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Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Self-Love: Part 1, The Body –  This post by Raechel from .rebel grrrl living is amazing.  I could relate to a lot of it.  Very refreshing and inspiring. 

♥ How to Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans into Boots – Easy.

♥ Double The Layers, Half The Frump – This is GREAT!

♥ DIY Boot Warmer Cuffs – Brilliant!  You can also take an old pair of socks and cut out the toes to make your own boot sock cuffs. 

♥ The Ultimate Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipe Round-Up – These are wonderful!  So many winners.

♥ A Vata-Pacifying Routine for Fall – Oh yeah!  Take note.

♥ Heroine’s Journey – Holy Wow!  This is amazing and I can so relate.  I know that many of you can too. 

♥ Inside Out Change – Beautiful, intuitive astrological insight for November from Sarah Varcas.

Easy 5 Min Quinoa Breakfast Bowl + Taking the Pressure Off A “Perfect Diet” – Go easy on yourself!  I made this for breakfast this morning (with scrambled eggs) and topped with fresh chopped green onions – oh how DELICIOUS!  Thanks Linda!

♥ The Power of Nature: Ecotherapy and Awakening – I agree.  Nature is incredibly healing and a source of true soul connecting. So “Go get your NATURE ON.” 

♥  Blender Girl Smoothies app – The Blender Girl (Aka Tess Masters) AWESOME smoothies app launched a couple of weeks ago in the app store. It is available for iPhone and iPad for $4.99.  Her Smoothies App rocks!  It has 100 healthy smoothie recipes and a full smoothie-making glossary. I had the honor of being a tester and I assure you – it is a must for any smoothie aficionado or even a beginner. 

♥ What Is Ashwagandha? – One of my favorite tonic herbs. Check out my tonic drink recipes HERE.

♥ I’ve Found My Path, But Wait! Where Did Everyone Go? – Yep!  Been there!  Still there.  It is ever evolving and changing as you do.  I say it is a cool experience and opportunity during your journey and evolution of growth and healing. 



“Transitions are a part of life, allowing for perpetual renewal. When you experience the end of one chapter, allow yourself to feel the emotions of loss and rebirth. A bud gives way to a new flower, which surrenders to the fruit, which gives rise to a seed, which yields a new sprout. Even as you ride the roller coaster, embrace the centered internal reference of the ever-present witness.”
~David Simon

  If you’re looking for more inspirational reading you can flip through all my Thoughtful Thursday articles here! Be Inspired!

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DIY Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin AND Tonic Herb Toothpaste

DIY Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin AND Tonic Herb Toothpaste

DIY Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin AND Tonic Herb Toothpaste

 photo deodorant1_zps2a775d55.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I love making my own body care products. 
Ever since I changed my dietary lifestyle to a plant based, Eco-friendly one, 
I learned that what you put ON your skin (the outside) is just as important as what you eat (the inside).   To me, it was a real eye-opener! I look at everything I put on my skin and decide if it is something I would be willing to eat.  Why you ask?

Our skin is the LARGEST organ of the body.  What you put on it or come into contact with, the skin absorbs, assimilates and processes right into the bloodstream going full circle throughout the body.  Did you know that the commercial body care industry is one of the leading toxic industries in the WORLD? The very products that we shop our grocery stores and malls for consisting from hygiene, shampoo, soap, makeup, skin and body care are actually extremely toxic to our bodies in the way of carcinogens!  Synthetic chemicals, found in conventional body care products, are harmful to the human body and our planet.

There are over 10,000 chemicals used in personal care products including: carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, heavy metals and formaldehydes. Parabens, used as preservatives in almost all products, are designed to kill cells and prevent growth of bacteria and fungi. Manufacturers may use almost anything as an ingredient and market products without the FDA’s approval. Some chemicals are allowed only at certain levels, but these levels accumulate from using many products containing chemicals. (source)  

Many deodorants (even those that claim to be “all-natural”) contain aluminum and/or aluminum derivatives. Aluminum serves as an antiperspirant…which we do NOT want. We want to sweat!  It is a natural process that helps rid our body of toxins and very important for our lymphatic system – which a large part of it is in our armpits.  Don’t stop the sweating – it clogs the pores, staunches the lymph circulation and causes many imbalances in the body.  These chemicals have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and a  host of other horrific health concerns. Parabens are in many deodorants which are also downright despicable.

Before attempting to make my own deodorant, I went out and bought natural deodorants but not ONE would help keep the “funk” away.  We all have our own body chemistry and mine can be strong at times when working up a sweat and working hard.  I don’t mind sweating, but I do mind smelling. Stress is also known to amp up the “funk” smell in ones body (FYI).

I know there are tons of DIY deodorant recipes out there and believe me, I’ve tried several of them.  Many formulas out there use a lot of baking soda which I found out the “fun” way (sarcasm) causes an itchy rash in my pits – it happened to Scott also.  Not pleasant and doesn’t look good when you’re out in public and scratching your pits.  So, I got to researching and found several recipes that I played around with and came up with one that works for Scott and I. 

Benefits of ingredients:

(click on ingredient for source link)

* For orders – Enter coupon code KUG541 for $5  or $10 off 1st order + FREE SHIPPING *

Shea ButterUnrefined shea butter is high in vitamins A and E and is incredibly soothing for your skin.

Coconut OilRaw, unrefined coconut oil has wonderful antibacterial properties which is a perfect place for those pits. Coconut oil will liquify at 76 degrees; below that and it’s in a semi-solid state.   If you want, you can substitute almond oil.

Food Grade Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous earth is almost entirely silica, which is a crucial trace element needed by our bodies, and one in which many are deficient. By adding DE into your homemade deodorant, you are giving your sensitive skin a nice dose of DE (essentially, silica) which helps with sensitive areas of skin that might become rashy and it also helps to draw out toxins.

Bentonite clayBentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining.  A good quality Bentonite should be a grey/cream color and anything bordering “pure white” is suspect.

Arrowroot powder –  Arrowroot not only helps to serve as a thickener in this deodorant, but it also has the power to help draw out toxins. 

Essential oilsI like to use lavender, sweet orange, ylang ylang, geranium, grapefruit, lemongrass and just experiment with different combinations. Play around and see what oils work for you.


 photo deodorant2_zps8d0aecda.jpg


2 TB. shea butter

3 TB. coconut oil

6 TB. Arrowroot powder

1 TB. Bentonite Clay

1 TB. Diatomaceous Earth

1 tsp. baking soda (optional) this small amount does not cause irritation with me

20 – 25 drops essential oil/s of choice ( I used a combination of lavender, sweet orange and honeysuckle in this one)


  1. Soften the coconut oil and shea butter in a double-boiler on the stove top on LOW for a minute or so.  Turn off heat and let cool a moment.  Then add remaining ingredients and mix everything together until smooth.  I have a mini food processor and will whip it up in that sometimes.
  2. Store in a jar to set up and label it.  I keep all of these homemade goods in used and washed jelly jars or random mason jars I have sitting around.  You can find some great sizes at local thrift stores for pennies. 
  3. The consistency of this deodorant is extremely spreadable. It will firm up in cooler temperatures/houses.  My house is warm right now so it is more soft paste-like.  I use my finger to dip out a SMALL amount (seriously…you really do not need much) and just rub it into my armpits.  Use too  much and you will probably mess up a shirt.

    The key to this application is to apply lightly and rub it in or let it soak in.  Use too much and you’ll  be wasting product and will likely mess your shirt. – See more at:

     Keep it somewhere cool, or else it will melt. Apply as needed.

    The key to this application is to apply lightly and rub it in or let it soak in.  Use too much and you’ll  be wasting product and will likely mess your shirt.  – See more at: too much and you will be wasting product and likely mess up your shirt.
    The key to this application is to apply lightly and rub it in or let it soak in.  Use too much and you’ll  be wasting product and will likely mess your shirt. – See more at:


Do you make your own deodorant?


Mineralizing Tonic Herb Toothpaste

Pearl PowderPrimarily, the nutritional value of pearl is amino acids and calcium, and the percentage of calcium can range from 30 to 80% of a pearl’s composition.  Brushing teeth with pearl powder provides some great preventative benefits. First, calcium coats and is absorbed into the teeth through its pores which can minimize pain from cold or hot sensitivities, plus the pearl provides a white sheen that can give the teeth a whiter appearance and a smoother luster; essentially, making the teeth look healthier and younger. Second, pearl powder heals the gums and makes them resistant to bacteria that can cause gingivitis; it can also help texturize the gums so they are not thin as well as prolong, and possibly prevent, receding gum lines.

Camu Camu –  is one of the best super foods for preventing gum disease. This amazing super food provides our bodies with endless benefits. It is the food with the highest amount of vitamin C in the world, and it also contains bioflavonoids. Studies show that a low immune system is one of the main reasons for unhealthy gums…and camu camu boosts the immune system like no other food.


1/3 cup Bentonite clay or Diatomaceous Earth (or half and half of each)

2 TB. hot water

1 TB. coconut oil

pinch of pink himalayan salt or quality sea salt

7 capsules Pearl Powder – broken open

1 tsp. Camu Camu

1 TB. or so Baking soda

10 drops of peppermint oil (wintergreen is nice too)

5 drops liquid stevia – I use NuNaturals (or use 1 TB. raw honey)


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix into a paste.  Add more water as needed for desired consistency.  Tweak flavor to your liking.
  2. Store in small container – remember those re-usable glass jars and label.


Check out my other DIY natural beauty skincare recipes:

Have a great weekend!

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How To Make Coconut Butter – Nectar of the Gods!!

How To Make Coconut Butter – Nectar of the Gods!!

DIY Coconut Butter + Video


I ADORE coconuts!  I am a fiend when it comes to the sweet water upon cracking a fresh young thai coconut open.  The meat is creamy and perfect for smoothies, puddings, and ice creams.   Then the dried coconut flakes are fantastic sprinkled on top of green smoothies, in a warm oatmeal, mixed in superfood protein bars, raw granola, and more!  I went for YEARS without trying the much talked about “coconut butter” or AKA “coconut manna”.  I didn’t think I was missing out on much.  It’s a pricey item in the stores so I just glossed over it.  Then, recently in a store, I came across a jar that was discounted and I thought I would give it a try. 

Upon opening the jar, I was lured by the sweet, creamy smell (yes, I smell in textures and such).   I immersed the spoon into this thick luscious cream and put it into my mouth.  I melted!  “Where have you been all my life.”  OMG!  NOW I knew what people were raving about when they spoke of coconut butter.  It was all I could do to NOT eat the entire small jar.  It’s a sure–fire way to get the maximum concentration of rich, velvety coconut flavor and texture in each bite.

Coconut butter is not like coconut oil.   Coconut oil is made from the extracted fat of the coconut meat, whereas this butter includes the fibrous shreds of the coconut meat, just in dried form.  Coconut butter solidifies around 70 degrees, and it is best used as a topping on anything from savory to sweet dishes. It can also go from melted to solid and back again without adverse effects — and you don’t even need to store it in the fridge!

 Coconut butter can be made in a food processor but will take approximately 10 minutes.  That is where a high speed blender helps out (time and efficiency).  Make it however you can, but MAKE IT!

 Coconut Butter

* makes one small jar *

What You Need:


3 cups organic, dried, shredded, unsweetened coconut flakes (Bob’s Red Mill Coconut flakes and see source link below)


Vitamix blender or a food processor


1. Process the Coconut – Put the dried coconut in the blender. Mix on high speed, scraping down the sides with the tamper for approximately 1 minute (give or take) until a thick paste is formed.  OR Put the dried coconut in a large food processor, then turn on and process until it’s buttery smooth, about 10 minutes.That’s it.  Scrape this lovely cream into your mouth a small glass jar and use as needed. 

* Tip:  Always use unsweetened shredded coconut — never the sweetened, sulphured or low fat kind. So read your labels carefully.  Make sure your coconut is fresh by starting with an unopened bag.

Coconut flakes


Getting creamy in the Vitamix in no time!


Ready to go into a jar – YUM!


Click on picture and go directly to to order NOW. I made it easy for you!

Coconut butter is great spread on top of bread and muffins,  added to soups, in desserts, in smoothies, as a nut milk substitute, as any nut butter substitute, in tonics, raw puddings, raw cheesecakes and by the spoonful. Have fun with it in your own kitchen.  It is fantastic stuffed into a medjool date with raw cacao nibs – I KNOW!! 

Now, WATCH the video and see how easy it is to make your own.

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How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Healthy Travels

Well, I am now back home and settled in for awhile from my travels to Orlando, FL last week and from Charleston, SC this past weekend.    While in SC, I stayed with my friend, Sara Campbell in her beautiful home and was blessed to use her kitchen and cook for us all.  I did bring some basics with me while on the road traveling to her home (6 hour drive) and while staying with her at her place for a few days.  While in FL, I was gone for 5 days away from my kitchen, but I took my healthy eating along with me on the road. 

Some people say, “You travel with all this stuff!”  My answer:  This is my lifestyle.  It is how I live, thrive and prosper in my mind and body.  I don’t put myself or my health and well-being on the back burner for a few days/ week and go for total convenience in the outside world.    I have to be careful eating out at most restaurants because of gluten and many unhealthy ingredients are hidden in food, so you HAVE TO ASK and look out for yourself.  Again, my health and well being come FIRST and FOREMOST to me.  I have wavered in the past of NOT planning and taking certain ingredients/supplements/meals with me while traveling and experienced/ learned many hard lessons.  I don’t compromise anymore!  I actually went out and bought an inexpensive ($10) single unit burner/warmer so that I could heat up my meals and tonics in a skillet and small pan in the hotel room. It was small, lightweight and barely took up any room.  PERFECT!

So, let me show you how eating a healthy, plant-based diet can easily and economically be done.  It took some pre-planning, but it was SO WORTH IT. There are several STAPLES that I NEVER COMPROMISE with in my daily regime – they are my foundation: 


Prior to my FL trip, I spent a day in the kitchen making meals and prepping.  I made a large batch of stir-fry veggie quinoa, roasted root veggies, made several smoothies, zucchini hummus, filled up several containers (4 gallons) of our fresh spring water (priceless!), filled baby jars with my tonic ingredients (so it’s easy – open jar, toss ingredients in Vitamix along with water – BLEND – warm in saucepan on electric burner and Voila!  Warm, healing tonic in several minutes), pre-cut cucumbers for dipping in hummus,  bags of misc. smoothie ingredients (apples,bananas,lemons,kale) with jars of chia seeds, Maca, cacao nibs, bee pollen and goji berries,  baked a dense seed/nut bread, pre-cut the loaf for ease and use, brought several avocados, my raw cacao superfood protein bars (a complete meal), miscellaneous teas, and supplements.  I brought a mini cutting board, knife and my travel cooler always has a small jar of himalayan salt, chipotle pepper and small utensils.  Of course, my VITAMIX went with me.  She always does!  🙂

So, my first day on the road, I had everything I needed.  My morning smoothie, snacks, afternoon smoothie and plenty of veggie options for lunch with LOTS of fresh water.  When I arrived at the hotel and checked in, I took everything to my room and got my “kitchenette” set up and filled the mini fridge.  For dinner that evening, I heated up some of the roasted veggies in my skillet on the warmer plate and made a small kale salad.  It was wonderful!  Eating clean and feeling great!  I actually felt great from the 10 hour travel. 

 photo tips2_zpsfe8a071d.jpg

 photo tips1_zps687c832c.jpg

I stayed at the Radisson Hotel in Orlando, FL and was highly impressed with its cleanliness, friendly/helpful staff, beautiful room, large bathroom, Sleep Number beds, down comforter and much more. I would stay with them again if I ever go back to the area.  Fantastic experience.  My seminar was located about a mile away at the Peabody Hotel – can I just say “WOW!” What a place.   I loved being able to walk around everywhere. Orlando was clean, friendly and safe!

 photo tips3_zpsf4c12acb.jpg

With each day attending the seminar that went from  8 a.m. to 9 p.m (with a few breaks in between along with lunch and dinner break), I took my tea canister with tea inside and filled up with hot water provided at seminar, morning smoothie (which I made fresh each morning), lunch (bread with avocado/salt/chipotle pepper – YUM!), protein bars, water, stevia for sweetening tea.  A few nights, I would walk back to room for dinner and then walk back to seminar.

 photo tips4_zpsc191286b.jpg

Found some pretty flowers outside the hotel (jasmine in the center) to enjoy and liven up the room.

 photo tips5_zps7269c6bd.jpg

Miscellaneous teas

 Leaving the room every morning at 8 a.m. with my 8 – 10 lb. briefcase (I got a good workout with the weight and walking), getting fresh air, stimulating exercise and greetings with friendly people passing by.  I didn’t mind carrying a brief case that weighed a bit – I had my goodies with me and I was prepared.  I felt good the entire time.   Several days in a row, when I was sitting outside enjoying the 85 degree, sunny weather during the breaks (it was COLD inside the rooms during the seminars) several women came up to me asking where I got the delicious looking food I was eating, avocados, and tea.  I told them I made it and brought with me.  They immediately said, “That’s brilliant!  I should have done that.  The food inside is not that good or healthy and costs WAY TOO MUCH.”  Yep!  There’s a reason I do what I do.  I offered some of my food to several people, who in turn took me up on my offer and I connected with some real nice people that way.  They left feeling inspired and motivated to plan ahead next time.  One lady, skipped one of the short seminars to go to a nearby Whole Foods to get a few basics to be prepared for the next few days.  Score!  I inspired someone new with just a 15 minute talk.  Made my day!!

 photo tips6_zps7d48b5a6.jpg

Tonic jars and supplements

 photo tips7_zpscf5a3113.jpg

Smoothie makings

I took a small glass jar with some Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap and a sponge for cleaning my dishes in the bathroom sink every evening when getting back from the seminar for the day.  Easy and practical. 

 photo tips8_zps04089cd0.jpg

Top shelf: blueberry chia pudding, aloe vera gel for smoothies
Middle shelf: hummus, bread, apples/lemons, stir-fry veggie quinoa, 1 avocado, kale
Bottom shelf:more avocados, chaga tea for tonic base,roasted veggies, cucumbers, protein bars

 photo tips9_zps79121160.jpg

LOTS of fresh water.

By traveling with your own food and preparing it while at the hotel room, you save tons of money and your body thanks you for feeding it healthy, wholesome foods.  I did eat out two nights:  Once by myself – I had a large grilled veggie platter that was divine with a small glass of wine – sitting outside and enjoying “people watching”.  The last night in FL,  I had dinner with a new friend I made at the seminar.   The head chef at the restaurant was more than accommodating to fix me a lovely meal that was gluten-free and vegan inspired.  Just ask and see if places can do a few things for you according to your special dietary needs.  Most places will, especially GOOD places.  I enjoyed the dining experience with good company and great food. 

I had plenty of food for the whole trip (even my drive back home).  I didn’t have to stop and make poor choices along the way because I wasn’t prepared.  Preparation is KEY.  Once you start incorporating it into your routine, it becomes second nature.   It CAN be done with some planning and fore thought.  I look forward to traveling more knowing that it is quite easy and practical.   I hope this inspired you!

Do you ever plan ahead while traveling to keep your diet and lifestyle in check?  What are YOUR basics and foundation staples?

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DIY Avocado Coconut Banana Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

DIY Avocado Coconut Banana Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Food Grade Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

 photo hairmask1_zps4ce0bac3.jpg

This deep conditioning hair treatment really makes your hair soft and shiny!

Here is another wonderful natural hair recipe from my beautiful friend, Becky Ayers.  This deep conditioning hair mask is AMAZING!  I don’t use hair masks very often (OK, NEVER!)  However, with this recipe, I SO WILL BE! I couldn’t keep my hands off my hair afterwards, for it was so soft, manageable and luxurious.  It was a great opportunity to pet my head and send myself some self-Love! 

Avocado is a great ingredient for a homemade deep conditioner. It can also be used for a quick softening, conditioning and moisturizing mask.  Honey by itself isn’t sufficient enough to provide the conditioning necessary, but when combined with other products it can make your hair feel softer and provide smooth hair.  Be careful, because honey will lighten hair (so it’s best suited for those with lighter colored hair).  I opted to add black strap molasses to my recipe for my darker hair.  

 photo hairmask2_zpsa6717de1.jpg


  • 1 avocado (natural source of protein and fat)
  • 1/4 cup  EVOO (Extra-virgin olive oil) OR extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 TB. raw Honey (for light colored hair) OR 1 TB. black strap molasses (for darker hair) – (conditions and adds sheen)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 can organic coconut milk – full fat (rich moisturize—hydrates, conditions and defrizzes hair)


Blend all ingredients together to a thick consistency (cross between a smoothie and pudding), divide 4 ways (use the contents of one for hair NOW) and put the other 3 contents into a small plastic freezer bag and FREEZE.    I  like to wash/rinse hair and then apply to damp hair and put on a plastic cap. (*Tip: I purchased years ago one of those plastic caps for using henna applications (purchase at $ dollar store or Walmart) and RE-USE.  I use it, rinse it out, dry and store for next time.  I have had ONE for years – saves money and less waste on the environment.) Leave mixture on for an hour.  Wash/rinse hair well to get all the oils out and style as usual.  I love using my natural flax seed hair gel with my styling now.

Use one of these natural hair masks every week (one months supply).  Thaw when you need it for next application.  It is so economical and the results are beyond beautiful.  Also, the recipe is edible and pretty tasty too!  Be sure to keep a small cloth around while wearing this on your head.  As your body temperature rises under the plastic baggy, the mixture will warm up and ooze down your neck.  Just blot and wait for the hour to be up.  It’s SO WORTH IT!

 photo hairmask3_zpsc59ca8f2.jpg

3 week supply going into freezer until needed.

Do you use any natural food recipes on your hair?

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DIY Natural Flax Seed Hair Gel + Video

DIY Natural Flax Seed Hair Gel + Video

DIY Flax Seed Hair Gel

 photo hairgel1_zpsee97e365.jpg

I know!!   Right!  Hair gel made from flax seeds – and it is FABULOUS!!  My beautiful friend, Becky Ayers turned me on to this recipe that she uses for her hair all the time.  I haven’t used hair gel in over 10 + years.  Most hair gels on the market are full of toxic crap that is harmful to the hair, strips it, breaks it and much more.  It absorbs into the skin and is NOT good for our systems.  I am NOT a hair gel kind of girl, but you know me, I’ve got to try something once and this was a fun one.  It is absolutely dirt cheap to make it too!   Score!

Guess what,  I LIKE hair gel again!  THIS kind of course!  This is SUPER DUPER natural.  I am known to put food on my face and in my hair, but I usually wash it out.  Not this stuff.  You leave it in, style as usual and SHAZAAM!  Lustrous, bouncy, soft and BODY!  All from a beloved little brown seed that I use every day in a smoothie or my hot oatmeal ( I use the flax meal here).  Go figure!  Thank you, Becky, for sharing this EASY DIY hair gel with me to share out to others.  She gave me more BEAUTIFYING hair recipes and secrets that I will share with you soon as soon as I experiment with them on my own.  

Watch the video for directions and a guest appearance from my lovely assistant.  🙂

Flax Seed hair gel:

1 cup water

2 TB.  organic flax seeds (brown or golden – doesn’t matter) – (linseeds in the UK)

I poured 1 cup of water into my medium sized saucepan, then 2 TB. of flax seeds and then turned the heat on high on my stovetop. Stir every so often to keep the seeds moving and keep them from sticking to the bottom of the pan (I think this also helps the gelatinous stuff slough off of the seeds as you stir, as it seemed to help my consistency in the finished product).

Once your water comes to a boil, stir gently, but almost constantly. When you start getting a thin, foamy jelly, turn the heat down a little, but keep stirring, watching for the point when you let the seeds settle for a second and they suspend in the clear jelly instead of sinking to the bottom.

Once you hit that point, shut off the heat, give one last stir, and immediately pour the liquid and seeds into the strainer over your bowl. I let the gel strain out of the seeds, while I rinse my pan (don’t let the gel dry in there or you’ll have a mess to clean up later!), and then I go back to the strainer and start pushing and stirring the mixture through the sieve with my fingers or a spoon. Add any essential oil of choice at this time and stir.    I then transfer this gel to a sealed jar (recycled ghee jar works great for me).

The color of the gel is almost clear, but with just a touch of milkiness to it, and a little bit of a golden hue. Nothing obtrusive or offensive at all. In fact, if you didn’t know what it was, you could easily mistake it for egg whites – color and consistency are almost identical.

Now, it’s ready for use.   That’s it!  Easy-peasy!


Add a pinch citric acid as a preservative, or you’ll have to store it in the fridge, and even then it will last less than a couple weeks.

Add 1/4 teaspoon epsom salt for curl enhancement.

Be prepared for a little trial and error. Some people boil the seeds for 10 minutes, but on my stove, it’s more like 7. It also depends how runny you want it. More time = thicker gel. But cook too long and it won’t strain very easily, or at all.  The gel will thicken upon cooling – so keep that in mind.

But it’s really not hard, once you get it down.

 photo hairgel2_zps377dd51d.jpg

Leftover flax seeds will go into a green smoothie. NO WASTE!

 photo hairgel3_zpse57ad434.jpg

I’ve been using this hair gel now for about a week since posting video.   It doesn’t weigh my hair down or cause it to feel greasy or heavy like many other Un-natural hair products used to do to my hair.   It’s fantastic!

 photo hairgel4_zps2944c80f.jpg

I added lavender essential oil and it smells wonderful!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!  Scott and I love it!

BTW, What do you think of the new location for videoing in the kitchen and set up.  Need feedback!  Old way or new way?

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Natural DIY Coconut oil Wood Polish/ Conditioner

Natural DIY Coconut oil Wood Polish/ Conditioner

Homemade Wood Polish/ Conditioner

 photo woodpolish4_zps63056413.jpg

I am ALWAYS looking for ways to replace conventional, standard cleaners in the house and I came up with this idea last Fall of making my own wood polish/ conditioner using coconut oil and left-over coffee grounds.  It works BEAUTIFULLY!  I forgot I had it under the kitchen cabinet until a few days ago.  I had several areas in the kitchen (window trim, wooden dog door between kitchen and living room and cabinets) of wood needing a face lift.  This little recipe worked its charm and gave the wood a new look WITHOUT all the yucky, toxic ingredients of most furniture polishes and conditioners. 

I bought some great wooden bowls at the local thrift store the other day, but they needed a little help.  I could see their potential, so I bought them for 25 cents each and brought them home for a natural face lift.  I feel comfortable using this recipe on items that we will eat off of because of the natural NON- toxic ingredients. 

Below are some of the bowls freshly washed, but needing some moisturizing and color enhancement.  They were dry and rough in some spots where the color had faded.

 photo woodpolish1_zps80e3df10.jpg

Now, after a bit of rubbing with the coconut oil mixture, the bowls are darker (still some texture difference) and conditioned.  I will need to take some sand paper to the texture difference and then re-oil for more consistent look.  I wasn’t too concerned with that – it’s character and cool wood grain appeal to me.

 photo woodpolish2_zps330b7537.jpg

 photo woodpolish3_zps5854db95.jpg

Wood polish/ conditioner recipe:

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil – softened or melted
  • several TBS. of finely ground left-over Organic coffee grinds

Mix together and let cool a bit.  Use a paper towel or rag (one that you will dedicate to this polish) and go tackle any wood around your house to brighten and enhance.  Any left-overs, I leave in this glass bowl and slip inside a zip lock baggie for storage under kitchen sink.  If the house is cool inside and your mixture is hardened, just heat over low heat, stir and use.  Any tiny sediment from the grinds can gently be brushed off wood after application.

NOTE:  Be sure and dust area before applying polish.  🙂

 photo woodpolish5_zps850dea86.jpg

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Healthy Eating Travel Tips

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

Traveling Tips for Healthy Eaters


Hey everyone!  I am currently out of town visiting my parents and while I was getting all my food and goodies together during the day (yesterday), I had an AHA moment with some great tips and ideas.  I’m sure someone else has done this, but it’s new to me and I must pass on to YOU.

I always carry my own food with me when I travel.  The reason I do this is because my body does not like it if I stray from my regular diet.  Being that I am also gluten intolerant makes it even more FUN! (sarcasm) The times that I have ventured off the path and tried some food that I thought would be OK, well let’s just say “It wasn’t pretty.”  I just have to be careful what I eat and how it is prepared.  I know what works best for my body and I lovingly choose to give it the best.  It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship and we’ve got  a good thing going when we work together.   We’re both happy this way.  I just have to pay attention to keeping my diet and lifestyle in balance.   I’ve gotten quite good at planning ahead and it is has become second nature for me to do this.  No big deal at all.

 I usually carry my supplements, smoothie and tonic makings with me in individual containers (ex. Maca, hemp seeds, Dandy Blend, almond butter, etc., etc.)  I thought “Why not put it all into a jar because it’s all going to be blended in the Vitamix anyways.”  It was a “DUH!!! – why hadn’t I have thought of this sooner, yet at the same time I thought  “This is BRILLIANT!”  Fortunately, my parents have a Vitamix at their house so that I don’t have to bring mine.  If they didn’t, I would SO BE BRINGING my Vitamix baby with me.  😉

So, I proceeded to put all my dry ingredients for the HOT green smoothie into a small mason jar.  It consists of a knob of ginger root, Maca, Ashwaganda, one date, chia seeds and Triphala.  I cut off a small section of my aloe leaf, put into a baggie and got together the apple, banana and beet greens that will accompany the other ingredients in the blender.


This technique uses less space in the cooler, only ONE jar to clean, it’s quick and easy to put together, less time measuring ingredients into blender and more time spent drinking this little green beauty in the morning.  🙂


I did the same thing with the Happy Hormone Tonic ingredients – EVERYTHING in ONE jar.  I LOVE it!


Now, before I left our house, I roasted a spaghetti squash in the morning, let it cool and scrapped out the inside into a container to take with me.


I put some marinara sauce in a small mason jar (now thinking about this, I could have just put sauce on top of squash in container and saved a jar – oh well, I know for next time), chopped fresh basil and some chevre goat cheese in separate baggies for my dinner meal last night. 


All I had to do was mix the spaghetti squash and marinara together and heat in the oven.  Once heated, I topped with fresh basil and goat cheese and was ready to eat.  It was DELICIOUS!!  I put a few other items in the large travel baggie such as an herbal tea, NuNaturals stevia along with a small container of freshly made guacamole (always a quick go-to staple), some gluten free brown rice bread and I was ready to travel with convenience and healthy items.

Pre-planning is the key!  I hope these tips and information helped someone a bit.  I know it has me for future outings and get-aways.  I always like to learn something new to make life easier so that I can enjoy it more.    I’ll be back home to Scott and the dogs tonight and have more great posts coming to you all week long.


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Many Ways on Making Tea and Water Heating Method

Many Ways on Making Tea and Water Heating Method

Tea Making 101

This post is a request from the beautiful, Becky M. Thanks dear! I hope all of you get something out of it.



Another purpose of this post is to emphasize the importance of the quality of water one uses in herbal/ medicinal teas. If someone is using city water that has not been filtered or purified, the benefits are not quite up to par for the body. So, is there a difference between heating water up on a stove top vs. using a microwave oven? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Let’s look at both methods. The action of heating water on a stove receives heat from the bottom, where the pan in which it’s being heated makes contact with the stove top. Water heated in a microwave gets hit with microwaves from every angle. Stove heating creates convection currents that ensure the water is heated evenly throughout. This doesn’t happen with water heated via a microwave, and since the microwave molecules hit the water at random, it’s not heated evenly. This is the reason why sometimes liquids heated in a microwave have cold and hot spots.

Heating water on a stove does take longer than a microwave, because the microwave particles very quickly cause the water molecules to vibrate, and the vibrations result in heating. When water heated on a stove reaches its boiling point, it stays at that point until you remove it from the heat and allow it to cool. If you want to read more: The Proven Dangers of Microwave Ovens.  Stove top is the preferred method of choice – health wise!  You can also use an electric tea kettle –  they are portable, efficient and an easy solution for keeping water hot for longer periods of time. 

If you are thinking about upgrading your water system, look into Ionizer and get in touch with Lisa at Healthy Body Now.   Lisa has some FANTASTIC articles and juice recipes that you will want in your juice rotation.  If you place an order with her and mention my name: Kibby or Kibby’s Blended Life, she will give you a 5% discount on overall order – now THAT’s some savings!

The video has ALL the information you need, so please take a moment and watch it.  I give you my tips, tricks, teas I like to use and more.  You just might learn something new.  Enjoy!!




So, go enjoy yourself a cup (or pot) of tea to nourish your body and senses.   Have a wonderful weekend!

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SPROUTS 101- VIDEO Tutorial

SPROUTS 101- VIDEO Tutorial

Sprouts 101 – Video Tutorial


I wrote a post on How To Grow Sprouts 101 (be sure and read first – TONS of great info. here!) back in June and had several requests to make a video showing the basics and hands on approach.  So, here it is, my friends!

**The Sprout seeds I use:   Now Foods, Real Food, Zesty Sprouting Mix, 16 oz*

**See how easy it is!  So go buy some sprout seeds and GET YOUR SPROUTS ON!  🙂

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