A Glimpse into a Day of My Ayurveda Lifestyle

A Glimpse into a Day of My Ayurveda Lifestyle

This post is a request from the beautiful Erin in Australia, who wanted to know what a normal day looked like for me with my Ayurvedic lifestyle (food and practice). This does vary depending on what my schedule is like and what my body is telling me to eat .   I am a VATA dosha (body-mind constitution).  A regular lifestyle routine helps ground Vata and this is what I am doing currently (during the cold months) and it is working for ME and MY BODY wonderfully.  Currently, my landscaping work is slow and I have a flexible schedule right now.

To help you get started, here are a few of my daily ayurvedic “rituals” that I partake in every morning that are both easy on the budget and easy to integrate.  Remember, the key to maintaining good health is to keep the body and mind clean before sickness or disease manifests itself.  If we can stay connected to our bodies, we can prevent disease down the line.  Now, the regimen I practice, I schedule into my morning because it is SO IMPORTANT to ME and my HEALTH.

The first thing I do when I wake up is lay in bed for about 10 minutes, slowly coming back into my body and mind from a long sleep.  I used to wake up to an alarm clock and jump out of bed and go-go-go – I always felt rushed and stressed.  That was the WORSE thing I could do for my body and mind.   Now, when the alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button once or twice (I set the alarm 10 – 20 minutes prior to “needing” to be up) and gently come into my body along with saying GRATITUDES and VISUALIZATION for the day.  I feel calm and peaceful.  I then go into the bathroom and do the following in this order: (about 25 – 30 minutes)

1 )  Drink healing clay water mixture.   I mix 1 – 2 tsp. per 8 oz. of warm water.  It has no taste and goes down easily.  I use HealthForce Nutritionals, ZeoForce, Detoxify Daily.   Here are some of the benefits:

  • To assist in the removal of toxic substances in the digestive system, both chemical and pathological
  • To cleanse the colon and promote proper bacterial balance in the intestines
  • To begin the process of detoxification of the liver
  • To stimulate liver function
  • Reduction of free radical damage ( thus anti-aging )
  • Improved immune system function
  • Improved cellular respiration
  • Improved digestive efficiency
  • Reduce food sensitivities ( the so called developed “allergies” )
  • Stimulate healing by strengthening the body’s general constitution

2) Scrape my tongue!  The white stuff we see on our tongues in the morning is called “ama.”  Ama is undigested food residue that lodges itself within the organs and channels of the body and blocks digestion.  An accumulation of ama can cause sickness and disease by blocking digestive fires.  We need to have a healthy digestive system to maintain good health.  I have seen good results with my digestion since incorporating this simple technique into my daily protocol (a.m. & p.m.)   A stainless steel tongue scraper costs about seven dollars ( I bought mine here for $5.50) and is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

3) Follow this with oil pulling, which involves rinsing the mouth with one tablespoon of oil ( I use sesame oil) for about twenty minutes and spitting it out.  This helps the body get rid of toxins and promotes self-healing from within.  Read more about it here.  While I am oil pulling, I will wash my face with castor oil/olive oil mixture and do the next step below (Multi-tasking for the time allotted).

4) Dry Skin Brushing.  Our skin is the largest organ in the human body.  It protects us from the elements and is the first place of contact when foreign substances enter the body.  Check out my post (which includes how-to video).

I then move into the kitchen and discard (spit out) the oil pulling “oil” in the waste basket (it will clog plumbing pipes) and follow with 24 oz. (3 cups) of hot lemon water, which helps evacuate the bowels and stimulate digestion.  This is also great for alkalizing the body and boosting the immune system.   At this time, I take my liver cleansing supplements, flax oil capsules, B12 and D3.

Afterwards, I will eat a light breakfast (8 to 10 a.m.) that is easy to digest which is a green smoothie – I am drinking my HOT Green smoothie right now during the cold months and LOVING it.

Lunch (noon to 2 p.m.)  It is usually the largest meal of my day (and portion size) – will be anything from:


gluten-free oatmeal with baked apples



or left over soup from the night before, or steamed veggie wrap – something warm/hot and comforting.

I will drink more warm/hot water and herbal tea throughout the afternoon to stay hydrated and warm.  Sometimes I will whip up a hot tonic depending on how I am feeling.  If I want a snack, I’ll have one.  However, I have found that 3 meals a day work for ME.



I exercise daily (even if it is 15 minutes of yoga).  I fit it in whenever I can during the day.   I LOVE Rebounding at home and go to a yoga class (1 hour practice) several times a week (I adore my yoga teacher, Heather and her classes).  Come up to visit me sometime and I’ll take you to one of the classes. 🙂  Light exercise that enhance balance and flexibility is best for a Vata body type. Take care not to push yourself too far and exceed the limits of your energy. Beneficial activities for Vatas include: yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking and short hikes, light bicycling, light tennis, golf, dance, and aerobics.   Just move the body to get the circulation going and stimulate lymph system (Rebounding and yoga encompasses all of this AND it’s FUN!!)

Before preparing dinner, I fix myself a 12 oz. glass of  juice consisting of organic carrots, celery, ginger root and lemon ( all ingredients room temperature – not cold). 


This juice is to assist with cleansing the liver along with aiding eyesight, bones and teeth, nails, skin and hair as well as helping in cancer prevention.  It tastes AMAZING and that’s another reason I do it.  The pulp then goes into the dog’s bowl along with their dry dog food and other “goodies” I concoct for them weekly .  They LOVE it!

Dinner (which is a lighter meal compared to lunch – a smaller serving) – around 6 or 6:30:  anything from kitchari, hot blended veggie soups, roasted root veggies, warm salads, baked sweet potato with chevre goat cheese and side of steamed asparagus, or baked spaghetti squash with marinara, goat cheese and fresh basil (LOVE!).  These are just some recipes in the regular rotation right now, but I like to try out new recipes all the time too.

Before bed, I will have a Happy Hormone Tonic between 8 and 9 o’clock along with my magnesium and flax oil supplements. Photobucket

I aim to be in bed around 10 or 10:30.  Lately, if I can work it in, I LOVE taking a HOT aromatherapy bath followed by lightly oiling my entire body with sesame oil.   I will do some light yoga stretching and alternate nostril breathing before getting into bed and then I am calm, relaxed and drift off to sleep with no problem.  I have been taking a magnesium supplement at night and have been sleeping like a baby with a straight 8 hours (no more waking up at 2 or 3 in a.m. and laying awake for hours!  Thankfully!!)

If you are wanting to incorporate some of the techniques I’ve mentioned, and it may seem like a lot – don’t fret—you don’t have to do everything every day.  In the very least, start out with the tongue scraper and lemon water.  Then, try adding another remedy to your daily routine each week or two and note if you feel a difference.  Remember, commitment is the key to longevity and living a healthy and more fulfilled life.  Thanks for spending the day with me!  🙂

What are some daily practices that make you feel amazing (inside and out)?

Tomorrow I will have some Ayurveda dietary guidelines and tips for each dosha to help you out.

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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Hi Miss Kibby (;
    Wow, what a great share !! You are so inspiring, I simply cannot wait for a book from you. It would be my number one go to guide, I absolutely love to edify myself with your wisdom. There is so much info out there but nothing compares to your beautiful “Style” Simple, holistic undogmatic way of helping people realize we all have different needs because we are all unique in our own way. You are special…..until next time friend, have a great morning (;
    love ya

    • Your words MOVE me every time, Debbie! Thank you for your encouragement, support and LOVE. I may have you do the introduction to the book – you make me sound so good. YOU are special too, lady! Love you back. 🙂

  2. Great overview! After my first cleanse, I started incorporating a lot of these elements too. I start my day with the warm water and lemon, and also do skin brushing. Then I do my morning workout and/or yoga. I tried to do the heavier meal at lunch, per ayurveda doctrine, but it didn’t work well for me. I felt way too weighed down. So, I tend to stick to lighter foods throughout the day, and a heartier meal at dinner. The past couple weeks, my “dessert” had been tonics with cacao powder, reishi, maca, and hot water, but after my birthday I started craving actual desserts again. Eep! I’m trying to get back on track and not keep reaching for my left over raw birthday brownie. : )

    I still need to get into the oil pulling and oil cleansing. Oh! And I scrape my tongue at night, but you just inspired me to do it in the AM too. : )

    • Thanks for sharing Raechel! I seem to go thru phases too where I can eat heavier then I can’t. So, a one day glimpse or a weekly glance can totally shift as to what the body wants. Sounds like you are definitely intune and aware of your body – EXCELLENT. Your dessert tonic sounds enticing and NICE! I love my evening tonics. Have a great week! XO

  3. Thanks for sharing Kibby. I loved reading this. Yoga before anything else gets me off to a brilliant start for the day, but my 2 year old son likes to rise eariler than usual these last few weeks, so I’ll get back to my morning yoga routine another time! Since the colder months I have actually switched my morning green smoothie to mid-morning or even midday. My first morning meal now is often fresh chopped fruit (room temp) with hulled hemp seeds, cinnamon, freshly ground flax, maybe a glass of almond milk. Another habit I started about 6 months, when I also started tongue scraping, is Jala Neti. Washing my nasal passages with salt water in a little kind of teapot. LOVE IT! The afternoon is a bit of whatever goes, hanging out bit my little guy. Then at night before bed I sit in front of the fire in the dark for around 15 minutes and either meditate or reflect about the day.

    • Yes, I will sometimes start off with yoga because it is a brilliant way to start the day. Your morning meal sounds yummy! I haven’t used my neti pot since last summer – great suggestion and practice. Your evening ritual sounds divine and gracious. Perfect way to end the day. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day with me. XO

  4. Great post Kibby and a special thanks for the link to dry skin brushing. I have been dry skin brushing for a very long time and thought I had researched it well but it seems I have been doing it all wrong. I’ll have to watch the video several more times until I can remember the right way to do it but at least I have been informed.

    • Victoria, I was the same way and since learning how to do it this way, it seems to provide better results for me. I had to watch video and make a drawing/diagram to teach myself and then to teach it in the video. It’s second nature once you do it consistently. XO

  5. Thank you Kibby! What an informative and helpful post. Loving your blog, you are so wholehearted, honest and pure with your words and wisdom :). So I have started to listen to my body more and really focusing on what I am ‘feeling’ not what I ‘think’ I ought to be doing. Incorporating some of these techniques into my daily routine has made a huge difference, especially in energy levels, skin and digestion. Really stopping to prepare and connect the mind before enjoying a delicious meal does wonders for digestion. Also being Vata dosha I have found including more cooked foods, ghee and uncomplicated meals has also helped with digestion immensely (homemade ghee is amazing!). Big thank you to you for helping me realise this beautiful practice. Oh and your Kitchari recipe is just lovely, definitely a meal to nourish the mind body and soul as a whole (has been great recently as have just broken my arm and need extra nourishment!) Thanks again 🙂

    • Erin, your words brought such joy and happiness into my heart. You are LIVING exactly what I aim to inspire in others – LISTENING TO THEMSELVES. You are doing it, living and breathing it – way to go!! I had fun doing the post, so THANK YOU for requesting it and inspiring me. I hope your arm heals quickly – sending you healing energy as I write this. Thanks so much, let me know if you need anything else and keep those questions coming so I can help you and others out more. Big hugs! XO

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