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False Alarm! I’m still here

False Alarm! I’m still here

Surprise!  I’m still here

 photo surprise_zpsfjtdrb1i.gif

Well, I thought I was leaving, but not so fast.  Last week, I took a trip to Florida for 7 days to visit some friends and during that time I had insight on some future plans.   I am keeping Kibby’s Blended Life right now.  I renewed it for another year.  I won’t be adding to it too much for I am working on another site.  It will be a few months out.  I am going to enjoy my summer and let the content come about organically and birth it when it is ready.  Of course,  YOU all will be the first to know. 

This new site will be geared more for the mind, body and spirit connection.  I have had many emails over the years (and very currently) about how I have healed the emotional wounds from my past, insight on spirituality, and much more.  This site will be deeply based in wisdom, truth, honesty, vulnerability, love and compassion.   It will be a safe haven to visit and join in.  It’s still in the works of creation.  I see it, but will let it flow through me to YOU.  Right now I am in the gestation phase.  I am very excited about it.  If you liked my INSPIRATION and THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS posts, you’re gonna love this new creation. 

 photo timing_zpsqglk4gnr.jpg

So, in the meantime, continue to enjoy all the content here at KBL.  You haven’t gotten rid of me after all.  I am glad to still be here and thank you for all the beautiful, heartfelt replies on the Farewell post.  They moved me to tears and made my heart swell.  YOU all are some amazing and special souls.  I am honored to have made your acquaintance and look forward to further connections. 

I love you all!



Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Why Exercise and Burning Calories Won’t Help You Lose Weight – Great article!  Have fun and enjoy your activity.  Don’t stress, push it or strain – that will cause weight gain.

♥ Sneezy, Drippy? Don’t Be Dopey! – By following seasonal eating (Spring right now), you can eliminate a lot of seasonal allergies.  Learn more.

♥ Burn it Off: The Ayurvedic Spring Detox – This is what my cleanse last month was all about.  Fantastic information here.  Enjoy!

♥ Renewable Energy –  This informative post covers most of what I experienced in the Colorado Cleanse last month.  The daily yoga practice and poses were an intrical and important part of the cleanse.  I felt and saw huge results and shifts in my body and mind.  I continue the daily practice because I love it so much for what it does for me.  The poses here are some that I practice daily.

♥ 30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself. – Print this out as a reminder.  Read it once a week and see where you need it most.

I am thankful for YOU!!

♥ Why Fat Is Awesome – I totally agree!   Fat is our friend, not our foe.  Healthy fats are required and needed by the body in so many ways.  Once I started increasing healthy fats in my diet (coconut oil, ghee, avocados, raw nuts/seeds) my hormones balanced out, my skin and hair became smoother and softer, my weight is stabilizing and more.  It is an important part of our chemistry.  Don’t shun it, invite it in. 

Yoga and the Art of Letting Go – By letting go of our beliefs, our expectations, our need to control the outcomes of life or other people, we find happiness. 

♥ May 2014 Monthly Forecast – The theme for May is INTEGRATION.  Integration helps you to accept and assimilate great change.  A great month ahead.  Go with the flow and allow it happen.

♥ Longevity Exercise: Less is More –  This breathing technique through the nose during exercise is a tool that can alter the body’s perception of an activity it normally perceives as stressful, to one of calm and repair.  I’ve been practicing this technique for several months now and it works wonders. 

♥ Happy Hormone Tonic Drink – I shared my Hormone Balancing tonic drink on Young and  Come get the recipe and learn about all the beneficial ingredients. 



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My Blogging Hiatus for YOU – Why?

My Blogging Hiatus for YOU – Why?

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and the flurry is settling down.  We actually had snow flurries last night and the weather is COLD!  Perfect time to stay inside and work on projects.   Which leads me to what I want to talk to you about. 

I have received countless emails regarding when the Tonic eBook is going to be available.  I have been working on it sporadically, but LIFE got in the way for so long that it got put on the back burner.  My work schedule is pretty sparse right now (outdoor/landscaping work), weather is cold and unpredictable – PERFECT time to hunker down and focus my time and energy into making this eBook a reality for you all.

Therefore, I will be taking January OFF from blogging and posting recipes. I still plan on posting Thoughtful Thursdays when I can for the month.  They’re just too good not to.  It’s also a great way to still stay connected to you all during the month.  I appreciate SO MUCH having you come here, read my blog and share yourselves with me.  I adore the connections, friendships and interactions from those of you who reach out. 

I will be getting all my tonic recipes (basic and advanced) together with pictures (new ones never shared on the blog before – and oh my! They are fantastic and worth it alone just for the recipes), herbal tonic ingredients information, the how-to’s of making a healing and tasty blend, and so much more. My years of herbal studies, research, practical application and what I use and drink myself will be a part of this book.   I am excited about it!   Thank you for being so patient with me on this.  I will have something special for all of you to enjoy yourself and share with others.  The gift of health.


Happy Hormone Tonic – click picture for recipe link

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, input or just want to say “Hi!”.  I am here for you. 

I’ll see you soon!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

NuNaturals Giveaway Winners Announced

NuNaturals Giveaway Winners Announced

NuNaturals Giveaway Winners Announced

 photo NuNaturals-Logo-Helping-4-x-4--150x150_zpsad84bb1f.jpg

Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback on the Orange Cream Pie with Chocolate Walnut crust!  It was a real winner in our house and Scott is requesting more of it.  Always a pleasure to make healthy sweet treats for my honey.  🙂

I wanted to announce the 4 fortunate winners for the NuNaturals giveaway:

The winners are:

*  Cheri

* Jordan Dunne

*  Donna Walker

*  Abakash



Thank you all that participated and don’t worry – I’ll be having more giveaways.  So, there’s always a chance to win some goodies here.

I have a special and long overdue post for you tomorrow – My Healing Protocol for Candida.  So, keep an eye out for it.  I have had many requests for my story, protocols and so I have gotten it all together to share with you tomorrow.  Till then my dears.  Have a great evening!  xo

**  Don’t forgetNovember is “Recon Month” at Vitamix and they have reduced the price on all certified reconditioned Vitamix machines.  Through 12/2 they have dropped the price by up to $30.  Find out MORE HERE for your chance to SAVE $$$.  ***
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Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience

Hola!  and Welcome back, my friends! 

 Thank you ALL for the support, well wishes and love you sent my way whilst on my journey.  And a journey and experience it was!  A GREAT one at that!  There were a few hiccups along the way – but everything worked itself out and was great. 

My flight to Rincon, Puerto Rico got in around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28th.  My fabulous taxi driver, Elier Lopez, was waiting for me in the airport and whisked me to the house where the retreat was being held – Casa Azul.

 photo casaazul1_zpseef791a2.jpg

It was 4 a.m. till we arrived and to our surprise, the electricity was OUT in the whole neighborhood.  WHAT!  Luckily, I had slipped a mini flash light into my suitcase and pulled it out to be able to see how to get into the house (I had a key) and maneuver with ease.  My flight was the first one IN that day, so I was by myself in the house till around 10 or so till the other leaders (Jackie, Fern and Willa) arrived.  Elier had talked to me in the car ride about how layed back, safe and friendly the people were.  So, being in a strange house, in a strange town, I really felt OK and at peace.  I chose a room and crashed for a few hours. Power came back on by early afternoon – so no worries.

Here are some of the views I took pictures of from the back porch of house – right off the kitchen. 

The weather was absolutely PERFECT the whole time!  Some afternoon showers – then cleared up and was lovely.  I could live here during the winter – nice and warm!

 photo view1_zps9b3b2be3.jpg

That is a hawk in the left hand corner that was flying around the porch and then flew off into the distance. A good sign for me!

 photo view2_zps59893846.jpg

 photo view3_zpsf6a73660.jpg

 photo view4_zps9004356e.jpg

 photo view7_zpsab287405.jpg

 photo view6_zps4e4ce503.jpg

Later that morning, I finally got to meet Jackie in person, after many months of phone calls, emails, messaging and such.  What a grand union!  I also met Fern and Willa. 

 photo leaders_zps4474fafe.jpg

Me, Jackie Knechtel, Willa Kammerer & Fern Langham

What LOVELY ladies! 

Our local friend and guide, Alberto, took us to the grocery store and a few road side markets to purchase LOTS of fresh produce and food for the next few days to feed everyone.  Alberto is such a sweet, gentle, fun, loving guy. I really liked him.  A GOOD man!! 

 photo alberto_zps23d12389.jpg

Me having fun at a local produce stand.

 photo watermelon_zpsbf2c77e0.jpg

Our kitchen before all the produce and superfoods got put out onto counter.

 photo kitchen_zps0404cdd1.jpg

 photo produce1_zpsa06fe197.jpg

 photo produce2_zpse9ea50dc.jpg

 photo produce4_zpsbca1ace9.jpg


 photo superfoodcounter_zpsf13b8d62.jpg

Our superfood stash! Thanks to Navitas Naturals, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, and Imperial Tonics for their contributions to the retreat. We ALL appreciated it!!

Later on, it was off to the beach – Sandy Beach – only a 15 minute walk away from the retreat house.  The water was warm and such a beautiful place!

 photo sandybeach4_zpscee1e7f2.jpg

 photo sandybeach5_zps79048bf8.jpg

 photo sandybeach6_zps93e38a90.jpg

Holding some fresh almonds picked from the tree I am standing under – yes, I like to forage.


 photo sandybeach3_zps32d8cf37.jpg

 photo sandybeach2_zpscbe9bb72.jpg

 photo sandybeach1_zps07be764c.jpg

 photo beachtime2_zps10410d39.jpg

 photo sunset_zps33d3f657.jpg

Sunset – Breath taking!

 photo Killa1_zps3489ca5f.jpg

Willa and I in the kitchen before guests arrived. Fresh juice and smoothies ready to serve.


 photo killa2_zpsde9a8444.jpg

Willa and I playing around in the kitchen. Willa is such a fantastic, amazing woman. So glad she was my partner in the kitchen.


 photo killa3_zpsa5c89685.jpg

Willa and I had such a flow and connection in the kitchen creating and playing. Such a lovely bond with this talented, beautiful, creative woman. I learned a lot from her. Couldn’t have done it without her. We were such a great team that everyone called it the “Killa Kitchen”. Kibby + Willa = Killa. And it was KILLA food – made with the best ingredients and infused with Love.

 photo thegroup2_zps959aff88.jpg

Day 1 – The whole LOVELY group is here – greeted with fresh juice and green smoothies, fresh flowers and aromatherapy chilled towels.

 photo thegroup_zps5e42ef18.jpg

The group playing at Sandy Beach. Many went paddle boarding. I faced a fear by getting in the ocean and swimming around a bit. It was fantastic.
Kibby, Carolina, Jackie, Willa, Adrianna, Elsie, Olivia and Fern


 photo tonic1_zpsec39e3f4.jpg

Tonics made fresh every morning for those who wanted it. OK, everybody did!! Tonics were a hit.


 photo beachtime1_zpsa9124de9.jpg

Beach time!

 photo feetinsand_zps98201316.jpg

Feet in the sand and warm water.

 photo chug_zpsb9a592cd.jpg

Came back to kitchen early to prepare Raw Chocolate Superfood smoothies for everyone after their paddle boarding and swimming time. I needed some extra too! chugging the leftover smoothie.

 photo yoga_zps8b29edba.jpg

Yoga every day.

 photo yoga2_zpsb328df0b.jpg

Second to last day, we went to a local waterfall that was breath taking.  Thank you, Rosa Loperena, for your kind guidance at taking us to this lovely waterfall and joining us for the day.  You are a bright light and lovely new friend.  Such a pleasure to meet you in person.

 photo waterfall3_zps6e8c636a.jpg

 photo waterfall4_zps88577340.jpg

 photo waterfall2_zps015ecdcb.jpg

 photo waterfall1_zpsc61c9f06.jpg

 photo waterfall5_zpsa4d776e0.jpg

 photo carolinakib2_zps237e63b6.jpg

Carolina and I. Such a special kindred spirit. Love this girl!!

There was SO MUCH gorgeous, wholesome healthy food prepared and eaten – I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures of it.  Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.  Plates were licked clean (yep, that was me one night) amongst many others.


 photo avocados_zpsec3cc84f.jpg

Avocados I foraged from tree next to house and brought home. Avocado trees are EVERYWHERE! I was in heaven!!

Embrace Retreats – Rincon, Puerto Rico – I will come back if you will have me!

Thank you Jackie Knechtel, Fern Langham and Willa Kammerer!

 photo cheers_zpsbe2f64ed.jpg


 photo conclusion_zpsceba9c4c.jpg

 I hope you enjoyed the tour.  

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

You’re Going Where!!??

You’re Going Where!!??



I know have posted it a lot on my “KBL” Facebook page, but I don’t think some of you know about this.  Next week, I am traveling to Rincon, Puerto Rico to be a guest hostess at a retreat. I know!!  Wow!!  How did this happen and how did I get this gig?  Well, let me tell you!

A beautiful, soul inspiring woman came into my life many months ago and she is the catalyst for making this journey happen for me.  I would like to introduce you to Jackie Knechtel. 

Jackie is a certified holistic health & lifestyle mentor who believes that the real fun happens outside of your comfort zone.   Jackie is a Master Manifestor and continually makes dreams into reality.  Believe me, I have seen this woman work her magic with other people – it’s amazing.  Jackie’s business/ website: Pure Vibrant Living is about living in the moment and radical spontaneity.  Join Jackie here: and   We are smoothie soul sisters and have so much in common.  We have spoken on the phone with each other and thru Facebook quite often.  Next week, I will get to meet her in person with hugs and kisses.  I am so excited for just that part of the trip. 

So, back to the story.  One night, Jackie and I were talking on the phone and she was telling me all about some friends of hers that were putting together this amazing retreat in Puerto Rico and had invited her to be a part of it.  OOOHH!  How wonderful!  I told her if she ever started doing more retreats and needed someone to fill a host spot, please keep me in mind.  A week or so later, Jackie contacted me saying that she spoke with her friends and they wanted to invite me to participate.  REALLY!!!???   I thought for a moment (fear popped in – I threw it to the other side of the room) and said “Hell, yeah!  Sign me up!”  

The retreat focuses on the Bodhi, Mind and Soul. It’s all about embracing and nurturing YOU.  Purifying your body, relaxing  your mind and indulging in the blessings bestowed upon you.  Along with Jackie, two other lovely women will be gracing their gifts and presence. 

* Fern Langham  – Fern is a certified yoga instructor and she will guide you through a yoga and meditation practice twice a day to find your center, balance, and inner bliss. She will guide you through a personalized yoga practice that you can easily take home with you for grounding, balance, and continue your spiritual growth. Learn more about Yoga with Fern and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @surfyogarunlive.

Willa Kammerer –  Willa believes that the height of beauty is natural beauty, and is passionate about empowering others to live, create, and glow within and without.  Willa will also lead a special workshop on natural beauty and cosmetics, centering around ingredients we already have in our kitchen cabinets and fridges. For a sneak preview of the tastes to come, connect with Willa on Instagram @willakammerer.

I invite you to learn more about this amazing retreat that is being held from Thursday, Aug 29 thru Sunday, Sept 1st – 4 days/3 nights accommodation in a beautiful house perched amidst the tropical beauty of Rincón, Puerto Rico.  Embrace Retreats : Fall asleep to waves crashing and the sounds of the nature surrounding you. Wake to a morning yoga class and a fresh, healthy breakfast on the porch. Lounge on the beach, run, hike or wander amongst the rolling hills.  Drift through sun-filled afternoons as you reinvigorate your soul and revitalize you well being under the guidance of your hosts. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful!  

There is still time to make reservations!!

I would love for you to join us.

I have to admit that I am a little nervous about this big journey.  I have never traveled alone before and only flown a few times in my life (as a child and back in 2001 with my husband, Scott).  This is a GREAT self-growth opportunity for me and for “stepping outside of my comfort zone”.  By doing this, it will help me grow, stretch, heal and blossom in ways that I wouldn’t have put myself into.   Thank you, Jackie for helping me break through my fears and embrace the possibilities of life beyond limits.  You are working your magic already!  I am EMBRACING MY Bodhi, Mind and Soul.   We ALL can do it!  If we just open ourselves to the possibility and opportunity of such growth in our lives. 

NEVER underestimate the value of positive thinking and positive change in your life.  When YOU are ready!  IT will happen! 

If I CAN DO IT, then by golly – YOU CAN TOO!

I will be posting this week.  However, due to traveling and teaching next week, I will be gone from the blog for about a week.  I will have MUCH to share with you when I return though.  So, in the meantime, I have great posts to share with you through out the week – so enjoy!  


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Got Plans Wednesday Evening? – Come See Me!

Got Plans Wednesday Evening? – Come See Me!


 photo kibbycookclass2-1_zps2ae2fa97.jpg

I am so excited (yet a little nervous) to be speaking with Dr. Michael Gallo at his office on Wednesday, April 17th from 7 – 9 p.m.  The seminar – FOOD IS MEDICINE – will focus on how the right foods help heal you.  I will discuss my health journey, how foods can heal and what I have learned along the way.  I will also be whipping up some AH-MAZING smoothies for everyone attending.  I also have a little treat planned out to include too.  😉

You all know me by now that I don’t praise someone or something if I don’t feel strongly about them.  I only promote products that I have tried myself and feel are WORTHY!  I research, experience and test things well before sharing with anyone to make sure it is beneficial and safe.  Dr. Gallo is THE REAL DEAL!  I have received some of  Dr. Gallo’s therapy work and can I just say “WOW!”  This man is amazing and a TRUE healer.  He is compassionate and dedicated to helping others – it is his calling.  In just one session, he was able to identify physical ailments/ issues that I have had for many years and was able to “put them to rest” with tying in the emotional connection.  Some issues have more layers than others, but with consistent addressing of them, I have been able to make strides in my health.  The healthy diet lifestyle got me so far, but something was missing.  It’s not just the food, or the emotions or our spiritual path.  It is the combination of ALL three areas.  When you choose to heal your body through healthy food and emotional clearing, you are going to find peace, happiness, freedom and joy.   I have always known and believed in the mind-body connection, but Dr. Gallo and his work have taken it to a whole new level.  I see him and his work being the wave of the future.  I look forward to furthering my healing journey with him.

Dr. Michael Gallo is the creator of MindSet Methods, a new safe and effective protocol for the elimination of pain. Dr. Gallo has worked over twenty years with a broad spectrum of medical doctors exploring many different modalities.  A pioneer in energy medicine, Dr. Gallo is a leading chiropractic physician, kinesiologist, educator, and entrepreneur.

He believes that chronic pain has an emotional component that is typically overlooked. – I agree!

When the link between mind and body is broken, the pain goes away and does not return! – Yes, this is true!  I have experienced it!

He explores and corrects emotional aspects that other doctors overlook or are not aware of.

The results are life changing.

And they can be for you too!

Dr. Michael Gallo is committed to teaching  his patients and community how to achieve optimal health via learning seminars. These seminars are open to the public and encourage attendees to learn more about specific holistic health care topics.

It is easy to register for his events!  Their Evening of Learning Series Seminars is generally complimentary and all they ask is that you let them know you will attend so they can prepare a place for you.  

 * RSVP at 770-446-8100 or email your name and contact info to them @

Come meet us Wednesday evening at East West Wellness, 3867 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 800, Norcross GA 30092

Hope to see you there!  XO

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

via Louise Hay/ Hay House

 ♥ Living and Leading with Authenticity – I loved this article and resonated with some of the beautiful concepts.  I hope you do too.

♥ The Story So Far: Your Life Is How You Interpret It –  How true this is.  I hear so many people telling me their stories and allowing it to define themselves.  It doesn’t have to.  You have a choice to change it and respond differently EVERY DAY.  It takes one step at a time, but it can be done.  When a situation arises that I could easily fall into old patterns/reactions/responses (and I do sometimes), I have the opportunity to stop and say “How do I choose this to go?  How do I choose to react/respond to this person or situation?  It invites you to be aware to live in the NOW. I choose to interpret my life as a journey, of lessons, of growth and strength.  How do you choose to live?  ♥

♥  5 Steps to Make Change Work for You

♥ The Art Of Surrender Is The Process Of Growth –  How beautiful and pertinent!

via Psychedelic Adventure

 ♥ Happy NEW MOON in Aries April 10th 2013 – I love my Mystic Mama time!  I hope you enjoy it too! 

♥ avocado banana chocolate milkshakes with vanilla bean coconut cream – Oh yeah, baby!  This sounds amazing.  I’ve made the whip cream like this before – so easy and tastes wonderful.  A real treat here without the guilt. 

♥ 5 Exotic Smoothie Recipes From Around The Globe – Another great article from the stunning Jackie Knechtel about smoothies.  Jackie is my smoothie soul sister.  Can’t wait to try some of these beauties out in the Vitamix this weekend. 

♥ 7 Steps (And Chakras) to Reconnect With You – I just really liked this!


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Want to Come to My Healthy Cooking Class? Stay at Paradise Hills, Resort and Spa

Want to Come to My Healthy Cooking Class? Stay at Paradise Hills, Resort and Spa

Paradise Hills, Resort and Spa

Georgia’s Mountain Retreat

I want to share with you all this FABULOUS resort and spa in my neck of the woods.  I never knew this wonderful place existed till last December.  When I joined my local yoga studio back in December and started to frequent many of the classes, I met Ilke Lander.  I liked her immediately.  She was warm, friendly, beautiful and FUNNY.  We started talking and I found out that her and husband own and run Paradise Hill’s Resort and Spa located in Blairsville, GA.

Scott and I drove out to the location back in January to check it out and WOW!  They have a great selection of different cabin rentals including 1-5 bedroom cabins.   Amenities include mountain views, seclusion, hot tubs, fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens and free Wi-Fi.  They have sparkling clean accommodations, and pride themselves in offering lodging for romantic couples to families, business groups to wedding groups. Even family pets are also welcome!

We went into the spa area and OOOHHH! I am looking forward to booking some sessions for self nurturing treats when I can.   The European style Spa offers impeccable service in a serene environment. They offer several types of massage, facial rejuvenations and body treatments inspired by nature…Relax in the steaming rock sauna (Oh,yeah!!), sip tea in the aromatherapy lounge (my kind of room!)  or soak your tension away in the hydrotherapy tub. Relax.  MY KIND OF LUXURY!

Scott and I can’t wait to check out their wine farm.  They are also Blairsville’s 1st Family Farm Winery –  Paradise Hills Vineyards &  Farm Winery.    Travel the Georgia Wine Highway.   Visit this region’s many vineyards and wineries for tastings, special seasonal events and meals to satisfy even the most demanding palate.  

I am encouraging any of you that live out of town or state and want to attend my Healthy Cooking Class scheduled for Sat., March 23 from noon till 3 p.m. and need a place to stay, that THIS is the place!!!   Come and make a whole weekend of it!  I am hosting these healthy cooking classes once every month – wink wink, nudge nudge.   If you are looking for a special get-away or mini vacation, contact Ilke Lander at Paradise Hills Resort and Spa.  I promise, she will take excellent care of you and there are MANY things to do around here.  Check out the Spring newsletter for more great deals on spa services, activities and classes available (My cooking class is highlighted in this too!  :))  Great hiking, waterfalls, fresh mountain air, spa facility on site, wine tasting on site and much more.  PLUS, you could come visit me.  I would love to meet some of you. 

Spring is a stunning time to be up here!  I hope to see you soon in cooking class.  

 photo kibbykalesalad_zps49a8fcf2.jpg

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Healthy Plant-based Cooking Class

Healthy Plant-based Cooking Class

Who wants to come and learn some great healthy, plant-based cooking with Moi?  I have been pondering for several months now about offering cooking classes to those looking looking to transition more into a plant-based diet or for those looking to incorporate more healthy foods into their weekly menus.  Whatever your desire to come to the class, it will be jam packed with great tips, techniques, a few hands-on recipes, a giveaway and MORE! 

Check out the details below and if you have any questions, please contact me and I will give you more details if interested.  Hurry!  The space is limited to only 10 people. 


 photo cookingclassflyer_zpsce1383dd.jpg

I would LOVE to have you come visit and learn some great tips, techniques, sample amazing foods and have FUN together.  Hurry before all the seats are filled. 

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!