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Healthy Living Yoga Retreat and I’m COOKING!

Healthy Living Yoga Retreat and I’m COOKING!

Fall Mountain Yoga Retreat

 I am participating in another retreat and luckily this one is in my neck of the woods.  The retreat is located in Murphy, NC – just thirty minutes from my house. 

FALL is such a wonderful season up in our area.  The weather is cooler, crisper and feels fantastic!  The leaves changing colors are breath-taking and inspiring.  I absolutely LOVE where I live and invite you to join in on the retreat and experience it yourself.

Rachel is an amazing yoga instructor and I have learned MUCH from her.  I am more aware of my body, my body alignment, and how it speaks to me.  Rachel also makes FANTASTIC all-natural, organic body/skin care that I personally use.  At this retreat, you will participate in one of her POPULAR soap making classes – learn to make your own for yourself, family and friends (makes great gifts too!)


If you want to find out MORE about this wonderful opportunity to visit the North Carolina/ Blue Ridge Mountains, get your yoga ON with my girl, Rachel, attend some cooking classes with me, learn to make your OWN natural soap then click HERE and sign up NOW (details below)- for EARLY BIRD prices thru TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st!  It is going to be FUN, enlightening and refreshing.


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Superfood Smoothie Workshop – Wanna Attend? It’s FREE!

Superfood Smoothie Workshop – Wanna Attend? It’s FREE!

Superfood Smoothie Workshop

  photo greensmoothiealoe_zps896b6063.jpg

 Are you doing anything special this weekend?  Would you like to come see me, learn about superfoods and let me show you how to whip up some awesome superfood smoothies at Whole Foods Market.

Superfoods are a quick and easy way to get some serious nutrients into your body. Yet stepping into the world of superfoods can be a little intimidating.   Don’t worry!  I will take you on a “superfood journey” that will put you at ease in the stores when purchasing them and in your own kitchen when blending a fantastic creation.  

I will also be talking about my health journey.  I will share some tips and techniques to making 3 different smoothies (recipes included for you to take home) that will rock your world and improve your health along with my handout – “10 Superfoods You Should Be Eating”.  It will be an interactive class – so get those questions together and ask away. 

Are you ready to take that next step in your nutrition lifestyle?  Superfood smoothies are just the ticket for that very transformation.  I will be highlighting my favorite superfood company, Navitas Naturals, in the smoothie demos. 

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area or nearby, grab a friend (or several) and come on out for a fun morning at Whole Foods Market – Merchant’s Walk,  1311 Johnson Ferry Rd #580  Marietta, GA 30068. 


Saturday, July 20th

Summer Smoothies with Kibby Miller •

Time:  10-11am  


Here’s the event details listed on the Calendar:

“Kibby Miller is a natural food chef and advocate of whole, plant-based foods and superfoods. In this workshop, she will teach you that many luscious flavors can be quickly and easily utilized to create three amazing
smoothies. Smoothies are remarkably beneficial and are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients. All of Kibby’s recipes are designed to make your taste buds jump for joy and your energy level to jump even higher. Kibby’s mission is simple: to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.”

RSVP at Customer Service or by emailing Stephanie at

Please come out if you can.  I would LOVE to meet you in person.  Give me a “heads up” if you are planning on coming out so that I can look for you and bring you a special treat. 

Look forward to seeing you!

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Interested in a Mountain RETREAT And a Cooking Class with Me?

Interested in a Mountain RETREAT And a Cooking Class with Me?

Retreat to the Mountains

Georgia’s Mountain Retreat

My beautiful friend, Ilke Lander from Paradise Hills, Resort and Spa is hosting a FANTASTIC retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has graciously asked me to teach one of my healthy cooking classes during the 2 full day adventure. 

This retreat is for women only.   Why?  Because many women don’t take the time to do special things for themselves, and give themselves permission for the MUCH NEEDED down time to re-charge their batteries, contact back with nature, learn new things/skills/etc. and just plain unwind.  You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and have FUN!  Paradise Hills, Resort and Spa is a special place.  I’ve written about it here so check out all the amenities this place has to offer. 

Woodsy Woman Weekend – August 2-4, 2013

Woodsy Woman Weekend is a workshop focused on learning outdoor skills and discovering adventure, fun and friendship. Designed especially for women, Woodsy Woman Weekend welcomes participants who are 18 years of age or older. No experience is necessary.

This workshop is for you, if…

• You have never tried these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn.

• You are a beginner who hopes to improve your skills

• You know how to do some of these activities, but would like to try your hand at some new outdoor skills

• You are just looking for the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

This is promising to be an exciting, fun & adventure filled weekend that begins on Friday evening and continues to Sunday, noon.   2 full days.

Check out all the sessions being offered and don’t wait to sign up. Registration deadline is July 20, 2013.   

Enrollment limit: The workshop is limited to 40 participants. Please register as soon as possible. Registration deadline is July 20, 2013. No exceptions.

Cost: Workshop cost is $160. This fee includes all instruction, program materials, use of demonstration equipment, and meals.  WHAT A DEAL!!

Lodging: Cabin room lodging including a room and breakfast is available for $100 (single occupancy), $180 double occupancy per cabin room (some rooms only have one bed to share); or rustic camping is available upon request.

Equipment: Demonstration equipment is provided. Feel free to bring your own fishing gear, camera and any other equipment.

What to bring: Classes are outdoors and hands-on. Tennis shoes or hiking boots are appropriate. Specific class needs will be on your confirmation letter. Linens & towels provided in cabin.

Session Programs

Hiking the Appalachian Mtns.: Starting at the Walaysi-Center, there will be discussion on proper hiking equipment, hydration and safety. Then, the group will hike approximately 5 miles of the Appalachian Trail overlooking breathtaking vistas.  Moderate fitness level.

Zipline Canopy Tour: This session will allow you to experience the adventure of flying through the trees of North Georgia’s mountains. A shorter version of their
extended trip, Blue Ridge Canopy Tours will guide you to new highs. This zipline course features the following:
• 13 Zips (6000 total ft.)
• 12 Canopy Decks (20 – 65 ft. high)
• 3 Sky Bridges
• 200 – 900 ft. Zips
• ACCT Certified Tour Guides

Plant Based Cooking: This fun, interactive class is taught by Kibby Miller and will focus on healthy, gluten free, dairy free, plant based meals which promote and sustain optimal health. You will get the confidence to start preparing healthy, delicious plant based meals at home!  All of Kibby’s recipes are designed to make your taste buds jump for joy and  your energy level to jump even higher.  Kibby’s mission is simple: to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.  To learn more about Kibby and her Healthy Cooking Classes visit

Nature Photography: Capture the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guided by a professional photographer, you will learn the basics of proper lighting, composition, and use of your personal equipment.

Vinyasa Yoga:  Open to all levels, this class will focus on grounding and centering, core work through poses, and health enhancing movement in a gentle yoga practice.   This class will release tension and prepare you for your afternoon activities.

Horseback Riding: Bring the cowgirl out! Spend the session learning about safety while riding, care of horse and enjoy a 1 hour guided trail ride through the mountains. Maximum weight allowed 240 lbs.

Lake Kayak Clinic:  Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Nottely. This session will involve learning the basics of lake kayaking with professional Ocoee Adventure Center instructors. All equipment will be provided.

Grapes to Glass – Wine making.: Winemaker and Vineyard manager, Bob Lander, will take you from beginning to end… see the start of vine management and grape growing and follow the process to the winery for picking, crushing, fermentation and on. Get acquainted with the beauty of wine making and enjoy a tasting of the final product.

Below, you will find the Session Choices. You will be able to list your first & second choice for activities.  Registration has more information on this. 

Saturday – Session I (9-12)

1. Horseback riding
2. Hiking the Appalachian mountains
3. Grapes to Glass – wine making 

Saturday – Session II (2-5)

1. Zipline Canopy Tours
2. Lake Kayak/Canoeing

Sunday – Session III (9-12)

1. All levels Vinyasa Yoga
2. Plant based cooking (with Kibby Miller)
3. Nature Photography

**  Send Ilke an email at or call her toll free at 877-745-7483 to sign up NOW.

There is a registration form and payment required.

Program selections are first-come, first-serve… so don’t delay!

What are you waiting for?  Treat yourself, a friend, or female family member to a FUN-TASTIC time?  

I would LOVE to see you here and meet you in person! 

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

My, How Time Flies! Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

My, How Time Flies! Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!


Today is the 1 year anniversary of this sweet blog that I created with the intention to share all that I have learned and know with ALL of YOU.  It has been such a fun and fantastic ride so far.  I have shared tons of recipes hoping to inspire you about how eating plant based foods can be healing and taste AMAZING at the same time, inspirational posts such as Thoughtful Thursdays (42 of those babies already!),  HOW TO videos (from food, rebounding exercise to hair gel) and other personal things with you that I never thought I would such as My Vulnerable Story Correlating Emotions and Health.

I care so much and am so passionate about sharing and teaching what I know and have learned (AND continuing to learn) on my journey so far with others, so that they know and feel that they are NOT alone.  That there IS guidance and resources so as to not be overwhelmed, but confident and assured in making better choices and informed decisions. I didn’t have anyone when I began my healing health journey in early 2010.  I had my own determination and intuition to heal myself along with a spunky personality to RESEARCH, EXPERIMENT, and DO IT mindset.  I have learned LOTS of what to do and what not to do.  I had people asking me “What are you doing?  You look great, lost weight, have more energy and LIFE in you.”  That is how the blog started.   This is how I have done it, continue to do it and implement new concepts and techniques into my life.  If you can take one thing away to improve the quality of your life and health – then my goal is met and my heart swells with delight that I assisted someone on their journey.  

I have had some beautiful people and new friends come into my life thru this blog that I never would have met otherwise and that is PRICELESS to me.  I feel so BLESSED!   I appreciate and respond to each comment and email that is lovingly sent my way.  YOU are important and matter to me.  Your concerns, questions, support and encouragement are so lovingly taken in with each word.    I love hearing from YOU and with special requests.  It encourages me to keep fresh and on my toes.  I just had a request from a new reader that would like for me to write a “Healing TONICS” ebook and said she would pay for it.  Thank you, dear!  I have been pondering it for some time, but didn’t think anyone would pay for it and here is someone saying “Do it and I will buy.”  OK, game on!  I am working on it!   See!  How can I be of service to YOU?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I had people requesting cooking classes, so I started offering Healthy Cooking Classes in my own home to teach others the beauty, ease, excitement and tastiness of plant based cooking.  It has become a HIT!   

 photo kib2_zps36052957.jpg

I never thought I would LOVE teaching these classes as much as I do – I DO!  ♥   I even started selling my Raw Chocolate Superfood Protein Bars upon many requests.  Again, I feel so blessed!

Since starting the blog a year ago, I have learned SO MUCH about myself, grown exponentially and learned to say NO to fears, YES to opportunities and miracles, change old beliefs, step outside of the box, open myself like never before, created healthy boundaries and limits AND have become more creative, loving, interactive and vulnerable (to myself and others).  What a beautiful and blessed year!  I am having such fun on this journey and with the blog.  I hope you are too.  YOU are what makes this blog thrive and spurs me on to SHARE, INSPIRE and INFORM.  Please do me a favor and share ME with others that could benefit.  My goal is to reach as many people as possible to educate about the healing power of plant based foods, inspiration, healing thru emotions and learning to MANIFEST their most amazing life.  By doing so, you are taking an active part in helping someone else along their health journey and in turn, it heals YOU.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Thank you SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH!   

I have LOTS of cool stuff coming your way down the road, but for NOW I want to give YOU an opportunity for a gift of celebration.  

My 1 year Anniversary Giveaway!

1 Lucky Reader (USA only) will win 4 of my Raw Chocolate Superfood Protein Bars

 photo proteinbar2_zpsbaf15dbe.jpg

**  For your chance to win, please leave a comment below about what brought you to this blog, why you like it or what you would like to see more of  AND share it out on FACEBOOK. **

Entries accepted till Sunday night, May 26 and I will announce winner on Monday, May 27th.

Let the comments begin! 


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Current Happenings and Healthy Cooking Class Pictures

Current Happenings and Healthy Cooking Class Pictures

Updates and Pictures from Class

 photo kib1_zps7d913f11.jpg

I wanted to let all of you know that I will be attending a “Be the Change” seminar in Orlando, FL this coming week thru the weekend. It is time for me to step up and move beyond my comfort zone to shine my light in what I love to do and share my passions.   I will be learning how to be of service through the website and in person offering nutritional consultations, kitchen organization, healthy cooking classes and more while earning a living doing it.  I have so many ideas and projects that I would like to get going, but just not sure how to go about doing so.  I am learning from the sassy and brilliant, Suzanne Evans, how to facilitate all this into a way that I can cater more to my niche.  I am super excited about this new venture in life and open to many possibilities and miracles.

When I get back from FL., I will be home for 3 days and off again to Charleston, SC for the weekend to do a healthy cooking class for my friend, Sara Campbell in her home for her friends and family on Saturday, May 4th.  We’re expecting around 15 people.  Wow!  I am open to teaching and sharing my services of the healthy cooking classes to those who would like them.  If interested, contact me for further information.

With this being said, I’ve got a few posts ready for you (videos from my seminar last week with Dr. Gallo – coming tomorrow and of course, Thoughtful Thursdays).  So, I won’t be posting much while traveling and busy with other projects at the moment.  I will be back with more recipes and videos very soon though.

Here are some highlights from the healthy cooking class over the weekend.  I am putting out a HUGE THANK YOU for my beautiful friend, Darcey Sanders for taking such amazing and captivating photos of the class and food. Much appreciated dear! XO

 photo gssmoothie_zps33f5e41d.jpg

Gingersnap Green Smoothie

 photo eli1_zpscf27a082.jpg

My friend, Rachel with her son, Eli – he LOVES his green smoothies. Got smoothie! I love this picture!

 photo judyampdonna_zps9eda2f8e.jpg

Rob, Donna and Judy taking notes and learning – probably waiting for the good food to come their way.

 photo kib2_zps36052957.jpg

Scott in the background helping wash dishes while I am preparing to make raw zucchini noodles.


 photo kib3_zpse88158d2.jpg

Raw zucchini noodle time! Gigi Gould looking on to see how easy and fun it is to make raw pasta using a Tri-best vegetable spiralizer.


 photo rawpasta_zpsce5dcdd0.jpg

Raw Zucchini Pasta with Vegan Ginger Garlic Creamy Alfredo Sauce

 photo quinoapasta_zpsfddadcba.jpg

Quinoa pasta with vegan spicy cheese sauce topped with fresh cilantro

 photo squashpasta1_zps5717da21.jpg

Baked spaghetti squash with homemade marinara

 photo squashpasta2_zps867225b7.jpg

Baked spaghetti squash with homemade marinara, nut meat topped with fresh basil

 photo pudding_zpsec87d1a0.jpg

Blueberry Cream chia pudding topped with raw cacao nibs

 photo rachampeli3_zps8ec676ac.jpg

Rachel, Eli and Rob enjoying the food.

Have a fantastic week!  XO

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Taking Reservations for Healthy Cooking Class #2 + Giveaway announcement

Taking Reservations for Healthy Cooking Class #2 + Giveaway announcement

Healthy Cooking Class #2


Gardening Giveaway Announcement

First off, I’ll announce the winner from  the organic gardening post for the garden growbag.

The winner is:






Next, I want to promote my next healthy cooking class that was such a hit the first time around.

 photo cookingclass2_zpse66515b4.jpg

I’ve got an AMAZING menu planned with more giveaway goodies!

We had SO MUCH FUN at the last class that I hope some of you can attend this one.  My home is a great area to make a drive to and enjoy the lovely mountains. 

Hurry, seats are filling up quickly already!  🙂

I’ve got a fabulous recipe set up for you tomorrow!  Check back!

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Healthy Cooking Class #1 Highlights

Healthy Cooking Class #1 Highlights

Cooking Class Highlights

 photo peppers3_zpsa2c4678c.jpg

This was the first time that I had several ladies over to the house and in my kitchen showing them how to prepare and eat plant-based meals that are gluten-free and HEALTHY for you.  I had 6 women sign up and attend.  It was so much fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  This was a very interactive class with everyone asking lots of questions and making comments – I LOVED it!  They were so open and receptive to learning more.  The best kind.

Ann Barnes from Mum’s Original was super gracious to offer some of her products for the recipes and to also offer several products for giveaways during the class.  Thank you, beautiful ANN!  🙂  Much appreciate your generosity. 

I was busy with the food preparation and Scott was busy technical recording of the class.  One of the attendees, Darcey, is one of my beautiful friends who is very talented with photography.  She brought her quality camera and took pictures throughout the class and of course, the gorgeous food.  Thank you, Darcey!  You are a talented woman and the pictures were wonderful.  So, thanks to Darcey, I am able to share with you all parts of the class. I hope you enjoy!

 photo kibbyandscott_zps8aec29c0.jpg

Scott and I before class.

 photo greensmoothie1_zps44dee641.jpg

This green smoothie consisted of water, banana, organic apple, goji berries, chia seeds, organic spinach and NuNaturals Vanilla stevia. Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Omega 3’s and super alkaline for the body. Gorgeous!!

 photo greensmoothie2_zps0b2bfaff.jpg

Ready to serve and drink! Everyone was OOHHING and AAAWWING over this smoothie. I wanted to start the class off with showing something healthy, simple and fast = green smoothie.

 photo kalesalad3_zps5cde45d2.jpg

Getting ready to make a kale salad for everyone and talking my LOVE for this leafy green to them. It’s a beautiful bouquet and you can eat it.

 photo kalesalad4_zpsb8859c0c.jpg

“Massaging” the kale into a soft, easily digestible salad and talking about the energy of your emotions when preparing food.

 photo kalesalad1_zps3ba9d835.jpg

The magic ingredient to the kale salad – chipotle pepper.

 photo kalesalad2_zpsd8174d01.jpg

Ready to eat. Everyone cleaned their bowls and loved it.


 photo scott_zpsba50f913.jpg

My handsome technical and sous-chef assistant. Scott with the video taping setup in the back of kitchen.

 photo peppers1_zps6e0291e3.jpg

Stuffed roasted peppers with veggies and quinoa topped with avocado chunks. This dish was a huge HIT and surprise to many. They couldn’t believe that there was no meat in it and it tasted fantastic and so filling. SCORE!!

 photo peppers2_zps59a983a7.jpg


 photo giveaway1_zpsd8e3de92.jpg

Linda won the Mum’s Original Organic Quinoa giveaway!

 photo makingicecream_zps54d49939.jpg

Making non-dairy, nut-free ice cream. YUM!

 photo icecream_zpsbb0ec4cb.jpg

Vanilla ice cream made with a few ingredients in just minutes in the Vitamix.

 photo giveaway2_zps30a8e8ec.jpg

My beautiful yoga classmate and friend, Sheena, won the Mum’s Original Cacao nibs.

 photo trufflemaking2_zpsa370934f.jpg

Raw cacao truffles in the works.

 photo trufflemaking_zps616c0c4d.jpg

Everyone put on gloves and got to roll their own truffles and dip into the different toppings: macaroon coconut flakes, chia seeds, cacao powder/cayenne mix. What wasn’t eaten, I split up and ladies got to take home.

 photo truffles_zpsd8c93ddd.jpg

Raw cacao truffles! Need I say more.

 photo giveaway3_zps179dee67.jpg

Sharon (on left – yoga classmate ) won the Mum’s Original Hemp Hearts. Lynn (yoga classmate and super fun friend – center) and my beautiful friend and yoga teacher, Heather on right.

 photo cookingclassfriends_zpsade6d789.jpg

Cooking class friends! Left to right: Linda, Sheena, Sharon, Lynn, Heather, Darcey and me. Darcey is the gorgeous woman who took all these pictures. Give her some shout outs of love. :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  The WHOLE class and time was a highlight to me.  I feel so grateful and blessed that there are people who want to learn more to improve their quality of life through diet and graced me with their time and presence to show them what I know, have learned and how Scott and I eat daily.  I plan on doing more of these classes – once a month or maybe more if the demand is there.  I have tons to teach and share.  I already have the next meal recipes planned out for the next class.  It is going to be amazing!   Let me know if you want to attend these classes and I will reserve you a seat in the kitchen.  🙂

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!