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SUPER Clearance Sale on Superfoods, Tonic Herbs, Supplements and MORE!

SUPER Clearance Sale on Superfoods, Tonic Herbs, Supplements and MORE!

SUPER Clearance Sale on Superfoods, Tonic Herbs, Supplements and MORE!

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Hiya!  Have I got a great deal for you today!!  I’ve been going through my refrigerator, pantry and cabinets making more space and found LOTS of overstock items of superfoods, supplements, tonic herbs and even an alkaline water unit that I was selling for awhile.  Some items are brand spanking new and some have very little usage.  Some items I am just not using anymore.   I CAN’T throw these away.  I want to find them a good home for someone who would use them.   So, I thought to offer these wonderful items at amazing prices for those that are interested. 

If you want to find out more about the item (what it is good for, how it is used, all the details) – just click on the item (I highlighted it for you) and you will be directed to that source of information.   See,  I made it easy for you.  I kept many items in the fridge (especially the tonic herbs) so they are good 1 -2 years past the expiration date (which I included on the item information below).   This offer is for the United States only.

Ready to go shopping!!

I’ll first start off with the items that are BRAND NEW.

 photo sell items 2_zpslz1psq5k.jpg

Lucidera – Organic Schizandra Extract – 2 oz. bag – (expiration 11/ 2014) – refrigerated – $20 (retails for $39)

Navitas Naturals Raw Cacao Nibs – 8 oz. – (expiration 1/ 2016) – $6 (retails for $9)

Hyperion Nutrition – Organic Gynostemma Pentaphyllum – loose leaves – 8 oz. – (expiration 12/ 2104) -refrigerated – $15 (retails for $35)

Navitas Naturals – Camu Powder – 3 oz. – (expiration 7/ 2015) – $10 (retails for $17)

Hyperion Nutrition – Duanwood Reishi Extract – 4 oz. – (expiration not listed) – refrigerated – $30 (retails for $55)

* Imperial Tonic Superfood – Ancient Wisdom – 90 g. – $35 (retails for $59)

Raw California Almonds (Nonpareil Almonds…have a mild natural sweetness and a smooth light colored skin that makes them enjoyable time after time. They are a large, relatively flat nut.) – 10 lbs. available – $6 per lb.

 photo sell items 4_zpskb9m5khx.jpg

Sunwarrior Protein Powder – Warrior Blend – Natural flavor – 2.2 lbs. (1 kg.) – (expiration 9/ 2016) – $30 (retails for $42)

 photo sell items 5_zpsawsbbhd3.jpg

Dynamic Health – Organic Aloe Vera Juice – Unflavored – 32 fl. oz. – (expiration 6/ 2016) – 3 available – $4 (retails for $9)

 photo sell items 6_zpspqhy7gzc.jpg

Let’s Do…Organic – Organic Creamed Coconut – 7 oz. – (exp.  6/ 2016) – 7 available – $1.50  (retails for $2.75) – SOLD ALL

 photo sell items 3_zpsgziroa1b.jpg

Life Extension – Super R-Lipoic Acid – 240 mg. – 60 veg. caps – (exp. 12/ 2016) – $30  (retails for $45)

Symbiotics – Colostrum Plus – Nature’s First Immune Defense – 240 capsules – (exp. 10/ 2017) – $30  (retails for $45)

Banyan Botanicals – Ayurvedic Herbs – Triphala GugguluDetoxification & Support for Metabolic Function90 tabs – (exp. 4/ 2016) – $25  (retails for $32) 

John Douillard’s LifeSpa Organics – Brahmi-Brain – Famous as a tonic for nerve and brain cells, cerebral circulation, memory, intestinal health, and sleep –  50 veg. capsules –         (exp. 1/ 2019) – $12  (retails for $20) – – SOLD

 photo alkaline water_zpsx3sgfuko.jpg

Velaqua Alkaline Water Unit – All Natural Technology uses NO Electricity to Create Alkaline, Ionized, Micro-Clustered Water that Competes Head-to-Head with Expensive Electrically Created Water Machines for 1/10th of their prices! –  Velaqua is a revolutionary portable water enrichment system that duplicates natures water purification and filtration process using gravity instead of electricity chemicals or other artificial methods.  – Makes WONDERFUL water!  I LOVE mine!   $200  (retails for $350)

NEXT, are items that have been opened and have little usage.

 photo sell items 1_zpssi2z0a9o.jpg


Navitas Naturals – Goji Berries – 14.5 oz  – (16 oz. bag) – (exp. 10/ 2015) –  $12    (retails for $20)

Navitas Naturals – Maca Powder – Gelatinized Maca – 8 oz. – (16 oz. bag) – (exp. 4/ 2015) – $15   (retails for $48)

Navitas Naturals – Camu Powder – 2.25 oz. (3 oz. bag) – (exp. 9/ 2015)  –  $6     (retails for $17)

Navitas Naturals – Mulberries – 2 oz. (8 oz. bag) – (exp. 10/ 2015) – $2   (retails for $11)

Dr. Mercola – Organic Greens – 6 oz. (6.35 oz. container) – (exp. 7/ 2016) – $12   (retails for $34)

Organic Golden flax seeds – 1.5 lbs. (24 oz.)  – $5

The Maca Team – Raw Organic Red Maca Root Powder – 6 oz. (8 oz. bag) – (exp.4/ 2016) – $10   (retails for $19)

* The Maca Team – Raw Organic Black Maca Root Powder – 3 oz. (8 oz. bag) – (exp.4/ 2016) – $5   (retails for $19)


 photo dws-clearance_zpsf7swpahf.png

I accept Paypal for payment.  Safe and secure! 

I will have to charge shipping.  Depending on what you want – I like to use USPS flat rate shipping boxes.  Can really fill them up and guaranteed in 2 days time. 

First come, first serve.   So email me at for your questions and orders.  Let’s make a deal! 

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May HEALTH be with You! and Be Inspired!

Detox Beet Tonic Salad

Detox Beet Tonic Salad

Beet Tonic Salad for Healthy Liver and Lymphatic Cleansing

 photo beettonic1_zps9ac31178.jpg

 As the temperature warms up, liver energy is activated in the Spring, which becomes the perfect time to nourish and cleanse a toxic or overloaded liver. Liver congestion leads to lethargy since this amazing organ can become overwhelmed with how much it needs to process. It is a work horse!  When natural cleansing processes slow down, toxic substances start to accumulate in the bloodstream. Lifestyle choices such as experiencing too much stress, anxiety or anger, emotional purging, exposure to chemicals, drinking alcohol, taking medications, eating too many fried, processed or otherwise inflammatory foods, or not getting enough physical activity can all contribute to a liver that becomes sluggish and congested.

Let’s look at a healing vegetable that is a comrade to our liver, gallblader, lymphatic system and more.

In comes our friend, the BEET.  During my 14 day at-home Colorado Cleanse/Detox last month, I was encouraged to eat one beet a day (spread out through all 3 meals).  This simple little beet tonic salad became one of my favorite dishes.  It tastes wonderful and does so much for those organs needing support and cleansing.  Try eating one fresh beet a day for the next 3 months to help thin the bile and flush the liver and gallbladder. Beets are best grated raw with lemon juice, but also have benefits when eaten cooked or roasted.  It is the raw beet that packs the REAL punch.

According to Dr. John Douillard, Ayurvedic physician: “When the bile flows, the digestive system can break down fat and neutralize digestive acids and the liver can remove toxic fat soluble chemicals. Optimal bile flow may be the most important piece of the digestive puzzle when it comes to weight loss – so eat your beets and reap all the benefits!”  

NOTE:  Now, keep in mind when you are eating beets, your poop will be red.  So don’t look down in the toilet and freak out.  You’re OK!  It’s those beets working through you.  It’s all good. ☺  

Some top reasons to eat Beets:

  1. Fight Inflammation.  Beets are a unique source of betaine, a nutrient that helps protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stress. It’s also known to help fight inflammation, protect internal organs, improve vascular risk factors, enhance performance, and likely help prevent numerous chronic diseases.
  2. Anti-Cancer Properties.  The powerful phytonutrients that give beets their deep crimson color may help to ward off cancer. Research has shown that beetroot extract reduced multi-organ tumor formations in various animal models when administered in drinking water, for instance, while beetroot extract is also being studied for use in treating human pancreatic, breast, and prostate cancers.
  3. Rich in Valuable Nutrients and Fiber.  Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function) and manganese (which is good for your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas). Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects.
  4. Detoxification Support.  The betalin pigments in beets support your body’s Phase 2 detoxification process, which is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules so they can be excreted from your body. Traditionally, beets are valued for their support in detoxification and helping to purify your blood and your liver.

Don’t throw those beet greens away!  If you do, you are doing yourself a dis-service.  They are among the healthiest part of the plant.  Beet greens actually have even more iron than spinach as well as a higher nutritional value overall than the beetroot itself.  Sautee them with some coconut oil, natural salt and fresh ground black pepper – YUM!  Chop and add them to your soups, stews and I even add them to my morning smoothies. I try to encourage rotating greens in your daily smoothies to ensure a diverse nutrient profile for your body.

 photo beettonic2_zpsea4b8a13.jpg

Ginger root

Ayurveda gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. That’s because this wonder spice has time-tested, digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. In India, ginger is liberally used in daily life.  Read more about its healing benefits HERE.


There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries. The two biggest are lemons’ strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and their use as a weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Lemons contain many substances–notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene–that promote immunity and fight infection.

 Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are high in antioxidants and are nutrient dense with selenium, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  One teaspoon of white mustard seed, which is the kind used for the yellow condiment, is packed with 87.1mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 84.2mg of omega-6 fatty acids, 22.2mg of potassium, 27.3mg of phosphorous, 9.7mg of magnesium and 16.9 mg of calcium. These high amounts of body beneficial substances in the seeds when consumed encourage the body to speed up metabolism, lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis.  Mustard seeds have antiseptic as well as anti-fungal properties. This makes them very useful for purging the digestive system and increasing the body’s natural defense system. (source)

Detox Beet Tonic Salad
Serves 1
A delicious tonic salad that will help assist the liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system to rid your body of toxins and build up. So tasty and good for you.
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  1. 1 raw beet, peeled
  2. Juice from half a lemon
  3. 1 TB. organic dijon mustard
  4. 1/2 to 1 inch knob of fresh ginger root
  1. Cut beet into small pieces and add to a food processor along with the ginger root and pulse till finely grated - just a few seconds. Scrape the beet/ginger mixture out into a bowl and add the mustard and lemon juice. Stir to incorporate.
  2. Eat immediately or save covered in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. This tonic salad can be eaten as a side dish or as topping to an entree, soup, salad, or steamed or raw veggies.
Adapted from John Douillards Colorado Cleanse
Adapted from John Douillards Colorado Cleanse
Kibby's Blended Life

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Review of The Colorado Cleanse Detox

Review of The Colorado Cleanse Detox

The Colorado Cleanse Detox

Oh, how good it is to be back to the blog.  I have missed you!  I have to be honest with you all that I totally enjoyed my time away and indulged in some great time really LIVING.  I discovered how I was not Living in several areas of my life. I saw that I had a pattern of spending too much time online. A good bit of it was what I call “time wasters”.  I have scaled it down to spending no more than 15 minutes a day on Facebook, email, and probably once a week doing research I like to do.   I discovered the joy of simplicity, quiet, solitude and time with myself working on old mindsets, emotional issues, spending more time outside, away from technology, quality time with Scott and dogs, working on projects that I had put aside (procrastinated) for awhile, decluttering, organizing and so much more. It was fun, enlightening and freeing.

So, I guess you want to know how The Colorado Cleanse Detox went and my feedback on it.  It was AWESOME!  This was the best detox and cleanse experience that I have ever had. I re-programmed my mind and body about food and exercise and found FREEDOM and JOY.  The results were immediate – within a few days. I was ready to shed “the old” and “allow the new”. 

Several weeks ago, The Colorado Cleanse Detox kept showing up to me within a few days time and I knew it was a sign to look into.  I had been reading John Douillard’s The 3-Season Diet a few weeks prior and had started to implement some of the principles into my daily regimen.  I was digging it!  My body was digging it too!  So, it just felt natural to flow into his Detox/Cleanse program.

Why did I do this cleanse?  Well, for one I had put on some winter weight.  I had put on enough (5-8 lbs.) that I was down to one pair of jeans that fit and they were getting too tight.  It was either do something about the extra weight or purchase new clothes, which was not in the budget. I also felt tired and sluggish, felt “watery” –  when I poked my side, it sprung back like a water balloon (my whole body felt that way – not good!), gathering more cellulite on my thighs (uggh!), felt my eating regimen was not servicing me any longer, I needed a consistent exercise routine that I loved and enjoyed, and my digestion needed rebooting and rekindling – that (agni) fire was burning low.  I had excess mucus building up in my body. My colon was sluggish (you wanted to know!) My body was talking to me and I was ready to listen and nurture it. 

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body and mind.  The body naturally wants to cleanse and replenish season to season. The Colorado Cleanse is a 14 day Ayurvedic Detox and Digestive Rejuvenation program designed to reset your body’s ability to burn fat, stimulate the lymphatic system, cleanse the liver, stimulate bile and reboot the digestive system.  In Ayurveda, the first and most important aspect of detoxification is to evaluate the lymphatic system’s ability to rid your body of toxic waste (physical and emotional).  When your system is functioning properly, toxins are drained off your colon and processed through 500 lymph nodes.  They are then neutralized by white blood cells and eliminated.  If your lymphatic system is compromised by stress or poor digestion (mine was!), then your body is at risk from toxic exposure.  Some signs that you are in need of detoxification due to a sluggish lymphatic system are:

  • Itching, skin rashes or hives
  • Swelling of hands and feet
  • Breast tenderness or swelling during menstruation
  • Allergies
  • Achy feet in the morning
  • Headaches
  • Cellulite
  • Sore throats
  • Chronic cold
  • Constipation
  • Dry, thin and wrinkled skin
  • Tiredness
  • Bloating around the abdomen

The 3 phases of the Colorado Cleanse

(Excerpt taken from Colorado Cleanse ebook):

“The Colorado Cleanse is a unique detox and digestive reset program that operates in three phases.

Phase 1 is a 4-day Pre-Cleanse in which we will prime the digestive tract by scrubbing it out with supportive herbs and a high-fiber, low-fat diet. This will also thin the bile, which will help decongest the liver and pancreatic ducts, which become congested over time. We’ll also be opening up the detox channels and getting them cleared and ready to move toxins in Phase 2. Think of this phase as pushing back the curtains, opening the windows wide, and getting ready to do some deep cleaning.

Phase 2 is the Main Cleanse, which lasts 7 days. This is when we get into fat metabolism – the mechanism by which we will coax toxins out of the fat cells and into the colon for elimination.  During this phase, we again boost liver and gallbladder function and continue to reset all aspects of digestion and elimination. The main cleanse will support healthy lymphatic flow, balanced blood sugar and reset your ability to burn fat-soluble toxins long after the cleanse is over.

In Phase 3, once the digestive tract is cleaned out and reset, we’ll focus on stoking and resetting the digestive fire. This phase is also your antidote to the binge-after-fasting phenomenon. It’s so easy to come off a cleanse only to indulge in hard-to-digest toxic foods again, which can make you feel worse than when you started. Phase 3 is a Post-Cleanse designed to make sure that your re-entry into non-cleanse eating isn’t a shock to you or your digestion.”

In regards to food, I didn’t feel deprived at all, actually I felt so nourished.  My body, lymphatic system, digestion and organs were able to re-align, re-balance and re-boot.  They are functioning better than they have in a long time.  I am able to eat things that I hadn’t been able to for many years (example: beans).  Beans used to be my nemesis.  We didn’t co-exist very well with all the gas, bloating and burping. Not anymore!  We are buds now and I am loving the taste, texture and variety they offer in my diet now.  The recipes offered in this cleanse are simple but wonderful.  Utilizing whole foods!

I was also able to reprogram my mindset I had about food combining.  I noticed some of the recipes were offering different options than what I was used to and I reacted with “What! Can I do that?”  I was concerned that I would get bloated, gassy and constipated. So I had a conversation with myself before starting the cleanse that “I would put everything I had learned, applied and read in the past few years to the side and joyously delve into this cleanse with an open mind and heart.” Give it a try and see what happens.  I set the intention that my body would respond well to the food and it did.  No gas, bloating or indigestion.   I digested my food well and had good movements the next day in the bathroom.  I had been ready for a change and here it was. 

Another thing that I used to do was graze all day with eating.  Eating small meals and snacking on this and that every 2 to 3 hours.  Read more about The Dangers of Frequent Eating.  My body knew it wasn’t right for me, but my mind hadn’t gotten on board yet.  In the past, this regimen worked well for me when I was not well with low blood sugar and compromised gall bladder and liver issues.  Upon changing my diet and lifestyle over 3 1/2 years ago, my body has healed and changed in many ways.  Yet, I wasn’t feeling the same great way I used to when eating this way. I knew something needed to change but wasn’t sure what it was.  A change was definitely in store.  A change for the better. That change was in the form of eating 3 meals per day.


Kitchari – Healing Stew

The Colorado Cleanse emphasizes eating 3 meals a day – this is a basic Ayurvedic principle.  I read it and knew it, but hadn’t applied it personally on a daily protocol.  A few days into the cleanse and I knew it was the answer for me.  My body, mind and digestion were so happy and free.  I learned the value of eating meals, not snacks.  By eating 3 meals per day, it re-educates your body to burn fat.  My body learned to burn stored fat between meals and especially overnight where fat cells stop clinging for dear life to the nearest calorie.  I was able to stop the body and the brain’s belief that I have switched to a pattern of deprivation. Deprivation and diet restrictions create mega sized hunger pains. Yet hunger has no place in this plan.  Hunger is stressful.  This plan was nourishing, peaceful and balanced.  Eating three meals a day will quickly turn your body into a well-oiled fat-burning machine. 

These 3 meals are to be eaten sitting down, in a calm, relaxing environment, chewing food slowly and being present with the food – the smells, the texture, the taste and the allure of it. While eating, I did not allow myself reading, phone, computer, or distractions from my eating experience.  By removing distractions from the eating experience, it helps you slow down while eating, which results in achieving greater satisfaction from smaller quantities of food. 

Mindful eating is a proven tool against weight gain.  Also, when you’re scarfing down lunch and dinner quickly, it’s usually a way of swallowing a lot of stress.  If your meal is tasteless and lands in your stomach in three loads, the digestive system doesn’t stand a chance.

“Where the mind goes, the body follows – Be mindful in eating.”

 For those who think this silence sounds impossible, just listen to some soothing music.  I would listen to calming music or to the birds outside chirping and singing away as I ate.  The first day was a little weird doing this at the first two meals.  At dinner, it was natural to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It became a special ritual preparing the foods and looking forward to the time together. 

I took the same principle of this mindful,nurturing ritual with the exercise, self-care, meditation, deep breathing and emotional work that is suggested during the 14 days of the cleanse.  I’ve done it sporadically in the past, but doing it daily sets a pattern or habit.  It was like exercising a muscle that gets attention once in a while.  With daily use, it was strengthening, firming up and becoming a foundation in my day.  I now practice all of these activities each and every day.  I enjoy them so much and reap the benefits on a body, mind and spirit level that they have become as natural as brushing my teeth and getting dressed.  I allot the time for each one – 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there and I feel centered and grounded.

I now get up early every morning and spend 40 minutes doing a home yoga practice.  I LOVE it!  I was never one to exercise in the morning.  It was usually in the afternoon a few days a week.  I am hooked.  According to Ayurveda, from sunrise, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. is kapha time, a time for exercising and moving.  It is the best time to burn fat and boost metabolism.  That’s an incentive right there! My body started shaping up before my eyes the first week of doing yoga every morning.  I have more strength, better endurance, better stability with each and every day of practice.  It will just get better I’m sure. I like practicing alone right now because it has allowed me to get in touch and in tune with my body on a level that I had never allowed myself before.  I practice nasal breathing during yoga and my other exercise activities (walking, rebounding) and it has taken my lymphatic system, weight loss and oxygen intake to a whole new level.  I am experiencing improvement in mood, energy and sleep with this type of breathing.  I feel calmer, grounded and balanced.  

A few days into the cleanse, I think it was about the 5th day, I started to feel a bit tired and weak.  I was working outdoors more and needed to up my food intake.  I was also detoxing on a deeper level and needed a bit more rest while this was going on.  I supplied my body with extra food and nourishment while nurturing it with more hot epsom salt baths every night along with more rest and relaxation when needed.  My mind wanted me TO DO things, while my spirit said, “Relax and heal.”  I listened to that voice of reason.  Within a few days, my energy level was back up and I was feeling better than normal.  I’ve lost the extra weight with ease while eating amazing nutritious food. I now have more energy, a clearer mind, a clearer complexion (Wow! It’s nice), clearer eyes (that’s liver cleansing for you), sleep better, poop better, digest my food and emotions better and I am still seeing gradual results. My cellulite is gradually disappearing. Woo hoo!

John Douillard has a FREE ebook – Short Home Cleansethat you can easily download and do a short version of the 14 day protocol.  I highly recommend going for the 14 day one if you can.  It is much more in depth with all the great recipes and information.  Read more here: Spring Cleansing: A Requirement for Optimal Health.

My birthday is this Saturday, April 12th, and I will be turning 44 years old.  Having completed this cleanse, I feel like I am in my 30’s.  Rejuvenated, re-aligned, re-booted and back on track.  I always say, with this journey of growth on a mind, body, spirit level that I am getting younger every day.  Sometimes, we all need reminders, inspiration and guidance to get back on track or find a new way to thrive and find ourselves.  I feel blessed and grateful to have found this deeper understanding of Ayurveda in my life.

Overall, I am very pleased with The Colorado Cleanse and will be doing it again with each seasonal change.  It has instilled some wonderful practices in my daily life that bring me joy, peace and freedom. If you are interested in this cleanse and have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d be happy to assist.

I’ll be doing some more posts in the near future on some of the tips, recipes and practices I am applying everyday from this cleanse.  You’ll love it!

I am Glad to be back!

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Violet Weed Walk + Spring Smoothie

Violet Weed Walk + Spring Smoothie

Violet Weed Walk

 photo violets1_zps0635469f.jpg

I was walking up the pathway to the front of the house yesterday and noticed all the fresh blooming violets in the garden beds and along the rock borders.  How beautiful!  Spring is really here! The common wild Violet is a nutritional and medicinal powerhouse. There are dozens of species of Violet, in various colors that include blue, purple, white, and yellow. I immediately thought to gather these gorgeous little leaves and flowers and put into a salad for dinner.

Yep! I go around the yard picking and gathering weeds and herbs to incorporate in our meals and diet.  With the cold, harsh winter we had, I am so excited that Spring is here offering up fresh food for the picking. This is better than anything that you can purchase in the grocery stores or farmers market right now.  When your food is FRESH, nothing is better. The nutrients are so potent.  Your body takes in the life force of the plant and in turn, feeds and raises your energy.  I always give thanks to the plants I harvest for their gift and offering.

The most IMPORTANT thing to remember that if you’re going to start eating violets (or anything for that matter), please make sure wherever you harvest them, they haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals or by the family dog.

Violet leaves and flowers are loaded with minerals and vitamins, especially A and C.   Both of these important vitamins are associated with increased immune function and wound healing.  Violet roots reach way down into moist spring soil and pull up vital nutrients and minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. The leaves become little green vitamin tablets – a phytonutrient powerhouse. The leaves are tasty both raw and cooked. The flowers are edible, sweet and tangy, and make a gorgeous garnish on salads, smoothies and desserts.  The leaves have a mucilaginous (slippery) quality when chewed and apparently can be used to thicken soups and stews.

Violet is a gentle but potent medicinal remedy.  Violet is a strong blood purifier.  Violet leaves have been used throughout the centuries as a soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory demulcent. Violet also supports the immune system, helping to clear infections of all kinds. They can be a very effective first aid remedy for hot, inflamed conditions of the skin. Simply chew up a fresh leaf and place it on the effected area. A remedy gentle enough for use with children, violet can also be used to soothe hot irritating coughs or headaches. Just make a hot tea of the leaves and sip slowly.

Violet leaves can even help to shrink tumors and cancers, specifically those in the breasts. They are most effective when taken both internally and used externally as a poultice. They are also helpful in clearing up other growths and lumps such as cysts, mastitis, and fibrocystic breasts.  Susan Weed’s excellent book Breast Cancer? Breast Health! details the use of violet for various breast conditions.  Violet is also a  gentle lymphatic tonic, aiding the body in removing waste products from the bloodstream.

 photo violets2_zps813899c0.jpg

Violet propagates itself by seed and throwing out scions, or runners, from the main plant each summer after flowering, and these in turn send out roots and become new plants, a process that renders it independent of seed.

I like to add a handful of violet leaves to fresh salads for a vitamin boost.  Take a bowl and scissors and go out into your yard (or a neighbor’s – with their permission, of course and NO chemicals) and begin harvesting fresh cut greens for a salad.   Other amazing wild herbs and greens coming up right now are yard onions, dandelions, chickweed, plantain – just to name a few.  Mother Nature is saying “Come and get it folks!”  She is providing food to assist us with the changing of seasons.  Bitter, astringent, chlorophyll rich greens that will help us reduce excess water in the body, cleanse, detoxify, boost immune system, purify the blood, and so much more.

 photo violets3_zps6700683e.jpg

Salad last night consisted of fresh violet leaves, organic baby spinach, yellow and red bell peppers, hemp seeds, fresh sprouts, scallions with a creamy hemp seed dressing.  It was wonderful!

 photo violets4_zps235eb977.jpg

Another fantastic use for these bountiful greens is to use in smoothies. I made up this low-glycemic Spring green smoothie this morning with produce that is IN SEASON.

 photo violetsmoothie1_zps18272c76.jpg

Spring Violet Smoothie
Serves 2
A light, nutrition packed smoothie filled with Spring's freshly emerging harvest that is low in fruit sugar, high alkaline and rich in healthy fats.
Write a review
  1. 1 small organic pear
  2. 1 small organic granny smith apple
  3. 1/2 lemon, peeled
  4. 1/2 cup organic parsley leaves
  5. 4 cups organic spinach, kale, swiss chard (or combination of all)
  6. 1/2 cup fresh violet leaves (toss in some flowers too!)
  7. 1/2 avocado
  8. 2 cups water
  9. sweetener of choice ( I used raw honey)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender (I use a Vitamix) and blend till smooth and creamy - about 30 seconds. Add toppings of choice - I used fresh, local bee pollen and a few violet flowers (eat them first). Enjoy!
Kibby's Blended Life


 photo violetsmoothie2_zpsb3af1d88.jpg

Violets are bountiful right now freshly emerging with vibrant green leaves that are probably right next to your door and in your yard.  Seek them out and you will be rewarded delightfully with nutrition and healing medicine straight from Mother Nature herself.

Get your SPRING greens on!

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Spring Cleanse Holiday

Spring Cleanse Holiday

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I made a decision last night to take a 2 week holiday from blogging and social media.  Why you ask?  I am 4 days in on a 2 week “Mind-Body cleanse” and feel a need to step away  from outside stimulation.  So I can go deeper. I am focusing on ME – the physical, emotional, mental.  I am LISTENING to my body what it needs, wants, and is willing to let go of.  I am having conversations with my ego to set some new boundaries, rules and limitations on what is no longer acceptable and what is going to be different.  I am integrating some new concepts, regimens and having fun with it all.  I am so excited and into this.  My body has been speaking to me for some time and I am listening and doing something about it. I have been experiencing some symptoms of lymphatic and liver congestion. It’s time to do something about it!

I am doing Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse (home version) if you are curious and interested.  This is a detox and digestion boot camp. This cleanse has the added benefit of detoxifying not only your fat cells but your liver and lymphatic system which is where the waste from the fat cells try to go when being detoxified. It is a deep cellular detox and boy am I ready for it.

I purchased the eBook on his website for $9.95.  The book alone is so worth it.  I already had the ghee, kitchari ingredients, sesame oil for body massaging and some of the herbs to be taken before and after every meal.  I did purchase some of the herbal products that I didn’t have.  I am doing this program full tilt to reap the best results.  You can read more about the details here .  

Like I said, I am 4 days in and am seeing and feeling great results already.  The food is AMAZING!  I made a conscious decision to forgo raw cacao, fruit smoothies, herbal tonics, stevia, etc. and do this cleanse according to Dr. John’s Ayurvedic protocol that he has had fantastic results personally and with his thousands of clients that have participated in this regimen. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t.  I made up my mind to do it and told it that it would be easy.  When I set my mind to something, it happens.  Yet, here I’m only 4 days in, we’ll see if that still holds true throughout.  I am keeping a daily journal to monitor my results, feelings, cravings (if any), energy level, exercise regimen, etc.

We just went into Kapha season (March – June) which is the PERFECT time to do a Spring cleanse for the body and mind.  During the winter (Vata season) we eat heavier foods to insulate and stay warm.  Sleep more.  You know, that hibernation thing.  Well, come Spring, it is time to change things up and start moving more, transitioning foods to the more seasonal fare available, rising earlier and more.  Learn more about Kapha season here

I am exercising in the morning (which I NEVER did!) before 10 a.m. and I love it. There is a great reason why to do so!

If you want to learn more about this concept of eating and living according to the seasons, check out Dr. John Douillard’s book The 3 Season Diet.  I got a copy through my local library.   I plan on purchasing my own copy when I find a good deal somewhere.  This seasonal approach makes so much sense to me and is exactly what I have been leaning towards intuitively.  Now, I have a better understanding and guidance to this.

So, if you want to contact me in any way, feel free to do so via email.  I will be checking that once daily but keeping everything else down to a bare minimum. I am always available to you if you need me. I will miss you but I will be back to report on how it all goes, results and feedback.

  If you are interested in being FIRST to know about the Tonic eBook, special recipes, new posts, Inspirational quotes, giveaways and more – Please sign up for my FREE Newsletter by entering your name and email address  BELOW! Or Click HERE.

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For more healthy living and organic gardening tips, quick recipes, what I’m eating and inspirational quotes, LOVE me on Facebook and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Lots of fun stuff!

May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

My Healing Protocol for Candida

My Healing Protocol for Candida

My Healing Protocol for Candida

This post is long overdue to share with you all.  I have had many emails and friends asking me what I did to get my Candida overgrowth under control.  So, here it is.  Every little detail I researched, experienced and healed from.  I had candida for YEARS and didn’t know it.  I hope this post helps you on your quest to diagnose and heal yourself.   Be prepared – it is very long.

What is Candida?

Candida albicans (its official name) is a yeast that inhabits the mouths and intestinal tracts of all humans. That’s right! Everyone has candida. When you are healthy, the candida in your body lives in a symbiotic relationship with you. It will help to detect and destroy other harmful bacteria from harming your body, as well as helping to clean up any excess sugar that may be floating around in your bloodstream that your cells are not able to absorb.

Every time you eat, there will be a small candida “bloom” as the candida feeds on the sugars that are in your blood stream waiting to be ushered into the cell with the help of insulin to be used for energy. Then, once that sugar has been processed, the candida will reduce in number back down to their normal levels.

When there is an imbalance in blood sugar levels, candida will be given the opportunity to grow to a level that is not optimal for the human body.  It has the ability to morph into different structures and will take advantage of its host. 

While it is normal to have some candida in the gut, an overgrowth of candida is problematic. Like everything else, candida creates a byproduct. In this case, the byproduct of candida is toxic to the body. The more candida you have, the more toxicity it produces.  I had several of the symptoms listed below.   My symptoms were classic:  gassiness and bloating upon eating a meal – especially fruit, INTENSE itching all over body and especially in my nose (? I don’t know, but I did!) to the point it drove my crazy at times, lethargy, funked out, foggy headedness, stiff joints).

Candida  has been lead to several common issues such as:

  • Thrush – in the mouth or other areas of the body
  • Athletes foot
  • Poor Digestion (gas and bloating)
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme sugar cravings
  • Rectal itching
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Brain fog – lack of ability to focus the mind
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Mood Swings
  • Itching
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Soar throat
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle weakness
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight gain

Other imbalances in the body can cause similar symptoms as well.  I feel it is important to rule out other issues like gluten or dairy sensitivity, adrenal burn out, blood sugar imbalance issues, emotional issues and even general fatigue before diagnosing yourself with candida overgrowth.  There are always “layers” to our healing process.

If you have several of the symptoms for a candida imbalance, following some simple steps for re-balancing your body should help move you in a healing direction whether or not the root issue is a candida imbalance, or if the candida imbalance is a symptom of another issue.  If you are experiencing many of the symptoms mentioned above, you may also want to go see a Naturopath or holistic practitioner just to be sure that there is not a deeper imbalance going on that needs professional attention. Never feel bad about seeking help. 

What Causes Candida To Grow Out Of Control?

There are several things that support a Candida overgrowth and thus lead to an imbalance.  Some of them include:

  • Blood sugar imbalances – Poor insulin receptivity of the cell or other reasons that keep sugars in your bloodstream too long.
  • Bacterial imbalance.
  • Over use of antibiotics without replacing lost beneficial bacteria (probiotics).  (All my life I had been off and on antibiotics till my early 30’s). I’m now 43.
  • A nutrient poor diet that is rich in refined carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.), processed foods, cola drinks, etc.
  • A compromised immune system
  • Birth control pill (I took for over 10 years when I was on it – have been off it since age 29).
  • STRESS! depletes everything in the body on a physical, cellular and energetic level.
  • Lack of sleep and poor sleeping patterns.
  • These two things (stress and poor sleep) in particular will compromise your good bacteria balance, as well as your blood sugar balance.

As you can see, the causes can be multifaceted.   Our bodies are very wise and have many systems in place to protect us from things becoming unbalanced. It is when the body becomes overloaded with influences that are counter-intuitive to health and balance that issues like candida arise.  Our bodies are brilliant energy sources and if we just listen more and pay attention to little nuances and symptoms of it speaking to us – we would be far better along our healing journey. It took me a long time to listen (or even be aware of the fact), so just take it one step at a time and “be there” for yourself.

Do I Have A Candida Overgrowth?

Questions to determine if you may have Candida Albicans

1. Have you used antibiotics or birth control pill in the last 2 years?
2. Do you have gas or bloating?
3. Do you have sugar cravings?
4. Do you have low blood sugar?
5. Do you have history of yeast infections, vaginal, oral, athletes foot, or jock itch?
6. Does your partner have a history of yeast infections, vaginal, oral, athletes foot, or jock itch?
7. Are you sensitive to smells?
8. Are you sensitive to alcohol?
9. Do you suffer from symptoms that your doctor cannot explain like; headaches, migraines, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrom), itching, menstrual or sinus problems?
10. Do you feel fatigued all the time?
11. Do you have a hard time concentrating?
12. Do you just not feel right?

I had candida for several years (if not longer).  I sort of suspected it for several months, but the symptoms had gotten worse and (upon learning more about Candida), I thought it was worth a try to do a cleanse.  I was able to confirm that I “officially” had Candida from an iridologist back in April 2011.  Muscle testing can also be utilized by a qualified holistic practitioner, yet if you don’t have access to these avenues, there is a simple test to do at home.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to do the At Home Candida Spit Test.

Candida Spit Test

This is an easy way to test for yeast overgrowth in your gut. When you wake up in the morning (before you eat or drink anything or brush your teeth) fill a glass with room temperature water. Then work up at least a dime-size amount of saliva in your mouth and spit it into the glass of water. You will be watching what happens over the next 30-45 minutes, looking for where the saliva goes.

  1. If it stays on top it indicates that there is not excessive mucous in your mouth harboring candida.
  2. If it grows tentacles that hang down toward the bottom you have some candida in your gut that likely needs to be addressed.
  3. If it sinks to the bottom you likely have significant candida overgrowth in your gut and you need to take action.

OK!  So, if you suspect or you’re pretty sure you have Candida overgrowth to some extent, what to do about it?    It starts with altering the diet.  A few dietary and lifestyle changes can go a long way to bringing your body back into the balance it naturally wants to be in. Remember that your body is designed for health. It wants to be and fights to be in balance. Choosing dietary and lifestyle habits that support your bodies natural balance will help lead your body back to balance.   You want to remove anything from the diet that will help feed candida albicans.

This includes:
  • all forms of sugar (white sugar, honey, maple syrup, dates, yacon syrup, coconut sugar, etc)   ** STEVIA is really the ONLY safe alternative and NuNaturals STEVIA was a life saver for me during this time (and still continues to be!)
  • gluten (wheat, barley, rye, spelt, oatmeal) –  No crackers, breads, etc.
  • packaged or processed foods (including meats)
  • condiments (ketchup, BBQ sauce, pickles, mustard, soy sauce) – hidden sugars and refined ingredients.
  • dried or candied fruit
  • Reduce or Eliminate Dairy – Dairy is one of the worst offenders when it comes to candida imbalances.
  • alcohol (no beer or wine)
  • Vegetables that are high in carbs (potatoes, peas, corn, winter squash)
  • non-gluten grains.  ** I didn’t have quinoa or millet just to be sure.
  • nuts, and fruits should be limited.  ** (green apples, pears and bananas (yes, BANANAS are OK) in moderation.  Even the iridologist guy said bananas were OK when on a candida cleanse.  Good!
  • These are the basis of the diet.
So you’re thinking, “What the heck DID you eat?!”  I used the following protocol for 60 days and it got those little buggers under control – back to being my friend rather than my foe. 
1)  Lots of veggies!  Any way you want it:  steamed, raw, blended, juiced.  I stayed away from carrots and beets during this time, just to be sure!  Avocados are great!  I did a lot of steamed broccoli and roasted veggies during this time.  Sweet potatoes and winter squash are great baked with goat cheese.  Baking the carrots and beets really cut down on their sugar content, I put those in from time to time.  LOTS of salads!  See RECIPES page for ideas.
2) More protein.  (No meat for me!)  I did opt for some organic eggs in the form of HEAVY VEGGIE frittata’s once a week with a large green salad prior.  Just practice proper food combining.  Food combining is also a HUGE factor in digestive health and made such a HUGE difference for me when I implemented it.  Still does.
3) Herbal teas and tonics are fabulous at strengthening the system and body.  Boosts immune system and increases energy levels.
4)  Have regular colonics (talk with your therapist about this) the first few weeks to flush the candida out of your system quicker.  If you don’t have access to colonics,  just implement enemas during this time and you’ll be fine.    With the higher protein usage, I got constipated a little more, so the enemas were good.
5)  Taking food grade diatomaceous earth can assist in killing the candida and allowing it to be removed from the system.  You can mix it in water  and drink it (neutral taste) to incorporate it into your diet.  First thing in the morning and before going to bed – for best results.   DE is great at killing parasites in the body also.  I periodically add this to my dogs food to assist with critters in their gut.  You can also go to your local feed and seed store and purchase very inexpensively – just ask for FOOD GRADE quality.
6)  I took a product that did wonders at speeding up the KILLING of those little buggers and getting the population under control.  It is called A.D.P. by Biotics Research Corporation – it is emulsified oil of oregano -natural anti-fungal, anti-biotic.  I started with one tablet at every meal then after a week, I went to taking 2 tablets with every meal.   I still keep a bottle on hand to use if I ever feel the symptoms pop up – not very often at all.  Within a few days of these supplements and changing diet, I am back to normal.  Remember, listen to thy body. 
 7) Coconut oil was very helpful!  I started with 1 tsp./day and worked my way up to 2 TB./day.  You want to start slowly, b/c it is so effective, the “die-off” from the yeast might be too fast and you’ll experience really bad detox symptoms – you don’t want that! 
8) I also employed SWEATING to detox and cleanse more effectively.  Infrared saunas are nice or just get out in the sun and sweat.
9)  Reduce stress and rest more!  This means taking more time for yourself in a loving, compassionate, SLOWER way.  Learn to slow down by practicing deep breathing (your yoga practice should have this down for you), but practice it when you are traveling to and from work, during work, during food preparation, anytime that you can consciously be aware of it.  When you sit down to eat, relax before you put food up to your mouth so that your body is calm and NOT stressed.  Eat in awareness – slowly – chew more – act like it is foreplay – take your time with it – make your meal something that is beautiful to you and for your body (I know this sounds weird, but it has been helping me).  Take a bite, put down utensil and enjoy the food, enjoy your company and chat, make meal time fun, with no distractions of smart phone, internet, tv, chaos, etc.  Some good music in the background is great!   
*SLEEP – When you sleep your body is busy repairing damage, filtering out toxins, absorbing nutrients and generally healing. Without adequate rest it is very difficult for the body to bring itself back into balance. Try to aim for at least 7.5 hours or more, if you can swing it.
10) Take a quality probiotic to replenish the GOOD flora and bacteria in the body to help balance out bacterial imbalances, and help to fight candida.  I made almond milk kefir (see recipe link below).  Great way to drink your probiotics and it tastes great (especially with lemon or orange slices in it).

Here’s the green smoothie I made every a.m.:
(serves 1 +)
Tons of GREENS (kale, spinach or whatever you have) – more cilantro or parsley
1.5 cups of water (or almond milk kefir or coconut water kefir) – natural probiotic
2  bananas (less if you want)
1/4 cup hemp seeds
1 tsp. Spirulina
2 TB. chia seeds
NuNaturals Stevia to taste
Blend and enjoy!
I had some days where I felt sluggish and slow – it was a way my body was telling me to slow down, rest and let the healing occur.  This is part of the detox – cleansing the candida out of the system.  Don’t push yourself on these days.  Listen to your own intuition and not your ego. 
Once I felt comfortable that the candida was back in its box, I slowly started incorporating some quinoa into my diet and saw I how I felt/reacted.  I did the same for sweeter fruits (mangoes, pineapple, persimmons, etc.) in my green smoothies – as long as I didn’t get any symptoms or reactions, I continued with them.  Always listen to your own intuition and body response. 
 I know this is a lot of information, but once you get it down, it’s very do-able.  It’s only temporary and will spark you to get a bit more creative in your life.   Some of you will probably lose some weight during this candida cleanse.
I look back on it and say “Thank You” to my candida overgrowth and healing protocol journey. It taught me so much about myself, my lifestyle patterns and habits (that needed tweaking and changing), stronger connection with my body – deeper intuition and so much more.  So, embark on this cleanse with a positive attitude of “What can I learn about myself and draw from on a deeper level?” 
 What it boils down to:   having a balanced lifestyle is your best defense against a Candida overgrowth.  Take care of your body and it will take care of you. 
Don’t hesitate to connect with me if you have any other questions that I might be able to address for you. 

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Superfood GREEN Smoothie + Winners of Linda Wagner Ebook

Superfood GREEN Smoothie + Winners of Linda Wagner Ebook

Superfood GREEN Smoothie

 photo ebooksmoothie1_zpscfc6a621.jpg

In honor of today’s post, which I announce the 3 winners of Linda Wagner’s GREEN SMOOTHIE DETOX ebook, I am sharing with you one of my favorite green smoothies that is great for weight loss, detoxifies, alkalizes , floods the body  with nutrients GALORE on a cellular level and tastes FANTASTIC!  Plus the color is just STUNNING! 

Superfood GREEN Smoothie

  • 3 cups fresh water
  • 1 large mango (peeled) fresh or frozen
  • 2 – 3 bananas (peeled) fresh or frozen
  • 3 HUGE handfuls Organic Spinach (or your greens of choice)
  • small handful organic cilantro
  • small knob of ginger root
  • 1 TB. chia seeds
  • 1 tsp. spirulina
  • chunk of fresh aloe vera gel
  • sweetener of choice (I use NuNatural liquid stevia) to taste

Blend in a high powered blender (I use a Vitamix) till smooth and creamy.  Adjust ingredients to your preferred thickness and consistency.  Top with favorite toppings:  some of mine are hemp seeds, goji berries, mulberries, fresh local bee pollen, raw cacao nibs, coconut flakes, etc.  Pour into glass of choice, mason jar for traveling (I do this all the time!) or small bowls for dogs.  My dog’s LOVE their smoothies and come running to my feet when the Vitamix turns ON.  They know what’s coming to them.  I feel good knowing that they are getting great nutrition this way too. 

 photo ebooksmoothie2_zps1d27970d.jpg

Green smoothies for the whole family: Me, Scott and three dogs! We ALL love our green smoothies daily.

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by all the entries and comments that went into this weeks giveaway.  Thank you so much for each and every one of you that submitted an entry (for I read each one) and I wish I could give all of you a copy of this ebook.  Those of you who didn’t win, I highly recommend supporting Linda in purchasing her ebook – it’s wonderful!   Those of you looking for more information, please feel free to check out my RECIPES page for healthy plant based recipes, smoothie recipes and more that are gluten-free, sugar-free and loaded with top quality ingredients.  These are recipes that I use in my diet and lifestyle DAILY.  Utilize Linda Wagners site also for recipes and more too.  We are all here to support one another on our journey of health and wellness.

NOW, for the winners of Linda Wagner’s Green Smoothie Detox ebook!

  1. Stefani Carlson
  2. Claire Pienaar
  3. Fran T

Congratulations!  I will contact you thru email to provide you with directions how to access your free ebook copy.

Again, THANK YOU, Linda for such a gracious offer to all of our fabulous readers!  It is our mission to INSPIRE each and every one of you to take your health and wellness into your own hands.  Let us know how we can assist you along your journey.   The power to heal is WITHIN you!   You have the Power! Harness it and Shine Bright with Health & Wellness!  

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!





Breath is the essence of life…



Mindful breathing is an essential practice that I use throughout the day…I cannot stress enough how good it is for you. To be able to come to your breath when you are under stress, feeling frustrated, having anxiety, in physical pain, etc…mindful breathing can transform these energies leaving you in a more positive, relaxed state of mind. This can be done anywhere, any time…all you really need is a few minutes…you can sit at a desk, on the floor, wherever you are will be just fine as long as you’re comfortable. Posture is important as well as you’ll want to elongate and straighten your spine giving more openness in the heart and lung area.

When you breathe deeply for a continuous, and not necessarily extended, period of time, you’re activating your parasympathetic nervous system. The areas of the body associated with this system are in the cranial and sacral regions of the spinal cord, and activating this system jump-starts a variety of calming systems in your body.   Just take a few moments and breathe.  These wonderful breathing exercises will clear the mind, release emotional tensions, improve digestion and leave you feeling energized.

1)  Ujjayi  (pronounced oo-jai) breath:   This is kind of the classic yoga breath where you actually do a snoring or ocean sound through your nose.  Constrict your stomach muscles and force that snoring sound out through your nose. You do that for about 30 seconds.  THIS breathing technique has done wonders for me.  I’ve done it in the car – amongst traffic and crazy drivers,  in the bed when trying to sleep, standing in line at the grocery store (I just do it a bit more quietly – :)),  when stressed and anxious about something or even when I just want to tune in with myself.  

Here is how to perform Ujjayi breath:

  • Take an inhalation that is slightly deeper than normal. With your mouth closed, exhale through your nose while constricting your throat muscles. If you are doing this correctly, you should sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars.


  • Another way to get the hang of this practice is to try exhaling the sound “haaaaah” with your mouth open. Now make a similar sound with your mouth closed, feeling the outflow of air through your nasal passages. Once you have mastered this on the outflow, use the same method for the inflow breath, gently constricting your throat as you inhale. (source)


  • I like to take a count of 4 on inhale and a count of 8 on the exhale.  Continue your audible, ujjayi breathing throughout your yoga practice or in everyday life and activities to experience deeper breathing, a cleansing of bodily toxins and increased energy.

Try shifting into Ujjayi breath whenever you find yourself becoming aggravated or stressed, and you should notice a prompt soothing effect.  Additional benefits include diminished pain from headaches and relief of sinus pressure. Other benefits may include getting rid of phlegm and strengthening the nervous and digestive systems.

Here’s a good video showing you the process and sound to make:


2)   Alternate Nostril BreathingThis is a basic yoga breathing exercise where you inhale through one nostril, retain the breath, and exhale through the other nostril.   Breathing through the left nostril is calming, and breathing through the right nostril has
an energizing effect.

Modern scientists have found that we do not breathe equally on both nostrils.  That is, one nostril is much easier to breathe through than the other at any particular time. Each nostril seems to naturally alternate about every three hours. The Yogis claim that natural period is every two hours.

By actively practising Alternative Nostril Breathing you produce optimum function to both sides of the brain: that is optimum creativity AND optimum logical verbal activity.


How to Practice Alternate Nostril Breath

** First and foremost, blow your nose and clear everything out.  Don’ t practice this breathing if your sinuses are clogged and congested.  ***

1. Sit in a comfortable seated position, and begin your Ujjai breath.

2. Hold your right hand up and turn your pointer and middle finger down, curling them into your palm. This leaves the thumb and ring and pinky fingers available.

3. You will use your thumb to close your right nostril and your ring and pinky fingers to close your left nostrils.

4. You will begin by covering your left nostril first and inhaling (slowly- 2 counts) thru the right nostril.

5. You will then close the right nostril and with thumb and hold the breath (for 4- 8 counts, depending on experience level).

6. Then release the ring and pinky fingers from the left nostril and slowly exhale (4 counts.)

7. Inhale in the left nostril, close the left nostril and hold for 4-8 counts before releasing the thumb and exhaling out the right nostril.

8. Inhale in the right nostril, hold and repeat exhale and inhale on the left side. (source)

Watch this video for clearer instructions:

Some of the benefits of this type of breath are:

  • This form of deep, methodical breathing can trigger deep relaxation by clearing the mind and calming the body.
  • Alternate nostril breath is great preparation for meditation.
  • An increase in the intake of oxygen helps to nourish the body and brain with the vital life force of breath.
  • The holding of the breath between inhales and exhales helps to regulate and direct the flow of breath in the body- helping to maximize benefits and the flow of prana.
  • This breath helps to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain (linear thinking with creative thinking).
  • Alleviates headaches and calms anxiety and tense mental states.
  • Alternate Nostril Breath helps to regulate the heating and cooling cycles of the body (as one nostril is responsible for wake cycles and sleep cycles.) (source)


Some people grab pharmaceutical relaxants, wine, alcohol, food, etc. to calm them –  I just get my breathing ON and I am grounded, relaxed, comforted and satisfied.

Whatever you are doing, do it with presence and awareness.  Check in with your body and your breath.  Be mindful of every action and be aware of every sense.



So go practice your breathing – it will do wonders. 

NOW!  I want to do a giveaway because I think ALL of YOU are wonderful and I just want to shine some LOVE on you (and because the Facebook page now has 400 + LIKES) !   Spreading the word, the inspiration and knowledge to more people.  How exciting!



3 separate bags of yerba mate up for winning!

I am offering not one, or two, but THREE individual bags up for the giveaway.  That means THREE beautiful readers will have a chance to win a bag.  

       1.  Ambrosia Yerba Mate (ingredients: yerba mate, black tea, fruit flavorings) – 7 oz. bag

       2.   Raw Organic Yerba mate – 1 lb. 

       3.  Lemon Myrtle (ingredients:  yerba mate and lemon myrtle leaf) – 7 oz. bag

To enter your chance to win, just leave a comment below telling me which variety bag you would like to win and why (give me a second choice option too).  The drawing ends on FRIDAY, January 25th.

Giveaway now CLOSED!

Good luck and THANKS AGAIN for EVERYTHING!! 


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

How I Have Been Balancing My Hormones – NATURALLY

How I Have Been Balancing My Hormones – NATURALLY
OK, if you have been reading my blog for sometime now, you have come to learn that I am open, honest and sincere in what I like to discuss with you all.  Sometimes, you might think “that’s a little too much information”, but to me, we all go thru things and situations in life.  It is helpful and comforting to read about others who are going thru or have gone thru the same situation as you and to learn more.    This enables us to become empowered to take our health into our own hands.   To start seeing where the disharmony and imbalance is occurring in our selves .  Well, today I am here to discuss HORMONES and how I have been balancing mine (and continue to do so) thru a mind-body connection.


So, how did this all start.  It goes back MONTHS.  Over the summer, I started to notice some small symptoms:  hair shedding,  trouble sleeping, low energy, irregular periods, dry skin and hair, anxiety, increased muscle tension, sore muscles, tendons and joints.  It could have been due to anything.  The weather, emotions, food, cleansing/detoxing of body, etc.  I was in a different place back then than I am now.  We’re constantly EVOLVING and CHANGING in every moment.


Since I have adopted the Ayurveda lifestyle, I have become so much more in-tune with my body and mind. For the past month or so, I have kept a journal of my lifestyle changes (food, supplements, tonics, water intake, sleep patterns, eliminations, exercise, AND even emotional issues, old thoughts, old behaviors, etc.) and it has helped me immensely in keeping track what works and doesn’t work for ME.  So, these symptoms were still there and getting more so.  I had some intuitive thoughts/feelings/insight about what could be the cause.   Upon reflection of my habits/ patterns/ behaviors and dietary intake and discussing these occurrences with my new acupuncturist doctor (I’ll post about her soon and the experience) it was shown that YES, my thoughts were correct.


So let’s look at the foundations of our hormones and what triggers them to get out of balance AND some things that we can do to bring them back into harmony.


Hormone imbalance is the root cause of various diseases and disorders. Modern city-life involves a sedentary but hectic lifestyle, lack of free time, lack of exercise, increased stress, frequent consumption of fast food, excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive smoking, air, noise and water pollution resulting in exposure to harmful chemicals, intake of food that contains preservatives or harmful additives, over-consumption of processed foods, etc. Even our emotional issues can trigger and throw us out of balance.  Our thoughts about ourselves, our behaviors  and more.  All these factors are responsible for hormonal imbalance and the related health complications. Regular exercises and good eating and sleeping habits help enhance the production of hormones in the body. A healthy diet which provides all the essential nutrients in proper proportions is essential for the release of hormones by endocrine glands.


Hormones determine the ‘fight or flight’ response of your body to a stressful condition, and they also control your appetite and fat deposition. They determine the quality of your hair and skin. Hormonal imbalance can affect your looks significantly, and it can affect your memory and cognizance too. Thus, maintaining hormone balance is crucial for good physical and mental health.


Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish, fish oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds help improve the hormone levels in the body. They improve your memory and cognitive thinking by replenishing the body with fatty acids (that are destroyed due to hormonal imbalances). Antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds help strengthen your endocrine system, as they cancel the effects of free radicals on the body. Consumption of organic food (foods produced without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides) with plenty of clean, filtered water is essential if you want to prevent hormone imbalance.


If you decide to take healthy foods and sustain a healthy eating plan, you should make sure that you avoid the consumption of junk foods and processed foods. The reason is most of these foods consist of high amount of additives and food coloring, unhealthy fats and sugars. Animal products obtained from animals fed with artificial growth hormones as well as antibiotics are harmful as well, and this may also affect the production of hormones within your body.

You can start by being mindful of when, where, and how you eat. All of these factors affect both your hormonal balance and the way your body stores fat and builds muscle. A diet that limits carbohydrates and emphasizes quality proteins and fats provides the building blocks for all your hormones, including major hormones like cortisol and insulin, as well as minor, but important, hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.


Here is the protocol that I am taking (and this is evolving as I see/feel fit for ME:

1)  Cleanse thy LIVER!  –   The liver is responsible for eliminating excess hormones (e.g. in the case of estrogen dominance). In addition, estrogen-mimicking chemicals found in many products and in the environment would also be eliminated by the liver. Therefore, supporting the liver is (in my opinion) THE most important and essential part of treating hormonal imbalance.  If the liver is congested, fatty or overtaxed, ALL the good things you are doing won’t be very effective until that liver is cleansed and balanced.  I am taking these supplements:  Life Extension, Liver Efficiency Formula and Life Extension, Silymarin (Milk Thistle).

2)  Get the sleep you need.  Limited sleep is linked to hormonal changes that increase hunger and appetite, triggering weight gain. One particular hormone, called leptin, is particularly sensitive to variations in sleep cycle. Leptin controls your appetite and metabolic rate.  Insufficient sleep will result in lower leptin levels leading to slower metabolism and weight gain.(source)   So there is a vicious, depleting cycle, which leaves you heavier, moodier and less energetic. 



My sleep cycle had been “wonkers” and I had not been getting good deep REM sleep.  I have no problem getting to sleep, but I would wake up around 2 a.m. and not be able to sleep for several hours till around 4,5 or 6.  I was going to bed around midnight (after watching tv , being on the computer or reading for awhile).  Working up until the very last minute before bed is not conducive to a “good nights sleep”.   My sleep has improved since implementing Ayurveda and some of the suggestions below along with having a nightly routine, especially one that involves relaxing activities.  I now go to bed by 10:30 p.m. and do some light yoga stretching, deep breathing/meditation beforehand.  A HOT aromatherapy bath works WONDERS too!  🙂

3) Shoulder stands/ Inversions –  Inversions stimulate the pituitary gland, the master gland.  The pituitary gland is “in charge” of the body’s overall hormonal functioning.  Stimulating this gland promotes hormonal balance and healthy hormonal functioning.  Inversions increase the flow of oxygen, internal fluids and blood thus cleansing the body’s many systems.   Headstands, shoulderstands, Legs Up the Wall, bridge pose, forward bends and similar asanas can be intimidating for many students, but they are vital to overall health. 




The benefits are worth overcoming fear.  They also increase mental power, concentration and stimulate the chakras.  Check out this article for more information and how to do shoulder stand pose correctly.

4) Add fat into your diet – This was the BIGGIE for me! 

Fat was long considered the enemy of dieters, but the simple truth of the matter is–fat does not make you fat. Your body needs fat to fuel the body’s hormonal systems, including the production of sex hormones like testosterone. Normal testosterone levels are necessary for a healthy sex drive, strong energy levels, and the retention of lean muscle mass. Dieters sticking to a low-fat regime sometimes skirt the minimal acceptable levels of fat intake, playing Russian roulette with their hormone levels.

My acupuncturist said that she sees these symptoms quite a bit from women on low-fat diets and she feels that by restricting my fat intake (I wasn’t consciously doing it) that I had put myself into peri-menopause.  Over the summer time, I tend to eat lighter with fruits, salads, veggies (mostly raw) and tend to not eat as much fat (avocados are the exception).  Over the past two months of being on the Ayurvedic diet and eating a good bit of ghee in my EVERY meal – I have noticed improvements with skin, hair, mood, energy level, teeth/gums, more centered and calm (not as reactionary), happier, have more strength and muscle tone, and yes, menstrual cycle back to normal.  ** Just to note: I had some blood work done while visiting acupuncturist doctor and the results came back great.  My cholesterol levels were better than ever (and they have been GREAT with past results).  **  So including HEALTHY fats into a diet will help cholesterol levels and much more.



My acupuncturist feels that the Ayurvedic diet/lifestyle is working for me and to keep doing what I am doing.  It might take some time (a few months) to get back into complete balance.  It took time to get this way and it will take some time to reverse.  So, I learned that I need more fat in my diet than what I had “brain washed myself to think”.   I am not saying anything bad about the raw food diet (so NOT!).   I just know NOW that I will continue to  incorporate more fat (avocados, nuts, ghee, fresh coconuts, etc.) into my diet when I start eating more fruit and salads again during the warmer months.  Being aware of balance.

Eat fats in their raw and unprocessed state and be sure to get enough omega 3 fatty acids daily, in the form of chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, pumpkin seed and blue green algae.  I am currently taking some flax oil supplements to get more essential fatty acids – Udo’s Oil  would be great too (I am out and need to order more this week!)

*  So, my friends, if you are on any type of low-fat diet, please be careful and watch for any symptoms or reactions in your body and mind.  I know I felt great in the beginning on mostly fruit and leafy greens with little fat, but obviously, that caught up with me.  Once the imbalance occurs, it can take several months for it to manifest and show itself with symptoms.  Little to no-fat diets are not sustainable for long term and the body NEEDS fat to perform MANY functions, tasks and to be healthy.  We are like automobiles, if we don’t add oil to the system when it gets low (or very little) it will “throw a rod” or worse.   Let’s aim to take care and maintain these beautiful vehicles that we reside in –  for they are the only ones we have in this lifetime. 

5)  Herbs and herbal tonics – Turmeric, ashwaganda, Maca (see #7 below) and ginseng (also good liver cleansers) are some herbs which helps balance both female and male hormones.  Red raspberry, dong quai, wild yam, black cohosh, red clover are some other herbs that are phytoestrogens in the form of plants that assist the bodies hormones back into balance.  So, I have been upping my intake of hot herbal tonic drinks that balance the hormones and cleanse the liver.  Check out my recipes here.


6)  Foods/Diet  Examples of foods which contain phytoestrogens are tofu, tempeh, soybeans (I personally don’t eat these in my diet)  and sprouts, wheat-berries, fenugreek, lentils, yams, rice, all sprouted seeds, alfalfa, linseed, oil seeds like sesame, sunflower etc., uncooked olive oil, wheat germ, rice bran, corn, barley, oats, parsley, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnip, celery, green peas, green beans, cucumber, apples, anise, carrots, pomegranates, etc. (source)

 The Ayurveda dietary changes have helped me immensely.  My body is getting the proper foods that seem to be healing my body and mind. 

7) Adrenal fatigue  Reduce stress!  The stress hormone cortisol is a big player in messing with our hormones and keeping them “out of whack”.   Stress is one of the key contributors to hormone imbalance.  When you’re in a stressful situation, your body produces a cascade of chemicals-hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters — that mobilize your body to escape or fight.  When this is chronic, the excessive demands of on your adrenal glands, the “stress soldiers”, cause less nutrients and hormone precursors to be available to make other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. Studies show that you can transform a stressful state through the power of deep breathing and appreciation. Take frequent deep breathing and appreciation breaks throughout the day to support your hormones.



* MACA:   Peru’s maca root is the best organic adaptogen nutrient in the world to stabilize hormone imbalance in women. Maca is a powerful adaptogen and also enhances natural production of progesterone testosterone and estrogen hormones in women.  It is important to know that herbal maca does not “replaces” human hormone with plant-hormones or plant estrogens like black cohosh and other phyto estrogen herbs, but its action in the body nourishes and jogs the pituitary gland into producing your own bio identical human hormone and ends up raising not only estrogen, but also progesterone and testosterone hormones naturally.  Maca is also a natural adaptogen, which means it has the ability to balance and stabilize the body’s hormonal system. Adaptogens also boost immunity and harmonize the body’s overall vitality.  

(So, needless to say, I am taking MACA daily to see how the results come about.)

I reduce stress through exercise (mine has been  yoga, walking outside in nature and Rebounding), deep breathing, self-nurturing practices such as yoga stretching/breathing and affirming GRATITUDE first thing in the mornings, hot aromatherapy baths at night, BREATHING throughout the day, getting away from stimulating activities at night (computer, tv, etc.) and chilling before bedtime. 

8) Deep Breathing –  Deep breathing stimulates vital hormone secretions throughout the endocrine system by exciting the pneumogastric nerve and providing direct massage to glands in the abdomen  and sacrum, thereby balancing all vital functions, including sexual potency and fertility.   Deep breathing permits deep, uninterrupted sleep and reduces time required for a complete rest.   It also improves digestion, metabolism, excretion and and aids the liver. (from the book – The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity

Take a slow deep breath in for a count of 4 seconds. Hold the breath in for 4 seconds. Release the breath for a count of 4 seconds. Slow and controlled.  Do for as long as you can.  Just focus on your breathing. 


I know this was LONG, but there are so many factors to take into account on this topic.  This is my experience and the choices I decided to make for my journey.   I hope you found some of this information helpful and you can create balance and peace in your life with healthier hormone levels.  This whole approach is fabulous not only for our hormones but our OVERALL HEALTH.

 **  Come back tomorrow because I will share with you an herbal tonic that I have been making for my hormones. **

** Have you balanced your hormones in a natural way – would love to hear about it! **

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My Favorite Herbal Tonics/ Tea ingredients: Identification and Usage

My Favorite Herbal Tonics/ Tea ingredients: Identification and Usage

Herbal Tonics and Teas: What I Like to Use


Creamy immune boosting herbal tonic – recipe below

This post is a request from one of my lovely readers, Linda V.   She contacted me saying that she had been reading several of my posts on herbal tonics and teas and wanted to know what some of the ingredients were that I used in the blends.  So, this is going to be an informative and educational post on herbs, superfoods and teas that I like to use in my rotation.  So, go make yourself a lovely cup of tea, a green juice, green smoothie or tonic and be prepared to be INFORMED and INSPIRED. 🙂

♥  Camu Camu  –  camu camu is a tropical fruit that is similar to a cherry. It grows deep in the Amazon rainforests. It is known to be extremely high in a potent form of Vitamin C and phytochemicals. This fruit has been used for many things including; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and many others.  Because camu camu fruit is so high in Vitamin C, it tends to be very sour.  The vitamin C in camu camu is more absorbable by the body because it is plant based over synthetic vitamin C tablets.  People who use this fruit have found many other health benefits including; anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, hair tonic and anti-viral. (source)

♥  Ashwaganda  –  Ashwagandha root is a herb of the ages. It is the ‘ginseng’ of Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India and is considered an ‘adaptogen’, a term used to describe herbs that improve physical energy and athletic ability, increase immunity to colds and infections and increase sexual capacity and fertility.  One reason for ashwagandha’s reputation as a general energy-promoting, disease-preventing tonic may be its effect on the immune system.  (source)

♥  He Shou Wu  –  is one of the most popular and highly revered tonic herbs in Asian herbalism.   It is widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair. It will calm the nervous system. Because it has components that are potent antioxidants with gentle anti-inflammatory action in the liver, it can clear the eyes. Its strength comes from its remarkable ability to cleanse the body by cleaning the kidney and liver, which in turn clean the blood.   He Shou Wu is rich in iron and extremely rich in zinc. (source) – (Ron Teeguarden – Dragon Herbs is a great product –

♥  Pau D’Arco  –    The pau d’arco herb owes its medicinal benefits to chemical compounds found in its bark known as naphthaquinones. Research has found these compounds to have potent antifungal properties in laboratory studies. They even appear to work better than common prescription antifungal drugs. The antifungal properties of the herb are so strong, that its bark never molds or mildews after being cut down. Other compounds in the bark are believed to fight bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, and they may also have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes pau d’arco a beneficial treatment for individuals suffering from wounds and infections of all kinds (including Candida).  (source)

♥  Schizandra Berry  –  Schizandra ranks along with other Chinese tonic herbs as an excellent tonic, adaptogenic and restorative herb.  It helps in stressful times and increases zest for life.  The berries tone the kidneys and sexual organs, protect the liver, strengthen nervous function, and cleanse the blood.   Although a stimulant, schizandra is used in Chinese medicine to”quiet the spirit and calm the heart.”  It is given for insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep, and is a fine example of how adaptogenic herbs often work in apparently contradictory ways to restore normal body function.    It has a sour, salty and slightly warm taste. 

♥  Nettles –  Nettle’s key use is as a cleansing and detoxifying herb.  Nettle has been used for centuries to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hayfever which is the most common allergy problem. It is high in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron – so it is GREAT as a base for an herbal blend tea.  It contains biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation.  The root is now used very successfully to treat prostate enlargement.   This form of calcium is in a bio-available source/means that the body can utilize and assimilate easily.

♥  Oat straw  –  The oat straw plant is an annual grass.   It is a tonic when taken medicinally.  The grains and straw are mildly antidepressant, gently raising energy levels and supporting an over-stressed nervous system.  It is also used in the profound lethargy that results from multiple sclerosis, chronic neurological pain, and insomnia.   Oats are thought to maintain muscle function during training and exercise.  Oat straw contains saponins (cleansing), proteins, vitamins (especially B vitamins) and minerals (especially calcium).   

I remember from my herbal store days,  a woman came in to purchase some bulk oat straw from me and said that it was working wonders for her.  I asked her in what way that was – she said that in just two days of making it into a tea and drinking it several times a day,  all her joint pains were GONE and she had more energy.  She was buying a pound of it and wasn’t going to be without.  It is great for women (and men)  wanting to strengthen and increase their calcium intake.  This form of calcium is in a bio-available source/means that the body can utilize and assimilate easily.

♥  Astragalus  –  The herb of youth and sustained energy is astragalus root.   It has been used in China for thousands of years as a whole body supertonic, that strengthens muscle and improves metabolic functions.  Astragalus extracts are immuno-modulating, rich in stress-reducing adaptogenic compounds that help regenerate cell function and healing.  It greatly relieves fatigue and is used by athletes all around the world for peak performance.  Since astragalus is a supertonic herb, it can be used daily and safely with cumulative youthening benefits over a long lifetime.  (source)

♥  Horsetail  –   This perennial plant contains LARGE amounts of silica (a large proportion of which is soluble and can be absorbed.  Silica supports the regeneration of connective tissue.  This plant is recommended when it is necessary for the body to repair bony tissues that are in not well condition, as a result of some traumatism or because of their own corporal decalcification. Silica helps to fix calcium, so that the body can store more quantity of this mineral and it is able to form stronger bones or tendons.  Horsetail is an astringent herb and has a diuretic action. It has an affinity for the urinary tract where it can be used to sooth inflammation, hemorrhaging, cystic ulceration, ulcers, cystitis and to treat infections.

Lucuma –  Lucuma powder delivers an abundance of healthy benefits when added to your favorite food or beverage. In addition to satisfying your sweet tooth, lucuma is gluten-free and a source of antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (providing 14 essential trace elements, including a considerable amount of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus) necessary for bodily functions and of benefit to the immune system.

Lucuma fruit powder has a distinctively sweet and fragrant taste that provides a natural sweetening to desserts without increasing your blood sugar levels, unlike many sweeteners that offer empty calories. A healthy alternative to sugar, lucuma powder may be useful for diabetics and people with other health issues.  (source)


♥  Shilajit  –  Shilajit is considered one of the most important substances in the Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine. It’s name means “nectar of God”.  It has been used for thousands of years for longevity and a host of other ailments. Shilajit is a thick, blackish-brown mineral pitch resin that oozes out of cracks in the Himalayan mountains as the summer heat raises the temperature of the rock.

Shilajit is composed of centuries old, decomposed plants which are a potent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It just may be nature’s most potent trace mineral source. It’s a powerful adaptogen, helping protect against all types of mental and physical stress.    Read MORE about it here– it is quite impressive!    In India, it is believed that there is almost no curable disease that can’t be assisted with the consumption of Shilajit.

I personally LIKE the taste and smokiness of it and it is FABULOUS when combined with raw cacao or carob powder in raw brownies, smoothies, desserts and hot tonic drinks.  **However, ONLY USE A TINY AMOUNT AT A TIME!  IT IS POTENT!  JUST A PINCH!**  So a little goes a LONG WAY. 



**Bone strengthening/ calcium building tea – 1 cup
1 tsp. horsetail
1 TB. nettles
1 TB. oat straw
sweetener of choice ( I use stevia)
Steep herbs in hot water, strain, sweeten and enjoy several times a day.


**Immune boosting/ energy enhancing hot tonic – 1 cup
1 cup almond milk (or nut/seed milk of choice –  homemade preferable)
1 TB. carob powder
1 TB. Lucuma powder
1 tsp. astragalus root powder
1 TB. coconut oil
pinch of sea salt
1/4 tsp. shilajit (or less)
sweetener of choice
Heat the almond milk in a saucepan (watch it carefully!).  Place all other ingredients in a blender (I use a Vitamix) and when the almond milk is to your preferred heat add to the pitcher and blend on high to get it smooth and creamy.  Taste, adjust flavors/sweetener as necessary and enjoy!


I mix and match ingredients all the time.  I make different blends of tea to how I am feeling and what I need at the moment.  Make a cup or make a pot and drink often as needed.   Add some orange/lemon zest for some enhanced benefits and tastiness too!


Hope you found this post helpful and let me know if you have any questions about any other herbs/superfoods or such. 
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**Be sure and check out the post I did in September on How to Make Your Own Herbal/ Superfood TONICS + Video!  This post highlights some of my favorite ingredients for a hot tonic and how to make one too!  Check it out!

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