yes, there are different benefits of juicing (no fiber) vs. keeping the fiber in the drink (Smoothies). They are each fantastic on their own but depends on what you want or what your body is needing. I make smoothies everyday and juice periodically. Every body is different. Thanks!

  2. hi, new to your newsletter, enjoy all this info as I am trying to balance all things with my body so i can feel good again. thank you! can you tell me where i can find the info you stated on how to juice in my blender since i cannot afford a juicer at this time. I would also love to take the turmeric powder, but know it can be hard on the stomach. any suggestions/recommendations?

    • Hi Lola,
      Here’s the link you were looking for: Turmeric powder can easily be added to this juice at the end by stirring in a small amount 1/4 tsp.and be fine on the digestive system. Sometimes adding a bit of oil adds the assimilation too. I love carrot, ginger, lemon, apple and kale juice lately with a bit of turmeric and coconut oil (1 TB.) and no problems on my digestive system. See how it works for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It takes time to get back into balance (or get there in the first place). Be patient with yourself and allow the unfolding of this wonderful journey. It’s fun. Not perfection. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. There are no rules per say. Hope this helps.

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