Ayurvedic VATA Superfood Smoothie

Ayurvedic VATA Superfood Smoothie

Vata’s Superfood Smoothie

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If you don’t know already, I LOVE my green smoothies!  Ever since I started drinking them warm/hot (HOT Green smoothie), I can have them during the winter with GREAT results. I was craving something yesterday during the afternoon and was being aware of what my body was wanting.  I was craving GREENS!  I needed something that was going to feed my body, cells, tissues with amazing nutrition, filling for my tummy and tasted fantastic.  I had a new ayurveda superfood smoothie recipe and knew it was time to try it out.   I adapted this lovely VATA smoothie recipe from Cate Stillman at Yogahealer.

Scott was out in his workshop (putting the final touches on the small kitchen island he made for me, so that I can face everyone for my upcoming cooking class. Plus it might be the new layout for the videos from now on – MORE kitchen centered with better lighting – Yay!).

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Can I just say that SCOTT IS THE BEST!  If we want or need something and he can make it, he will.  He is so creative and brilliant at coming up with a design and putting it all together AND it looks great! 

OK, back to story here.  I was feeling depleted and knew that I needed something quick so that my body could utilize the nutrients immediately and digest easily.  Enter the VATA Superfood Smoothie!  I made one for myself and it was fantastic.  I loved the color, but I also loved the thicker texture and taste.  Scott stepped inside the house to ask me a question about the time I finished scraping the last residue out of the glass.  I offered to  make him one – rarely does he turn down a smoothie or ANYTHING that I offer for him to taste – he said “YES, Please!”   A few minutes later, he’s drinking his smoothie and making YUM, HHHMMM, THIS IS GOOD noises.  We have a winner!

Vata’s Superfood smoothie

SERVES 1 person

  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1 banana or 1 cup mango – I used a banana
  • 1 TB. Maca powder
  • 1 TB. chia seeds
  • 1 heaping TB. goji berries
  • 1/2 tsp. Spirulina
  • 3 dates
  • 1 cup or more leafy greens ( I used organic spinach)
  • 1 + tsp. extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. wheatgrass powder (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp. Reishi powder or 1 opened capsule Spirit Reishi
  • 1 tsp. Ashwaganda powder
  • a few drops of stevia – if desired for more sweetness

Put all ingredients in a high speed blender – I use a Vitamixand blend till smooth and warm. If you want to try some other fruits for VATA, check out the post I shared with you on Ayurvedic Dietary Guidelines.

This smoothie was so filling and nourishing.  I felt so much better and I had plenty of energy after drinking it. I felt like Popeye after “eating me spinach”.  I drank it around 2:30 in the afternoon and wasn’t hungry till dinner.  THAT says something for me.  When Scott came in for dinner, I asked him how the smoothie worked for him – sustaining wise.  He said that he was surprised at how filling it was and he wasn’t hungry for hours also.  It is a meal replacement all by itself.  I will definitely be making this smoothie quite often.  I can see kale being a great green in this smoothie.  See, I’m already fantasizing about having it again with optional variations.   Yes, I am a nutrition foodie geek and PROUD OF IT!  🙂

Hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as Scott and I did! 

I will post Pitta and Kapha Superfood smoothie recipes later in the week.


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Hi, I was informed by an Ayuervedic practitioner to never eat fruit with anything else. In addition, one should wait an hour after eating fruit to eat anything else.
    I am interested in your reply!
    Thank you!

    • Hi!
      Yes, fruit should be eaten by itself, however, Fruits can be combined with leafy greens and no other food – this is proper food combining rules. Green smoothies are great for this fruit/ leafy greens combination and pack tons of nutrition that is easily digestible and assimilable. I have talked with several ayurveda practitioners and people who live the lifestyle that say green smoothies are fine and great. I have been eating green smoothies like this for years and thrive on them. Thanks for inquiring. 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for this. I have also been quite hesitant to incorporate green smoothies back into my life, ever since following an Ayurvedic lifestyle the past couple of months. Is it ok to mix fruits in the smoothies and brown rice protein powders? Thankss 🙂

  3. Hello, ive read that vata needs to avoid raw veggies, so are they cooked for this smoothie? Or is that a lie? Haha thanks!! 😉

    • Hi Mary, it is suggested that if ones VATA is out of sync, it would be best to stay away from raw veggies. In moderation or small amounts my body is fine with it.

      The smoothie is blended WELL to warm it up, so the spinach (which is a leafy green) is totally fine and acceptable. It’s not a lie, it is just to meet an individuals specifications. I don’t do broccoli, cauliflower, cruciferous veggies or tough greens raw – my body doesn’t digest it well. We are all different and you just have to experiment what is YOUR tolerance and what your body accepts and doesn’t. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks kibby! It sure helps, its been a little confusing trying to figure out what shoul i eat to balance vata, and i really wanna try green smoothies so im gonna start with a little spinach as well and see how it feels! 😉 have a nice day

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