California Trip 2013

California Trip 2013

California Trip 2013

I am back from my California trip last week, have decompressed and back in full swing of things here at home and work.  I just have to say that Northern California is a beautiful place!  My heart-felt THANKS and GRATITUDE go out to Liz and her husband, Dan for accommodating my stay with them, being such gracious hosts and most of all being great FRIENDS.  I had such a great time visiting Liz, hanging out with her,  having amazing talks at any given time of the day/evening and enjoying her contagious, heart-warming laugh.  It just makes me smile!

I took around 200 hundred pictures during the trip and only sharing a fraction with you – wish I could more, but this post can only handle so many pictures.

 photo lizkib1stday2_zpsefe975e8.jpg

Liz and I on my first day upon arrival to California.

 photo lizkib1stday_zpsd085fb8e.jpg

I love the sign behind us – how cool was that!

I had a layover flight in Phoenix, Arizona on departure date.  While boarding the flight, I got into my seat, settled in and someone came up next to me and said “Hi Kibby!”  It was my friend, Christine, who introduced me to Liz, lives 15 minutes from her and whom I was going to see on Monday.  I thought “What the Hell!  Am I sleeping!”  She was returning from Florida on a small trip with her husband and it turned out that her flight and mine were at the same time going to San Jose, California.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Pretty cool!   The seats next to me were free (the whole flight wasn’t very full)  and Christine sat on my row and we talked for the next 2 hours of the flight.  Love this lady!

 photo chriskib_zpsf1c7acd2.jpg

Me and Christine outside of the San Jose airport – day 1.

The following day, Friday – Day 2,  I hooked up with another friend I met thru the blog, Clare, who also lives only 15 minutes from Liz.  We had a blast spending the day together.  Started off going to a powerful yoga class, afterwards returned to her home and made some wonderful herbal tonic drinks.  We shared one another’s Energy bars, talked, laughed and got ready to go into Santa Cruz for the remainder of the day. 

 photo clarekib_zps64fb80cf.jpg

Clare and I after yoga class. Day 2. She is AMAZING!!

We went to eat at Cafe Gratitude for lunch in Santa Cruz and it was really nice.  We went into a little herb shop and spent an hour going thru the entire selection and found some goodies to add to my tonic collection.  Wee!  We returned home and I got to meet her lovely family (Christie – her talented, artistic daughter who I adore, son – Michael and husband – Terry).  Oh, and Clare is Welsh – love her accent.

 photo cafegrat_zps1b21acfb.jpg

 Saturday – Day 3 – Liz, her friend, Tammy and I went into San Francisco for the day/evening.  It was such a fun day!  So much to see and experience!  It was a COLD and WINDY day but that didn’t stop us.

 photo goldengatebr_zps69bd9fb6.jpg

 photo sf1_zpsc3861353.jpg

 photo lizkibchocolate_zps455a5904.jpg

Liz and I out front of the Ghirardelli chocolate store. Yes, we all stopped in for some hot cocoa to warm up and rest a bit. CHOCOLATE!!


 photo goldengatebridge1_zpsa374f819.jpg

Golden Gate bridge

Everywhere we went that day, every situation fell into place like a charm.  Walked up to the restaurants, were seated promptly and served quickly.  Found a parking space like THAT when others were circling.  We set our intention for the day and it played out.  Love living that way!

 photo sf2_zps697aef86.jpg

San Francisco night life. We ate dinner at a great Italian restaurant – The Stinkin Rose (GARLIC baby!)

Sunday – Day 4 – Liz, Dan and I walked 2.5 miles from their house to the local downtown Farmers Market.   Found some great items and ran into Christine and Clare again.  yay!!

 photo fm1_zps7098c9c6.jpg

What beautiful bounty. Most of it was ORGANIC! My kind of market!

 photo fm3_zps931de9be.jpg

 photo fm2_zps5b42f8ae.jpg

Fresh local organic kale.

Monday – Day 5 – Liz, Dan and I drove to Muir Woods to experience the Redwood Forest.  I was BLOWN away by the beauty, the majesty of the area – I was enchanted!  Nature has such a healing effect on us and this place HAS IT!

 photo muirwoodsentrance_zps547741f3.jpg

 photo muirwoodsferns_zpsece933d0.jpg

 photo muirwoodsmoss_zpsa93863c8.jpg


 photo treehugger_zps1f62e63d.jpg

I’m a tree hugger and proud of it! Good energy from these trees.


 photo treeloving3_zpsd771a522.jpg

These trees and woods are magical!


 photo muirwoodshearttree_zps516cc8e3.jpg

I liked the heart shape at base of tree at the angle I approached it. I sat on the other side of this tree for about 15 minutes and tuned into the surroundings – what peace and bliss.

 photo muirwoodscanopy1_zps213d7bde.jpg

View of tree tops from my rest.

Tuesday – Day 6 – Liz, Tammy, Christine and I took the 17-Mile Drive/ Pebble Beach scenic drive which was AMAZING!  My first experience with the Pacific coast and I was completely drawn to it.  There is such power and beauty in this ocean.  It felt like home to me (just as the Redwoods did). 

 photo carmelbeach3_zpsc0dffdb9.jpg

Pacific Ocean

 photo 17mileroad1_zps20a381d2.jpg

Cypress Point Lookout

 photo 17mileroad2_zpsb5036a15.jpg

The Lone Cypress – one of California’s most enduring landmarks, the Lone Cypress has prevailed on its rocky perch for more than 250 years.

 photo 17mileroad3_zpsc9cde552.jpg


 photo carmelbeach2_zpsc892ed21.jpg

Carmel Beach – the sand is so powdery, white and beautiful.

Wednesday – Day 7 – I woke early to give Liz a hug and some quick quality time before she left for work for the day.  I spent a few hours with Clare at her house – she made me some healthy treats and food to take with me on the plane trip that day. Her beautiful daughter, Christie, gifted me a lovely bracelet she made for me in her art class.  So grateful for ALL the generosity and openness from everyone on this trip.  My heart swells now just thinking about it. 

I got back home LATE at the airport (ALL my flights went smoothly and were actually a few minutes ahead of time) greeted by a very happy Scott with LOTS of hugs and kisses.

  I will definitely be going back to visit California again when I can.  Thank you Liz, Dan, Christine and Clare for taking care of me and showing me (along with sharing it) a time of my life.

This trip was an experience of how to let go, surrender and allow everything to fall into place as it should be.   Allow yourself to be guided for your highest good and enjoy the journey/ride.  It was a flow that life is to be lived. I am ready to embrace this MORE!

 Hope you enjoyed the pictures and experience as much as I did.

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Looks like your trip was packed full of fun, friends, fine-foods, and plenty of blessings. Thanks for sharing. The photos are beautiful, just like all the beautiful people in them!

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